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Problems you might encounter during the virtual exam and solution

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Problems you might encounter during the virtual exam and solution

Hello, famz!

So after taking the virtual exams myself, I decided to point out some Dos and Don’ts regarding the virtual exam, plus a lot of students have been asking me questions about how the exam went, why some were booked for exam misconduct even when they were sure they didn’t commit any crime.

Well, I have taken the virtual exam and I’m here to point out some things… I hope it helps the Faculty of science and law students who are yet to take their virtual exams, and probably other students who will be taking the virtual exams in the future(if noun continues the virtual exam).

Well, I won’t start mentioning you need a laptop, a microphone…this and that… I will go straight to the main points that could get you into trouble.

Problems you might encounter during the virtual exam and solution to those problems

1. Quiet environment: well this is a very big issue which has been putting lots of students in trouble, remember the software uses your microphone, this means that any sound… I mean ANY SOUND at all goes straight to management, the software captures literally every sound around… Be it loud or soft.

Now having said this, it doesn’t mean you should go to a burial ground at midnight to take your exams, I have read and found many posts saying any sound at all puts you in trouble, that’s not correct!! Yes, I wrote my exams in a quiet environment but trust me there were still noises coming from my neighbor’s compound, noises of people talking though they weren’t close to where I was taking the exam, there were also noises of dogs barking, noises of people shouting, noises from car horns, noises from generators and much more. The most important thing to watch out for is a quiet place, a 75 to 80% quietness will do. And when suddenly there is any noise from outside your area while taking your exam, don’t look away or panic, just continue your exams.

2. Phones: This is another problem with students. The software detects live phones, I mean phones with active internet or network, if your phone is close to you, make sure it’s on airplane mode or you switch it off. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Nokia torchlight phone, android or iPhone, as long as it’s a mobile phone, the system automatically detects it, and that could lead to you being booked for exam misconduct. So it’s not advisable to use your mobile Hotspot for an internet connection. Get a MiFi, modem, or any other type of internet connection you can get.

3. Camera: This is also one of the reasons some students are being booked for exam misconduct. The software uses your camera to watch you, your face as a whole, your eye movements, and your body movements. Do not look away for any reason. Even if mosquito bite you for leg, shake leg make the mosquito fly comot jeje, if you try to bend down to kill the mosquito, na sorry be your name oo. You must stay focused.

4. Your internet connection: Yea you need a very strong connection but at some points, your network might be slow, the system will prompt you if your internet is slow, please don’t try to stand up to change the direction of your MiFi or modem, just sit and wait for some seconds it will be back if it doesn’t and you see an error message like page couldn’t load… don’t refresh, just click back and it will take you back to your exam page, then you can continue.

5. Exam not starting: Well this issue hardly comes by, I faced this issue twice out of 6 exams I wrote. If you discover that whenever you click on the start button it keeps redirecting you to the mettl page over and over again instead of your exam to start, don’t panic…i have a solution for you. Just close the browser, reopen it… Log out your Gmail account from Google Chrome and re-login with another Gmail account, then install mettl extension again. Don’t get confused it’s a very easy thing to do. This is why I suggest you create 2 or more Gmail accounts before you start your exam, in case you face this issue you just log out one and log in the other, then install the mettl extension and login on the DEA site to take your exam. This trick works well, trust me I used it twice and it worked well.

6. Sharing of your screen: Now read this slowly and calmly! Screen sharing is used to monitor all that goes on, on your system during the exam, any attempt to open any tab, document or any other activities on your system will lead to you being booked for exam misconduct. Secondly, before you start any exam, make sure you are sharing your screen, I repeat, before you start attempting your questions make sure you are sharing your screen, if peradventure you can access your exam without your screen being shared please don’t attempt it, log out, close the browser, reopen it and log in, then make sure your screen is shared before you start. While I was about to take one of my courses, I noticed the mettl page was not active, my screen wasn’t shared but I could take the exam, if I had done that I would have received a mail from the management claiming I blocked my camera/screen. So please take note of this.

Well, these are the basic issues you could face during your exam, I’ve just given solutions to some issues students face. I hope it helps, feel free to comment below your questions about the virtual exams, and I will give a reply ASAP.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day

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Tina May 6, 2021 - 12:21 PM

Pls I want to know, is their timing, like when d timing stops d site will close whether u are done wit d exam or not.

greaves August 13, 2020 - 9:33 AM

Hello to every body, it’s my first visit of this web site; this blog contains amazing and really good stuff for visitors.

seun July 21, 2020 - 6:16 AM

No 2. Lie (it does not detect any phone)
No 4. Bad solution (your request was rejected because you did not meet the minimum quality standard, try adding more light to ur environment, also once approved from NOUN it will not redirect again,)


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