Home Discussion Your E-wallet remita payments were forged – McCarty staff tells student (audio)

Your E-wallet remita payments were forged – McCarty staff tells student (audio)

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Pm guys :-)

Ok so something alarming happened again at McCarty study centre during the exam slip stamping process. You guys know I love gist :-D, now before I start the gist I would like to warn everyone reading this post NEVER TO GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE TO HELP CREDIT YOUR WALLET, ALWAYS DO SO YOURSELF.

Now let’s begin…So yesterday morning I got a voice note from a student, asking if I know anything about remita fraud. He claimed his colleague was scammed as both first and second-semester remita payments to her wallet were forged. As she was told, she can’t take this semester exam and still owes the school. (you can imagine! a semester wasted, cash wasted, stress wasted).

when I asked him details about the alleged fraudster he replied:

Yes, he’s a cafe guy inside the school. His name is Muiz and his colleague’s name is Abeeb, that’s the info i have about the fraudster.

Well as you all know, BBCNOUN does not post without proof. Attached below was the audio he sent to me. But bear in mind I have altered his natural voice for security reasons. Also, I have merged with his voice, the victim’s voice note(without alteration) which he also forwarded to me.

listen to the audio below:

I’m sure you heard the audio yourself, CLEARLY! this will serve as a lesson to all students. Are you forming too busy to walk into a bank and make payments yourself? or someone assured you he’s gonna make the payment for you and all you need is to pay half of the total fee? or someone claims to be a helper and wants to lend you some money by crediting your e-wallet?. You better wake up from that slumber and wise up!!!

The BBCNOUN platform was created to help students solve tech issues amongst others. If you are facing any technical issues we have different platforms where you can seek help (CLICK HERE TO VIEW BBCNOUN SUPPORT PLATFORMS). As far as I’m concerned crediting your e-wallet account is the easiest task on noun portal, so why do you take a risk when you can have things done yourself in minutes. If need be, I will put up an article on how to do so.

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Shabas November 1, 2019 - 9:56 AM

How did the unpaid money reflect in her portal? Something is not adding up here.


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