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NOUN GST302 Business Plan Template

NOUN Student Template for Business Plan

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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NOUN GST302 Business Plan Template

Student Template For Business Plan – GST302 Business Creation and Growth

SECTION A: Student Personal Details

Date:   ____________________________________________________________

Semester:      ______________________________________________________

Name:   ______________________________________________________

Matric. No.     ______________________________________________________

email Address:  _________________________________________________

Phone Number:   ________________________________________________

Sex:    ____________________________________________________________

Disability: Blind, deaf, etc __________________________________________

Current Profession:   ____________________________________________

Programme of Study:  ____________________________________________

Department:  _______________________________________________________

Faculty:   _______________________________________________________

Study Centre:  __________________________________________________

Zone:  _____________________________________________________________


1.0.  Executive Summary

1.1. Briefly explain the gap the product or service want to fill

1.2. State the objective

1.3. Present the vision (where you want to be or what you want to achieve. This sells your idea and presents your image) and mission (brief on how you will achieve the vision)

1.4.  Success Indicators – explain the product/service with focus on the sellable parts and how it will bring positive change in human life. (the executive summary is the last to be written but first to appear in a business plan.  It should be about 200 words).

2.0 Description of the Organisation/Company

2.1 Company Ownership (Describe how the idea of the product and company was generated, and legal ownership)

2.2 Start-up plan (For new business) or company history (for existing company)

2.3 Location of the company and facilities

2.4  Organisational Structure

3.0  The Product/Service

3.1  Description of the produce/service

3.2 Product/service uniqueness (how is the product different from other competitive product.

3.3 Give empirical trend of sales if the product is already in the market and if not yet in the market show how you intend to send it to market.

3.4  How would the product fit into the changing technology?

3.5 What is the future of the product/service

Noun: How to upload GST302 Business plan(Opens in a new browser tab)

4.0 Market Analysis

4.1  Market segmentation (dividing your market of potential customers into groups such as demographic segmentation e.g. sex, age, specific workforce; geographical segmentation; psychological segmentation; behavioural segmentation etc.

4.2 Strategy for target market segmentation

4.2.1 Consumers’ need

4.2.2 Market trends

4.2.3  Market growth

4.3 Analysis of the industry

How to download/replace your GST302 business plan(Opens in a new browser tab)

4.3.1  Do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis. In the strength state all that is within the organization that will help the product/service to grow, the weakness identify those things that are internal that may inhibit the growth of the business, the opportunity is the external support that will help the business to grow, and the threat are external hindrances that may inhibit the growth of the product/service e.g. competitors. 

4.3.2 For Strength and opportunities, consider the hindrance to exploiting it, strategies for exploiting and enhancing it, and possible timelines.

4.3.3 For weakness and threat, consider the effect on achieving the set objectives or goal, strategies to minimize or eliminate such weakness or threat, and possible timelines.

4.4 Strategy for e-marking and technological challenges Strategies for exploiting and enhancing it

5.0 Financial Analysis

5.1 Important Assumptions

5.2 Financial Indicators

5.2.1 Pricing

5.2.2 Proforma (forecasts and projection)

5.2.3  Proforma cash flow and cash flow projection

5.2.4  Proforma profit and loss

5.2.5  Fixed Cost

5.2.6 Goss Profit

5.2.7 Net Profit

5.2.8  Direct Cost

5.2.9 Indirect Cost/Overhead Cost

5.2.10 Unit Cost

5.3 Break-even Analysis

Explanation on GST302, ENT210 and ENT312(Opens in a new browser tab)

SECTION C: Presentation Strategy

  1. Know your audience
  2. Prepare to win the audience
  3. Pay attention to details:
    • Explain the existing gap.
    • Introduce the Company
    • The Objective
    • The Product/Service
    • Success Indicators of the Product
    • Market analysis
    • Financial Plan

(Note:  You may not include a financial plan but is a must when you are presenting for sponsorship and grant).

  1. Your slides should not be too wordy. Use more illustrations
  2. Speak to your PowerPoint. Do not read
  3. Demonstrate

Click  the link below to download Student Template For Business Plan pdf


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