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Basic things to consider if you want to excel in NOUN

Basic things to consider if you want to excel academically at the National Open University Of Nigeria

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Basic things to consider if you want to excel in NOUN

I want to draw your attention to specific things that are very important to consider if you want to excel academically at the National Open University Of Nigeria.


The first step to avoiding having issues in the National Open University of Nigeria is to safeguard your personal / student details. This includes your matric number, password, email address, etc, which can be used to access any of the NOUN websites or platforms.
Many students have fallen victim to some agents / students who gained access to their accounts on the NOUN website and platforms and, by so doing, they can’t continue with their academics due to the inability to access their various accounts on the school websites / platforms. Students should be aware that they are responsible for whatever activities are taken on their various accounts / profiles on the school websites or platforms.


Students should be very careful about who they give their registration process to. From our records of registration complaints, we have discovered that so many agents or students really don’t know how to register for courses, exams, and projects. It’s not just about picking any course and making the payment; it’s much more than that. Students should be aware that each programme has a certain number of core and elective courses that need to be passed before they can be eligible for graduation.
Some programmes require you to register all core and a certain number of electives, while some do not actually require all core courses you find on the portal and a certain number of electives.


This is one of the biggest issues students face at NOUN. The school expects students to solve and submit their TMAs themselves, so whatever score you have in your TWAs, the school assumes you did it yourself and had that score. Some students have cultivated the habit of giving or contracting their TMAs to agents who in the end will come out with one story or the other after failing them woefully or not attempting the TMAs at all.
The truth is, most students can’t handle their TMA themselves, and it’s not a bad idea to contract it out to those who can help them score higher marks. Where the issue is, is when a student contracts his or TMA out to an agent whose price is way cheaper than other agents. Let’s take, for example, an agent charges you 500naira for a certain TMA when other agents charge 1,000 or above. In this scenario, it’s certain that there is a possibility of the agent not attempting your TMA or scoring lower because there would be hundreds or even thousands of students, rushing to him / her to get their TMA done, and we all know TMA has a deadline. TMA in NOUN is no longer a child’s play since school has moved TMA from nouonline.net to elearn.nouedu2.net. Students should stop falling victim to agents who promise 10/10 or 30/30 when it’s clear that TMA scores aren’t predictable anymore. Remember that your TMA carries 30marks, your success and failure depend partially on it.

NOUN: How to score 10/10 in your TMA


Here comes the real deal. NOUN exam is not as easy as you think. Arguably, NOUN exams are one of the toughest exams at Nigerian educational institutions. Students are provided with voluminous course materials / study packs for each course. Some NOUN course materials are as lengthy as 600pages. So you can imagine having a credit load of 12 courses in a semester and you are provided with 12-course materials of 300pages each, 300×12=3600. This means you are expected to cover 3,600 pages of a book in a semester. Now, as a 100level or 200level student, how do you even pass your exams since the questions come in MCQ and FBQ? well!. For the POP students, how do you know the exact questions that would be set after reading 300-500pages of a book? well!.
We do advise students to get materials that would make their reading easy, enjoyable, and also understandable with easy assimilation. This is the reason why BBCNOUN has come up with what we call NOUN SUMMARY. Anyways, we are not here for adverts, so let’s move on.

NOUN: How to Download your course materials


Projects / non-examinable courses are very important and can be tricky. You will be happy that at least you won’t write exams, but at the same time, you will be worried about how to go about your projects. Well, projects are not really a big deal if you are a good writer or contract your project works to a good writer. Remember most project courses carry 3 units, 4 units, and 6 units. So do not joke about your project courses at all.

Even though there are more to these, I think what we have listed above are the basic or essential things that are very important if you want to excel academically at the National Open University Of Nigeria.

For the new students who are worried or panicking about what their first exam will be like. Well, we did put in an article on Helpful tips for new students taking their first E-examination. Do take time to read up.

If you have any questions, kindly make use of the comment section below.
Thanks for reading.


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