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Report from students who took the Noun virtual exam (day 2)

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Report from students who took the Noun virtual exam (day 2)

Good day,

As promised we are back with updates on PGD virtual exam day two. For those who missed Day 1 report kindly click here to read.

We received reports for day 2, though we also received few…just a few positive reports but more of negative reports, 80% of reports gathered were negative. We received reports of some students’ inability to take their exams due to non-display of their courses on the exam page, some complained the exam scheduled for 8 am was saying “exam closed” even without attempting the exam.

Some students were unable to log in at all while some were able to log in but couldn’t find their registered courses on the exam page.

View screenshots below:

Lastly, we got a report from some students who got a mail from the directorate of exams due to exam misconduct, it was stated in the mail that the student should not expect any result for the particular course due to the use of a mobile phone.

View screenshot below:

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