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Home News I got here 4:am and still met 57 names – McCarthy study Centre student cries

I got here 4:am and still met 57 names – McCarthy study Centre student cries

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Great morning folks,

So of late, I’ve been hearing a lot of objections about MacCarthy study Centre(Lagos), concerning the stamping of exam slip. A ton of students has detailed that stamping has not been simple at McCarthy study Center as there are lots of queues.

Below are reports of students contacting us at the beginning of today from McCarthy study Centre:

A Whatsapp user from McCarthy named Chefiyke said: “Stamping is currently a major ordeal, somebody was here 4 a.m. toward the beginning of the day and he met 57 names on the rundown. I came at 5:30 a.m. what’s more, my name was on number 90 I wonder in the event that they didn’t sleep at all?”

Another whatsapp user from Mcarthy named Kilyobas B Dagwak stated: “Na wa,ooo number 79 for stamping this early morning”

Mcarthy study Centre Students waiting to get their exam slip stamped

In the interim, reports reaching us demonstrated students do call the security folks on the telephone to help put down their names while at home. As the security folks will be arranged after a fruitful stamping, then again, it was accounted for the majority of these names put down are females.

Have you stamped your exam slip? in the event that you have, share your experience including your study centre name. we would love to know the situation over there.

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