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Home News Exam Briefing for all students of Mushin Study Centre

Exam Briefing for all students of Mushin Study Centre

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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Exam Briefing – Mushin Study Centre

  • E-exams at V/I
  • POP at NITEL by carpa
  • No lateness into the exam hall
  • No second batch in all exams, once the exam starts, the timer starts counting for everyone so if you are living far try to get accommodation nearer for the period of exam
  • Ensure to use course code and not tittle because some courses have similar course title
  • Ensure to use your faculty booklet for pop exam, if it is a borrowed course use the booklet for the borrowed course
  • Exam malpractice is a very serious issue so don’t be caught if you are not prepared or ready for any exam please differ
  • For those with transfer issue go to exam hall with your transfer letter, and if your portal suddenly display Sokoto instead of Lagos go with the admission letter

In addition, the papers for Saturday 26th of Oct 2019 8am has been shifted to 11am and 2pm please check for where yours fall if you have paper 8am on the 26th

WhatsApp:- 08131667008 for Course/Exam summaries & past questions 100level to 800level


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