Question FBQ1 :

Range of 8, 12, 5, 15 is ______
Answer: 10

Question FBQ2 :

Consider a set of data on monthly sales of a company’s product, the mean of which was found to be N240,000; the mode found to be N135,000; and the standard deviation found to be N85,000. The Pearson’s No. 1 Coefficient of skewness would be____
Answer: 1.24

Question FBQ3 :

The payoffs associated with each possible outcome in a decision problem should be listed in ______ table
Answer: Payoff

Question FBQ4 :

The measure of dispersion that ensures highest degree of reliability is ____
Answer: Standard deviation

Question FBQ5 :

Out of all measures of dispersion, the easiest one to calculate is_____
Answer: Range

Question FBQ6 :

Indicators which reflect the relative changes in the level of certain phenomenon in any given period are ________
Answer: Index numbers

Question FBQ7 :

the most common index numbers are _____
Answer: Price index numbers

Question FBQ8 :

Individual data can also be called ____________ data
Answer: Raw

Question FBQ9 :

Data which are collected by someone else or some organization either in published or unpublished forms is called ________ data
Answer: Secondary

Question FBQ10 :

When an investigator uses questionnaire to collect data from group of people in a population, such data is called ______data
Answer: Primary

Question FBQ11 :

Data collected from CBN website are called ________ data
Answer: Secondary

Question FBQ12 :

A summary measure that describes any given characteristic of the population is known as a ________
Answer: Parameter

Question FBQ13 :

Sampling is simply a process of learning about the __________________ on the basis of a sample drawn from it
Answer: Population

Question FBQ14 :

The degree of randomness of selection would depend upon the process of selecting the items from the _________
Answer: Sample

Question FBQ15 : _____________________ provides various types of statistical information of either Qualitative or quantitative nature
Answer: Sampling

Question FBQ16 :

Purposive samples can be occasionally referred to as ______ samples
Answer: Judgment

Question FBQ17 :

If wale predicts that value of 50kg bag of rice will rise in 2022 based on past year (2016) and present year (2019), wale assumption is based on ____
Answer: Forecast

Question FBQ18 :

Method of forecasts used to generate the general picture (or trend) behind a set of data or time series is ______________
Answer: Moving average

Question FBQ19 :

Forecasts that concern the distant future are _______ forecasts
Answer: Long-term

Question FBQ20 :

Forecasts based solely on past and present values of the variable to be forecast is called_______ forecasts
Answer: Extrapolation

Question FBQ21 :

Forecasts concerning the near future are known as ______ forecasts
Answer: Short-term

Question FBQ22 :

Where T.S.S is 172.5 and W.S.S.S is 125.5, B.S.S.S will be ____
Answer: 47

Question FBQ23 :

The chi-square goodness-of-fit test is be used to test for _____
Answer: Normality

Question FBQ24 :

The chi-square test is not very effective if the sample is _______
Answer: Simple

Question FBQ25 :

In null hypothesis for a Chi-square test, both variables are _____
Answer: Independent

Question FBQ26 :

The degrees of freedom for the test statistic for μ when σ is unknown is ____
Answer: N-1

Question FBQ27 :

ANOVA means _______
Answer: Analysis of variance

Question FBQ28 :

Under coefficient of correlation, When r = 0 i.e. there is ________ relationship
Answer: No

Question FBQ29 :

Under correlation coefficient, When r = +1, there is a ________linear relationship
Answer: Perfect positive

Question FBQ30 :

Correlation is used to determine the extent at which the variable are correlated is called_________ correlation
Answer: Rank

Question FBQ31 :

The mathematical method of determined the points estimate of ‘a’ and ‘b’ from the available sample points is called ____ method
Answer: Least square

Question FBQ32 :

Multiple regression is also known as _____ regression
Answer: Non linear

Question FBQ33 :

In simple linear regression, the numbers of unknown constants are ______
Answer: 2

Question FBQ34 :

The method of least squares dictates that we choose a regression line where the sum of the square of deviations of the points from the line is _______
Answer: Minimum

Question FBQ35 :

Hypothesis testing starts with a statement about population parameters such as ___
Answer: Mean

Question FBQ36 :

The conjectural statement a postulate, or a proposition about an assumed relationship between two or more variables is known as _____
Answer: Hypothesis

Question FBQ37 :

Scale that has all the properties of the nominal, ordinal and interval scales including the additional property of having an absolute zero point is known as ____ scale
Answer: Ratio

Question FBQ38 :

Variables that assume any value within an interval or have the property of infinite divisibility are _____ variables
Answer: Continuous

Question FBQ39 :

Housing unit, number of students in a class, number of goals scored and number of cars are examples of ______ variable
Answer: Discrete

Question FBQ40 :

Variables whose values are given as numerical quantities is called _____ variables
Answer: Quantitative

Question FBQ41 :

The measure of the degree of uniformity of observations in a given set of data can be said to be _____
Answer: Variation

Question FBQ42 :

Like other quartiles, the median quartile is at what percent mark:_____%
Answer: 50

Question FBQ43 :

ANOVA can be classified in ________ ways
Answer: 2

Question FBQ44 :

__________ is value of the sample statistic which is taken as an approximation of the parameter value
Answer: Estimate

Question FBQ45 :

___________ refers to the formula or statistic which has been chosen to provide an estimate of the population value
Answer: An estimator

Question FBQ46 :

