Question FBQ1 : The first military coup in Nigeria was carried out in the year ________
Answer: 1966

Question FBQ2 : NPC/NCNC formed a coalition government during the _________ republic
Answer: First

Question FBQ3 : The Southern and Northern Protectorates was amalgamated in _________________ by Lord Lugard
Answer: 1914

Question FBQ4 : The political system that divides the powers of the central and component units is called ________
Answer: Federalism

Question FBQ5 : The Queen of England remained the head of state after the _______ independence
Answer: Nigeria

Question FBQ6 : The military in Nigeria ruled by ________
Answer: Decree

Question FBQ7 : The ________ constitution introduced elective principle
Answer: Clifford

Question FBQ8 : The British colonial power adopted -------- policy in its colonies
Answer: Indirect rule

Question FBQ9 : The first executive President in Nigeria was ________
Answer: Shehu Shagari

Question FBQ10 : Nigeria is in ________ republic
Answer: Fourth

Question FBQ11 : The _________ movement agitated for Nigeria’s independence
Answer: Nationalists

Question FBQ12 : The ----------- Court is the highest court in Nigeria
Answer: Supreme

Question FBQ13 : The indirect rule policy enjoyed full compliance and success in the ________ part of Nigeria
Answer: Northern

Question FBQ14 : The _________ pre- colonial system was acephalous in nature
Answer: Igbo

Question FBQ15 : Nigeria operates ______ legislature at the federal level
Answer: Bicameral

Question FBQ16 : October 1,1960 was unanimously agreed to be independence day in Nigeria during the ________conference in London
Answer: 1957

Question FBQ17 : State is different from Nation because the latter lacks _______ 
Answer: Sovereignty

Question FBQ18 : The Richard Constitution of ________ introduced regionalism
Answer: 1946

Question FBQ19 : The Nigerian Council was created by _______ as Governor General of Nigeria
Answer: Lord Lugard

Question FBQ20 : The number of political parties that participated in the 1979 elections was ______ political parties
Answer: Five

Question FBQ21 : The suspension of the constitution in Nigeria was usually attributed to _______ regime
Answer: Military

Question FBQ22 : The political independence of Ghana was achieved in the year ______
Answer: 1957

Question FBQ23 : The failure of _______ constitution necessitated the Richard constitution
Answer: Clifford

Question FBQ24 : Confederalism is known for a _________ centre
Answer: Loose

Question FBQ25 : The need to fight for political emancipation and freedom awaken _____ movement in Nigeria
Answer: Nationalists

Question FBQ26 : The ______ constitution of 1963 withdrawn the ceremonial role of Queen of England as Head of State
Answer: Republican

Question FBQ27 : The first political party in Nigeria was established by _______
Answer: Herbert Macaulay

Question FBQ28 : The major leader of ________________ party in the 1959 election was Chief Obafemi Awolowo
Answer: Action Group

Question FBQ29 : Nigeria _______ republic is the longest political dispensation in Nigeria
Answer: Fourth

Question FBQ30 : The indirect rule policy was a _________ colonial power style of administration
Answer: British

Question FBQ31 : The Nigeria’s ____________ republic was terminated by the military regime of General Muhammadu Buhari
Answer: Third

Question FBQ32 : The indirect rule enjoyed partial success in the_______ region of Nigeria
Answer: Western

Question FBQ33 : Centralisation of power is commonly attributed to a ________system of government
Answer: Unitary

Question FBQ34 : The __________ constitution ushered in Nigeria to political independence
Answer: 1960

Question FBQ35 : _________ are responsibilities reserved for the federal government
Answer: Exclusive list

Question FBQ36 : The ________ intervention in 1966 truncated democratic process in Nigeria
Answer: Military

Question FBQ37 : The component units in Nigeria federation adopts _________ legislature
Answer: Unicameral

Question FBQ38 : The British colonial powers granted Nigeria ___________ in 1960
Answer: Political independence

Question FBQ39 : The first Governor General of Nigeria was---------
Answer: Lord Lugard

Question FBQ40 : Fundamental Human Rights was entrenched for the first time in the ________ Nigerian constitution
Answer: 1960

Question FBQ41 : Lyttleton constitution came into effect on October 1_________
Answer: 1954

Question FBQ42 : The first constitution that enjoyed wider input from Nigerians during colonial constitutional development was the ______
Answer: Macpherson

Question FBQ43 : The ________ colonial setting was traditional system
Answer: Pre

Question FBQ44 : The common method of military incursion in politics was through ________
Answer: Coup d’tat

Question FBQ45 : The first indigenous Head of State in Nigeria was ______
Answer: Nnamdi Azikiwe

Question FBQ46 : Ahmadu Bello served as a ---------- Northern region
Answer: Premier

Question FBQ47 : ________ is an attribute of a state that makes it free from external control
Answer: Sovereignty

Question FBQ48 : The Nigeria Youth Movement (NYM) as a______ was formed in 1938
Answer: Political Party

Question FBQ49 : The Nigeria’s second republic began in _______
Answer: 1979

Question FBQ50 : Sir ________ replaced Lord Lugard during the colonial administration
Answer: Huge Clifford

