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Exam clearance: Students overcrowd study centres (video)

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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A new semester has started, 2020_1st semester has ended leaving us with the exams undone.

2020_1 POP exam is scheduled to start on the 14th of Sept 2020, students from 300level to 800level are to get their exam clearance done as soon as possible, as their exam starts soon. 

Recently we’ve been receiving updates from some students who visited the study centre in order to get their exam clearance done. We got an info on Friday 11th Sept 2020 from a lady by the name Esther from the Lagos study centre, who claims the process was a very hectic one and wasn’t easy at all, she told us she had to move from one office to another so as to get her clearance done. She also told us how crowded the study centre was.

Also, we got an info from a student of Mccarthy study centre, name withheld. He wrote to us a summary of his experience at the study centre, read his message below:

I was at McCarthy today. The human traffic was unbelievable. People were pushing up against each other. When one person shouted “Social Distancing” another person responded “Social Fire!” There was so much crowd in front of the bursary office where we were to collect our oaths form. The officials had to dismiss the collection of the oath form. They said that we should go home if “cleared” is written on our clearance documents. It will suffice for the exam, so they said. There was nothing put in place to ensure we comply with social distancing. The students were not complaint and the school was not ready to attend to the students like that.


A girl took off her wig in the Que from exhaustion of being pushed around. It was not hilarious at first until we realize what she was going through

We began by writing our names on different lists by our faculties but that was later dismissed. They asked us to listen for our names if we had submitted our clearance documents online. We collected the cleared clearance documents on hearing our names and went for the oath forms which they could not give to us.

Some people that have been there since 6am are still there yet to have collected their clearance papers from the school.

Watch the video below:

We were informed that the clearance procedure will continue on Monday 14th Sept 2020, so we advise all POP students who are yet to do their exam clearance not to panic but get their documents ready for exam clearance.

The BBCNOUN TEAM wishes all the POP students the very best in their upcoming exams.

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