The branches of statistics that deals with mutual dependence or inter-relationship of two or more variables is _____
Answer: Correlation

Question FBQ47 :

If the points on the scatter diagram show no tendency either to increase together or decrease together the value of r will be close to _______
Answer: 0

Question FBQ48 :

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a test for equality of _____
Answer: Variances

Question FBQ49 :

A method that involves conference techniques by which a group of people attempts to find solution for specified problems is known as _______
Answer: Brain storming

Question FBQ50 :

A logical approach used in an investigation to indicate possible alternatives or choices from which an acceptable solution may be derived is called______
Answer: Critical examination

Question OMC1 : The data obtained by conducting a survey is called:

Question OMC2 : When one refers to “how significant” the sample evidence is, he/she is referring to the:

Question OMC3 : In a 500m speed skating race, time results would be considered an example of which level of measurement?

Question OMC4 : Using the alternative method of obtaining the sum of square, find correction factor (CF):

Question OMC5 : You conduct a hypothesis test and you observe values for the sample mean and sample standard deviation when n = 25 that do not lead to the rejection of H0. You calculate a p-value of 0.0667. What will happen to the p-value if you observe the same sample mean and standard deviation for a sample > 25?

Question OMC6 : Typically one-way ANOVA is used in which of the following situations? I. there are several distinct populationsII. there are two sample populations over 4000III. randomized experimentsIV. randomly selected populations 

Question OMC7 : One-way ANOVA is used when:

Question OMC8 : The chi-square test can be too sensitive if the sample is:

Question OMC9 : Variance of chi-square distribution is fixed to

Question OMC10 : For the chi-square test to be effective, the expected value for each cell in the contingency table has to be at least

Question OMC11 : The hypothesis of most interest to the researcher is:

Question OMC12 : What is the correct decision in a hypothesis if the data produce a t-statistic that is in the critical region?

Question OMC13 : What test statistic is used for a global test of significance?

Question OMC14 : The value of the coefficient of correlation r lies between:

Question OMC15 : In least squares regression, which of the following is not a required assumption about the error term ε?

Question OMC16 : In regression analysis, the variable that is used to explain the change in the outcome of an experiment, or some natural process, is called

Question OMC17 : A study is done of the impact of body temperature on blood pressure. We have three observations: The correlation coefficient is closest to

Question OMC18 : If the coefficient of determination is 0.81, the correlation coefficient

Question OMC19 : Suppose men always married women who were 10 percent shorter than they were. The correlation coefficient of the heights of married couples would be:

Question OMC20 : We measure heights and weights of 100 twenty-year old male college students. Which will have the higher correlation:

Question OMC21 : Which of the following is NOT a possible value of the correlation coefficient?

Question OMC22 : Suppose the correlation coefficient between heights (as measured in feet) versus weight (as measured in pounds) is 0.40. What is the correlation coefficient of height measured in inches versus weight measured in ounces? [12 inches = one foot; 16 ounces = one pound]

Question OMC23 : An investigator is studying the relation between the physical and intellectual growth of primary school children (grades 1-6). At each grade level, she notes that the correlation between the height of children and the size of their vocabulary is zero. For all students in the school, the correlation is likely to be:

Question OMC24 : If there is a very strong correlation between two variables then the correlation coefficient must be

Question OMC25 : Estimation is possible only in case of a

Question OMC26 : Estimate and estimator are:

Question OMC27 : Data for selected vegetables purchased at wholesale prices for 1995 and 2007 are shown below.What is the unweighted aggregate price index?

Question OMC28 : Investor wishing to invest N100,000 in one of three possible investment alternatives, A, B, and C is an example of.

Question OMC29 : Technique use to analyse unemployment rate, inflation rate anticipation and capacity utilization to manufacture goods is classified as

Question OMC30 : Analysis of labour turnover rates, performance appraisal, training programs and planning of incentives are roles of

Question OMC31 : Tools of decision making by nominal groups, brain storming and team buildings are all considered as

Question OMC32 : The mean of a distribution is 14 and the standard deviation is 5. What is the value of the coefficient of variation?

Question OMC33 : The mean deviation of the series a, a + d, a +2d……., a + 2n from its mean is

Question OMC34 : A student obtained the mean and the standard deviation of 100 observations as 40 and 5.1. It was later found that one observation was wrongly copied as 50, the correct figure being 40. Find the correct mean and the S.D

Question OMC35 : For a negatively skewed distribution, the correct inequality is

Question OMC36 : What percentage of values is greater than the 3rd quartile?

Question OMC37 : Formula for coefficient of variation is

Question OMC38 : Which of the following is a unit less measure of dispersion?

Question OMC39 : Frequency of a variable is always

Question OMC40 : Individual data is otherwise called _____.

Question OMC41 : The data given as 5, 7, 12, 17, 79, 84, and 91 will be called as

Question OMC42 : Which of the following are the two most commonly used measures of variability?

Question OMC43 : The word ‘statistics’ is used as

Question OMC44 : In multiple regression, when the global test of significance is rejected, we can conclude that

Question OMC45 : A residual is defined as

Question OMC46 : In a regression, that the standard error of the regression is, the greater the accuracy of the prediction will be

Question OMC47 : The correlation coefficient is used to determine

Question OMC48 : Which statistical test is used to identify whether there is a relationship between two categorical variables?

Question OMC49 : The weights used in Pasches formula belong to

Question OMC50 : Laspeyre’s index numbers possess