Question MCQ1 : Lord Lugard became the Governor General of Southern and Northern protectorates of Nigeria in _____
Answer: 1906

Question MCQ2 : _______ was the policy adopted by the British colonial powers in its colonies
Answer: Indirect rule

Question MCQ3 : One of the features of of Clifford constitution of 1922 was the introduction of _______
Answer: Elective principle

Question MCQ4 : The Nigerian Council was established during the colonial administration of ________
Answer: Lugard

Question MCQ5 : Indirect rule was successful in the North and enjoyed partial success in the ______
Answer: West

Question MCQ6 : The formation of __________ triggered the nationalists movement in Nigeria
Answer: Political parties

Question MCQ7 : The ______________ movement called for political emancipation of African states
Answer: Pan African

Question MCQ8 : Unlike a state ________, nation does not enjoy
Answer: Sovereignty

Question MCQ9 : ______________ was the Governor General of Nigeria in 1946
Answer: Arthur Richard

Question MCQ10 : The first political party in Nigeria was established by?
Answer: Herbert Macaulay

Question MCQ11 : The central legislature under Richard constitution was?
Answer: Unicameral

Question MCQ12 : The West regional legislative body during Richard constitution operated a?
Answer: Unicameral legislature

Question MCQ13 : ___________ divided Nigeria into three region
Answer: Richard constitution

Question MCQ14 : Federalism is a system that shares powers between the national government and _______
Answer: Component units

Question MCQ15 : The failure of Macpherson constitution led to the promulgation of _______
Answer: Lyttleton constitution

Question MCQ16 : The political subjugation of Africans by the ________ was a factor for nationalism in the continent
Answer: Colonial powers 

Question MCQ17 : __________ was the Governor General that allowed full participation and consultation of Nigerians in the draft of his constitution
Answer: Macpherson  

Question MCQ18 : The ___________ system of government recognises power centralisation on a single authority
Answer: Unitary  

Question MCQ19 : The London Conference of 1953 was held under the Chairmanship of ?
Answer: Oliver Lytteleton

Question MCQ20 : Nigeria is a good example of a ________ arrangement
Answer: Federal

Question MCQ21 : One of the provision of the 1954 constitution was the establishment of Federal Supreme Court for the centre to replace the ______
Answer: West African Court of Appeal

Question MCQ22 : The first military coup in Nigeria was experienced in _______
Answer: 1966

Question MCQ23 : The 1954 laid a better foundation for federalism in Nigeria by creating a clear divisional role for the__________ and legislative powers
Answer: Executive

Question MCQ24 : The ______ constitution ceased the Queen of England from being the head of state
Answer: Republican

Question MCQ25 : The _________ constitution marked the beginning of post - independence era
Answer: 1960

Question MCQ26 : _________ was one of the reasons for military incursion in Nigeria’s politics
Answer: Electoral malpractices

Question MCQ27 : The granting of Ghana independence in 1957 motivated the _______ for self -governance in Nigeria
Answer: Agitation

Question MCQ28 : The political leaders unanimously agreed on Nigeria political independence at the ___________
Answer: 1957 conference

Question MCQ29 : The independence constitution of 1960 granted _______ to the electoral commission
Answer: Autonomy

Question MCQ30 : Nigeria inherited a _________ from the British colonial power
Answer: Weak socio- political structure  

Question MCQ31 : The head of state remains the head of government in a _______ system of government
Answer: Presidential

Question MCQ32 : Despite the political independence, the ______ constitution failed to address the issue of head of state
Answer: 1960

Question MCQ33 : The Nigerian National Assembly operates a ______ legislation
Answer: Bicameral

Question MCQ34 : Unlike in a federal system, confederalism operates a _____ centre
Answer: loose 

Question MCQ35 : ____________is a reason for adoption of federalism
Answer: Geographical contiguity

Question MCQ36 : Responsibilities under exclusive list are preserved for the ______ government
Answer: Federal

Question MCQ37 : ____________ remains a challenge to a federating unit
Answer: Majority/Minority dichotomy

Question MCQ38 : Unity in diversity is an attribute of ________
Answer: Federalism

Question MCQ39 : The experimentation of federalism in Nigeria could be traced to the _______ era
Answer: Colonial

Question MCQ40 : The first Prime Minister in Nigeria was _______
Answer: Tafawa Balewa

Question MCQ41 : The ________ formed a coalition government in the first republic
Answer: NPC/NCNC

Question MCQ42 : The Nationalist movement in Nigeria focused largely on _______ struggle
Answer: Decolonization

Question MCQ43 : The federal election of 1959 ushered in _______ republic in Nigeria
Answer: First

Question MCQ44 : Nigeria operates ______ party system
Answer: Multi

Question MCQ45 : Unlike Nigeria, Ghana adopts ___________ constitution
Answer: Unitary

Question MCQ46 : The collapse of the first republic could be traced to the 1966_______
Answer: Military intervention

Question MCQ47 : The military rule by ___________
Answer: Decree

Question MCQ48 : One of the features of military regime in Nigeria was _______
Answer: Dictatorship

Question MCQ49 : The Nigeria civil war lasted for ________ months
Answer: 30

Question MCQ50 : The ________ elections terminated long years of military rule in Nigeria
Answer: 1999