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Home Tutorial Noun virtual exam software and how to sit for the exam (video)

Noun virtual exam software and how to sit for the exam (video)

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Noun virtual exam software and exam process (video)

The Directorate of Examinations and Assessments (DEA) of the National Open University of Nigeria has released a video showing the process to take the virtual exam (pgd students). The video below was made for postgraduate students, but undergraduate students should note that similar steps are taken when taking their virtual exam.

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I recently wrote an article on “all you need to know about the virtual exam”, if you haven’t read it, then Click here to download and read, for those who have already read the article you will observe I mentioned two most important things which are YOU MUST BE COMPUTER LITERATE, not only computer literate but you must also be good at troubleshooting. Secondly, I wrote about YOUR TYPING SPEED also, this is most important for PGD students, your typing speed and accuracy is needed while taking the virtual exam as you are to type your answers instead of the normal writing with pen on paper. Enough talks, kindly download and read the article if you haven’t. 

Watch step by step video on how to take the virtual exam below:

Download the chrome extension below:

Note: Chrome browser ONLY!

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