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Noun virtual exam website upgrade causes mass failure

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Noun virtual exam website upgrade causes mass failure

Virtual exam for the faculty of sciences and Law students kicked off today at 8am. Meanwhile, the virtual exam website had been on maintenance for two days just before the commencement of the virtual exam for the faculty of sciences and Law. Well, we all wondered why the site was placed on maintenance mode. 

Just this morning the reason behind the maintenance mode was reviewed after students logged in only to find out they are being placed in a queue. funny right? :lol: , well that’s what you get when NOUN upgrades its website. So we now have to queue online :-D , I call it “virtual queue“,  well this virtual queue had caused lots of students to miss their papers, imagine you are having an exam by 8am which is to end by 11am, then you log in by 8:30am to find yourself on number 20 in a queue, you waited for an hour and you are still on number 7 in the queue, meaning you have just one hour, thirty mins left. If you are lucky, by 10:30am probably you will be allowed into the exam page to take your exam, now remember you have just 30mins to take an hour exam……mad ooooo. We had a situation where a student could only attempt 8 questions out of 70, I don’t need to tell you what has just happened to her, you already know. Some couldn’t take their exams at all as the system was malfunctioning. And lastly, we had a situation where the start button turned to stop :lol: , 

NOUN is just amazing, funny enough the student clicked the stop button which was supposed to be the start button and immediately he got a message that he has finished his exam. Hmmmmm how pathetic.

Another issue is the rate of exam misconduct being recorded, rumor has it that more than 300 students were booked for exam misconducts today for one reason or the other. well, this is not the first time students are being booked for exam misconduct but I think this new upgrade is adding to the counts. We have gathered some screenshots for you. So if you still have plans of cheating in this exam then sorry will be your name.

Below are screenshots from some students who were placed on queue and some who were booked for malpractice today.

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Kolawole Dolapo barakat July 20, 2020 - 9:53 PM

Today was a terrible day for me,and this is my first exam in noun,I do all things to do this virtual exam, since 8am still exam close
I regret Register for the virtual exam


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