Question MCQ1 : Government can stimulate tourism development in the following ways except ----------?
Answer: Arresting investor

Question MCQ2 : A number of factors influences the choice of middlemen except?
Answer: Characteristics of technological tools

Question MCQ3 : Which of the following functions of management is known to be a political activity?
Answer: Coordination

Question MCQ4 : Information centres play the following important roles except?
Answer: Serve aa sites of deviant tourists

Question MCQ5 : Social and cultural sustainability indicators include the following except?
Answer: Mass discouragement against tourist attractions

Question MCQ6 : ------------ is known as anyone involved in making distribution channel decisions?
Answer: Channel manager

Question MCQ7 : Marketing and booking systems is also known as -------------?
Answer: Listings

Question MCQ8 : Quality in tourism depends upon a range of ----------- during the service encounter?
Answer: Innovations

Question MCQ9 : ---------- refers to the code by which human conduct is guided?
Answer: Ethics

Question MCQ10 : Tourists seek out attractive, different or distinctive environments which may support specific -----------?
Answer: Touristic activities

Question MCQ11 : Of all the roles of government, probably the most important is that of -----------?
Answer: Coordinating

Question MCQ12 : The ‘Development first’ approach, explain the following three categories of development except?
Answer: Tourism terrorism

Question MCQ13 : The following are government roles in tourism development except?
Answer: Establishment and running of tourism business

Question MCQ14 : Other type of intermediary associated with the industry include the following except?
Answer: Machineries sales representatives

Question MCQ15 : Channel management issues include the following except?
Answer: Staff policy and rewards

Question MCQ16 : Which of the following is not a form of globalization?
Answer: Social globalization

Question MCQ17 : --------- is known as the process of preparing a set of decisions for action in the future?
Answer: Forecasting

Question MCQ18 : Which of the following is not a form of tourism missions?
Answer: Tourism concern

Question MCQ19 : Broader measures of financial evaluation include the following except?
Answer: Appraisal

Question MCQ20 : The state therefore performs many functions as follows except?
Answer: As organizer and manager

Question MCQ21 : Initial definitions of development centred on -----------?
Answer: Economy growth

Question MCQ22 : Tourists of today are quality conscious, this suggests that the provision of ……..and services are essential?
Answer: Quality products

Question MCQ23 : The following are main diversification strategies except?
Answer: Political diversification

Question MCQ24 : Tourism industry generates the following for the country except?
Answer: Gross profit

Question MCQ25 : Tourism education and training has developed, historically over a period in excess of --------- years?
Answer: 40

Question MCQ26 : Which of these forms is used by management evaluation of human resources?
Answer: Appraisal

Question MCQ27 : --------- is the external linkages beyond the destination that affect potential development?
Answer: Globalisation

Question MCQ28 : -------- is described as the point of contact between the customer and employee of the company?
Answer: Moment of truth

Question MCQ29 : The five forces proposed by porter include the following except?
Answer: The threats of friendship

Question MCQ30 : Channel choices in the tourism industry are influenced by the following factors except?
Answer: The producer of the product

Question MCQ31 : The following are responsible for changes in the tourism distribution environment except?
Answer: The Business Manager

Question MCQ32 : Coordination refers to formal institutionalized relationships among existing networks of …………, interests and or individuals?
Answer: Organizations

Question MCQ33 : Government can stimulate tourism development in the following ways except?
Answer: Arresting investor

Question MCQ34 : The following are the functions of tour operators except?
Answer: Slave trade

Question MCQ35 : The following are the reasons for the importance of successful tourism distribution except?
Answer: High durability of the product

Question FBQ1 : ---------- explained tourism as a product, high in human contact?
Answer: Variability

Question FBQ2 : Professionalism and skill; attitudes and behaviour; reliability and trustworthiness; reputation and credibility explain……… quality?
Answer: Service

Question FBQ3 : ……. refers to the code by which human conduct is guided?
Answer: Ethics

Question FBQ4 : Initial definitions of development centred on ------------- growth?
Answer: Economy

Question FBQ5 : ------------- can influence tourism development by investing in general and tourism specific infrastructure?
Answer: Government

Question FBQ6 : ------------ can influence tourism development through fiscal and investment policies?
Answer: Government

Question FBQ7 : A price based strategy seeks competitive advantage by offering the lowest …… in the industry?
Answer: Prices

Question FBQ8 : Development first’ approach examined ------------- categories of development?
Answer: Three

Question FBQ9 : ……. approach is an analytical tool, which traces the process of value creation in tourism industry?
Answer: Value-chain

Question FBQ10 : If the NPV value is ………, then the project is worth of investing?
Answer: Positive

Question FBQ11 : The call for tourists to adopt ‘good’ behaviour is a form of……… management?
Answer: Visitor

Question FBQ12 : ----------is the external linkages beyond the destination that affect potential development?
Answer: Globalisation

Question FBQ13 : ……… materials are therefore important in bringing messages to the notice of the public?
Answer: Promotional

Question FBQ14 : In examining tourism planning, ….... developed a continuum from ‘Tourist first’ to “Development first”?
Answer: Burns

Question FBQ15 : ………… analysis explains major factors influencing organization’s ability to fulfil its mission in terms of resources and environment?
Answer: Strategic

Question FBQ16 : From tourism marketing perspective, tourism site is ----------------?
Answer: Product

Question FBQ17 : ---------- development is concerned with developing product-line extension or new tourism products?
Answer: Product

Question FBQ18 : To providing ……., a government can require the industry to hire locals?
Answer: subsidies

Question FBQ19 : Mergers and acquisitions have been greatly responsible for…….?
Answer: Internationalization

Question FBQ20 : ……… rates affects the cost of borrowing?
Answer: Interest

Question FBQ21 : A hybrid ……………explains offering of high-quality products at low prices?
Answer: Strategy

Question FBQ22 : Rural tourism development and management seek to maintain and enhance the experience of ……..?
Answer: Rurality

Question FBQ23 : ………… appraisal entail estimating the likely impact of the decision on the future performance of the business?
Answer: Investment

Question FBQ24 : The mobility of staff within tourism is a direct factor of the wider ……., structural and sectorial operating characteristics?
Answer: Environmental

Question FBQ25 : Cross boarder operations in the travel distribution industry?
Answer: Internationalization

Question FBQ26 : ………….. explains the inability to store tourism product for sale at a later date?
Answer: Perishability

Question FBQ27 : …….. manager explains anyone involved in making distribution channel decisions?
Answer: Channel

Question FBQ28 : Long term investment entails Initial commitment of a ……… outlay in a business project?
Answer: Capital

Question FBQ29 : …….. management is about anticipating potential problems in the interrelationships of different customer and employee groups?
Answer: Multicultural

Question FBQ30 : The traditional practice of learning a majority skills on the job is threatened by ………. changes?
Answer: Technological

Question FBQ31 : The marketing process can be considered as the analysis, planning, …….and control of marketing?
Answer: Implementation

Question FBQ32 : ……………measures the ratio of inputs to outputs?
Answer: Efficiency

Question FBQ33 : Strength and weaknesses analysis summarizes -------- resources of an organization ?
Answer: Internal

Question FBQ34 : --------------------development explains the culture of meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations?
Answer: Ssustainable

Question FBQ35 : The federation that draws attention to the underlying complexities of the tourism industry that affect strategic development is called -------------- of tour operators?
Answer: Federation