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How to download/replace your GST302 business plan

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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How to download/replace your GST302 business plan

i. Go to https://elearn.nouedu2.net/

ii. Login with matric number and password

iii. Click on Business Creation and Growth (GST302)

iv. Click on Submission of Enterprise Idea (Business Plan)

v. Click on Presentation of Enterprise Ideas – South West Incubation Centre

NB: Click on the link for your zone. For Instance, the student I am using as an example is in Lagos study centre which means her zone is South West. Your zone is North Central if your study center is located in Abuja…

vi. Scroll down till you see something similar to the picture above (indicating your business plan has been uploaded before)

vii. Click on Edit Submission

viii. Right-click on the file (the business plan that you already submitted)

ix. Click on Download

x. Replace the file if you wish to, but be careful so that you won’t remove the file (business plan) erroneously thereby leaving the submission empty

That’s all!

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