Home News A cafe guy named Muiz defrauds Lillian a 100l student at Mccarthy study Centre

A cafe guy named Muiz defrauds Lillian a 100l student at Mccarthy study Centre

by Elijah - BBCNOUN
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I’m back with another gist yeah yeah I mean another gist.

I’m sure you guys remember the post I dropped on Monday about a lady who was told at McCarthy study Centre that her remita receipts were forged.

So the BBCNOUN team began an investigation on the case and it was confirmed that a cafe Guy at Mccarthy study Centre named Muiz scammed a 100 level student named Lillian. We had to place a call to Lillian to confirm what really happened as Lillian explained to us that Muiz made her first and second-semester school fee payments.  She was shocked when she went to school for exams slip stamping and the managements told her the payments were forged so that was when she started making inquiries and that was how we got the news.

So moving forward the BBCNOUN team requested Lillian to provide proofs of both payments. We got the remita slip payments and noticed the first payment of N40,157.50 was just an invoice and not a receipt, which Muiz sent to Lillian, meaning the N40157.50 was not paid into Lilian’s wallet.

View a copy of the invoice below:

The second payment was N41,000 which we noticed that the payment was not made into Lillian’s wallet but into another wallet, whose name is Ayodele Samson Enitan, with the receipt containing his email address and phone number.

View the copy of the Receipt below:

So we got a message from a guy named Tunde. He sent a message to us on WhatsApp and claimed to be a presenter on Monster music star FM.  He told to us he got our contact from one of his siblings and want to speak to us concerning the article which we wrote on Monday concerning Muiz. He told us that the post is a very big mistake and the Muiz is his junior brother  and was accused wrongly, he also said he has been questioning Muiz with his knowledge and Tactics as a media personnel to confirm if Muiz truly defrauded Lillian or not, he also went ahead to create a group chat which included the BBCNOUN team, Himself (Tunde Muiz’s brother), Muiz(the fraudster) and also Lillian (the victim) was also added as some questioning took place on the group Muiz couldn’t say a word  & couldn’t defend himself while his brother kept on speaking for him and siding him.

He even mentioned in his words that the BBCNOUN team does not know what they are doing and are not professionals at all as his brother is innocent of this crime.  It was a shock to the BBCNOUN team when we got a voice note from Tunde on Tuesday night, at 7:45 p.m. Listen to The Voice Note below:

Though Tunde made it clear that the money will be refunded, but up till now nothing has been refunded.

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Briefcase November 29, 2019 - 7:08 PM

Well-done BBCNOUN TEAM for sharing this Article info to Noun students… The Fraudster brother Tunde has agree that his brother commit the fraud according to the Voice record….
he promise to refund the money back to Victim Lilian….

we need update on the progress
Thank you BBCNOUN

Elijah - BBCNOUN November 30, 2019 - 9:18 PM

Currently, Lilian has not been refunded, and Muiz is on the run! we will update as soon as there is a new development. Thanks


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