Question QMC1 : Marketing looks at the decision-making processes of both __________

Question QMC2 : The concepts of marketing were developed in relation to -------- goods which are however relevant to services as well.

Question QMC3 : Sales of goods and services will not increase through increased production if the -------------

Question QMC4 : The main elements of a marketing programme are conceptualised in terms of four (4) Ps. Which of the following is not one of these Ps? 

Question QMC5 : The tourist market may be segmented on the basis of the following except ---------?

Question QMC6 : Service products are different from goods with the following characteristics except -----------

Question QMC7 : When one buys a service like a courier or a doctor, the production and consumption of the service takes place at the same time. This characteristic is termed -----------?

Question QMC8 : The expectations of tourists are met by three main ingredients; Which of the following are not parts of these ingredients?

Question QMC9 : Packaging are very important in goods because it provides --------------

Question QMC10 : The following are the steps in developing a service product except -----------

Question QMC11 : A souvenir shop in a tourist destination is regarded as a ------------ product.

Question QMC12 : In tourism, market research may be all of the following except ------

Question QMC13 : In tourism, a lot of data on tourists can be collected through the following methods except ---------

Question QMC14 : When sporadic studies are made at regular intervals, which of the following best describe the term?

Question QMC15 : In tourism marketing, Promotion aims to achieve all of the following except ----

Question QMC16 : The main decisions to make in promotion planning include of the following except ---------

Question QMC17 : While preparing message for advertisement, which of the following guidelines may be kept in mind by you

Question QMC18 : Advertising techniques may include all of the following except -------

Question QMC19 : Publicity will be carried by the media if the activities and messages are -----------

Question QMC20 : Word of mouth publicity is very effective; its sources of information are credible according to a hierarchy. In descending order of credibility will take the following form --------------

Question QMC21 : Public Relation efforts in tourism marketing are aimed at key personnel, and seek to shift the people interests towards the following factors except -----------

Question QMC22 : Which of the following objectives of merchandising is not meant for the customers within a given unit?

Question QMC23 : Which of the following is not necessarily a role played by a media outfit in Tourism?

Question QMC24 : ------- serve as an overlap between media due to reaching the same target customers at the same time?

Question QMC25 : Demographics refer to the description of a population which include the following except ------------

Question QMC26 : Which of the following is not a function of salespersons?

Question QMC27 : Which of the following ways is not a method to help achieve strong and positive press relations?

Question QMC28 : The basic requirements of travel writing include all of the following except ----------?

Question QMC29 : The science of proteomics has come up with four distinct zones in which most people operate. Which of the following is not part of the zones?

Question QMC30 : Which of the following parts of the human body is the most important in transmitting information and can transmit the most subtle nuances?

Question QMC31 : Which of the following is not one of the hints on how to use our voice effectively?

Question QMC32 : In the hospitality industry, it is essential to ------ and then to speak!

Question QMC33 : For communication to be effective, there must be one of the following

Question QMC34 : What is the full meaning of NTDC

Question QMC35 : A travel writer should always bear in mind that his write-up should influence the reader to do the following except ----------

Question QFB1 : In marketing, the consumers are not interested in ------- but satisfaction of the products purchased
Answer: Output

Question QFB2 : Marketing tries to bring the decision-making processes of the producer and the customers together in an exchange --------------
Answer: Transaction

Question QFB3 : Marketing concepts are relevant even in the absence of --------
Answer: Competition

Question QFB4 : It is noted that -------- attracts the customer to the product, enhances its value and provides satisfaction.
Answer: Need

Question QFB5 : The collective of existing and prospective customers for the product is refers to as ------
Answer: Market

Question QFB6 : -------- is something that a producer offers to a customer to provide satisfaction
Answer: Product

Question QFB7 : Designing a product means determining the ------ of the product and the benefits that will provide to the users
Answer: Features

Question QFB8 : A product in tourism is the place of ------
Answer: Destination

Question QFB9 : Benefit concept, service concept and --------- concept are the steps in developing a service product
Answer: Delivery

Question QFB10 : --------- helps to increase organisation effectiveness and customer satisfaction
Answer: Marketing

Question QFB11 : Creating awareness about a product with the connotation of falsehood is called ---
Answer: Propaganda

Question QFB12 : ---- takes place when media, on subtle persuasion or otherwise, carries an article or news items about the marketer or the good/services offered.
Answer: Publicity

Question QFB13 : Publicity is more credible than -------- when it is seen as originating from the medium or some other person and not from a marketer.
Answer: Advertisement

Question QFB14 : When actual experience of a tourist falls short of expectation, there is -----------
Answer: Dissatisfaction

Question QFB15 : When actual experience exceeds ------------, there is significant satisfaction
Answer: Expectation

Question QFB16 : The cost of using ----------- is an important consideration while planning a campaign
Answer: Media

Question QFB17 : A meeting arranged between senior executive of the organization and the representatives of the news where statements are made and questions are answered is refers to -------------
Answer: Press Release

Question QFB18 : Finding prospects, that is, get names of people who are likely to buy a service is the function of a -----
Answer: Salespersons

Question QFB19 : Activities that take place within the unit are called ------
Answer: Merchandising

Question QFB20 : ------- is done through media and the idea is to communicate a message to a potential user of tourism services
Answer: Promotion

Question QFB21 : Weekly newspapers; periodicals; magazines of general or special interest are examples of --------- media.
Answer: Print

Question QFB22 : The degree of thoroughness with which the audience sees, hears or reads is called ------------
Answer: Intensity

Question QFB23 : --------- means the ability of the medium to reach a target audience specified by geographic, demographic or other factors.
Answer: Selectivity

Question QFB24 : The value of outdoor media, like hoardings, posters, signs etc. depends entirely on the -------
Answer: Location

Question QFB25 : The ------- provides an opportunity to combine a variety of media into a single location for target consumers to choose from the offers
Answer: Exhibition

Question QFB26 : The world of media is also changing today with Video and cable TV. etc. replacing the ---------.
Answer: Cinema-theatre

Question QFB27 : ------ is built by providing candid straight-forward and inherently-honest material to the tourists.
Answer: Credibility

Question QFB28 : Travelogues date back to ancient times, existed mostly in the form of stories of ----------- or pilgrims travelling to distant lands.
Answer: Merchants

Question QFB29 : After accommodation, the most important need of a traveller is ------------?
Answer: Food

Question QFB30 : In Nigeria, the rituals in -------- have remained exactly the same after thousands of years.
Answer: Marriage

Question QFB31 : Tourism is already known to be the world's largest industry after ---- and is fast growing industry.
Answer: Oil

Question QFB32 : The word communication is derived from the Latin term ‘communicate’ which mean to -----------
Answer: Share

Question QFB33 : Without feedback, -------------- is incomplete.
Answer: Communication

Question QFB34 : Preconceived notions is a barrier to effective -----------
Answer: Communication

Question QFB35 : While talking to ---------, It is suggested that you maintain a social distance of four to seven feet
Answer: Customers