Question QFB1 : The religious based Peace Process which originated within the Jainism, and a reforming sect of Hinduism is known as ______
Answer: Ahimsa

Question QFB2 : Satyagraha as a principle of peace which means ‘the pursuit of truth’ is one championed by ___________
Answer: Gandhi

Question QFB3 : ‘’Social conflict as a struggle between opponents over values and claims to scarce status power and resources’’ is a definition according to ________
Answer: Coser

Question QFB4 : ___________ is defined as ‘a political condition that ensures justice and social stability through formal and informal institutions, practices and norms’.
Answer: Peace

Question QFB5 : The Peace process theory which was derived from the works of Bishop Augustino of Hippo after the fall of the Roman Empire is known as _________
Answer: Just War

Question QFB6 : The historical theory that rejects war as a means of settling Disputes and argues that peaceful efforts should be applied in Conflicts is known as ______
Answer: Pacifism

Question QFB7 : Conflict Resolution as a Peaceful Process perspective talks about mediation, negotiation and ____
Answer: Arbitration

Question QFB8 : _________ is defined to be ‘an explanation of the relationship between elements or variable.
Answer: Theory

Question QFB9 : ___________ is any voluntary, non-binding process, even informal, conducted by a neutral third party with the aim of promoting the dispute settlement between the disputing parties.
Answer: Mediation

Question QFB10 : The ________ analytical tool is also known as Avocado or Doughnut analyticalTool.
Answer: Onion

Question QFB11 : The propagator of ‘’The Field Theory’’ is ____
Answer: Kurt Lewin

Question QFB12 : _____ ADR is aimed not at dispute settlement but at the transformation of disputant relationship through “empowerment and recognition”
Answer: Transformative Facilitation

Question QFB13 : _________ is the most adopted form of ADR
Answer: Arbitration

Question QFB14 : _________ can also be defined as “a generic term for a voluntary process in which people in conflict request the assistance of an impartial and neutral third party to make decision for them regarding contested issues”
Answer: Arbitration

Question QFB15 : ___________ is a process of formulating proposals of settlement after an investigation of facts and an effort to reconcile opposing contentions, the parties to the dispute being left free to accept or reject the proposals formulated’.
Answer: Conciliation

Question QFB16 : Court adjudication is conflict resolution tool that affords the disputants no opportunity to appoint the third party adjudicator, True or False___________
Answer: True

Question QFB17 : The highest court in Nigeria is the ______________________ Court
Answer: Supreme

Question QFB18 : The definition of ethnicity to be “a social phenomenon associated with interactions among members of different ethnic groups” is according to who?
Answer: Nnoli

Question QFB19 : The act of sending and receiving information and giving feedback is known as
Answer: Communication

Question QFB20 : ___________ is also called The listener in communication
Answer: Decoder

Question QFB21 : The traditional court system does not consume so much financial resources compared to ADR. True or False ______________________
Answer: False

Question QFB22 : __________________ is the pro-set idea we have about things
Answer: Assumptions

Question QFB23 : The person sending the message is called the _______________
Answer: Speaker

Question QFB24 : ________________ introduced parliamentary politics into the Northern protectorate of Nigeria
Answer: Sir Arthur Richard

Question QFB25 : ‘’Conflict is a product of discomfort, disharmony, scarcity of resources and unjust approach to distribution of the scarce commodity’’ TRUE or FALSE
Answer: True

Question QFB26 : _________________ introduced parliamentary politics into the southern protectorate of Nigeria
Answer: Sir Hugh Clifford

Question QFB27 : _____ factor in communication represents our subjective understanding of situation or persons?
Answer: Perception

Question QFB28 : ___________ divided the south into western and eastern regions
Answer: Sir Benard Bourdillion

Question QFB29 : The Nigeria coup d’etats that led to the emergence of Gen. Babangida after the overthrow of General Buhari was in the year ___________
Answer: 1985

Question QFB30 : Chief Sonekan’s led Interim National Government was overthrow by ____________
Answer: General Sani Abacha

Question QFB31 : The Nigeria coup d’etats led by Major Chukwuma Nzeoga against Alhaji Balewa’s government was in year___________
Answer: 1966

Question QFB32 : Richard constitution came into existence in the year ___________
Answer: 1947

Question QFB33 : The acronym ‘’SAP’’ means _______
Answer: Structural Adjustment Program

Question QFB34 : The controversial design of the Federal Military government to join the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in January ______
Answer: 1986

Question QFB35 : The outbreak of Maitasine riots in Kano was in the year ____
Answer: 1980

Question QFB36 : The traditional worshippers which still Exist till today in the north of Nigeria is called ___
Answer: Magusawa

Question QFB37 : The acronym ‘’CAN’’ means _____
Answer: Christian Association of Nigeria

Question QFB38 : The Zango-Kataf crisis was in the year _____
Answer: 1992

Question QFB39 : The clash between Christian and Muslim students at Kafanchan in Kaduna State was on the 6th March of the year _____
Answer: 1987

Question QFB40 : The Lome Peace Accord was in the year ________
Answer: 1999

Question QFB41 : ‘Justice is a moral virtue which inclines the will constantly and perpetually to render to others, their due in time and place and in a given set of circumstance’. This statement is according to _________________________
Answer: Iwe

Question QFB42 : The differences between expectations of males and females are known as ____
Answer: Gender

Question QFB43 : The acronym ‘’ECOWAS’’ means ______
Answer: Economic Community of West African States

Question QFB44 : _______ is defined by Thomas Aquinas as “the constant and perpetual will to render to everyone what is due him”
Answer: Justice

Question QFB45 : The biological differences between males and females are defined as _____
Answer: Sex

Question QFB46 : The Conference held in China in 1995 where women further argued against all forms of discrimination against women is popularly known as the ___ Conference.
Answer: Beijing

Question QFB47 : A system of social organization in which descent and inheritance are traced through the female line is known as ____
Answer: Matriarchy

Question QFB48 : President Ellen Johnson was the President of __________
Answer: Liberia

Question QFB49 : The OAU Conflict Management Center has ________ Units.
Answer: 3

Question QFB50 : The OAU/AU summit which established the Mechanism for Conflict Preventions, Management and Resolution (MCPMR) was held in Cairo in the year _______
Answer: 1993

Question QMC1 : ‘’Conflict is the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatible goal and interference from each other in achieving those goals’’ is a definition by who?

Question QMC2 : Which Peace process theory was derived from the works of Bishop Augustino of Hippo after the fall of the Roman Empire?

Question QMC3 : Which of the following is not one of the Conflict Resolution Peaceful Processes?

Question QMC4 : Ahimsa is translated into English to mean what?

Question QMC5 : The definition of Peace as ‘a political condition that ensures justice and social stability through formal and informal institutions, practices and norms’ was given by who?

Question QMC6 : Which of these theories allows the open discussion of conflict without any negative evaluation of the parties involved?

Question QMC7 : Which one of the following is the perspective which believes that behavior has the key to understanding meanings and argues that you cannot understand a concept outside of the context?

Question QMC8 : Which theory argues that communication is not just words, but activity that two or more people come together to co- create.

Question QMC9 : Which of the following is not a cause of Conflict in a given Society?

Question QMC10 : Which analytical tool can be explored to show the different forces influencing a conflict situation?

Question QMC11 : The definition of ‘’negotiation’’ as a form of decision making in which two or more parties talk with one another in an effort to resolve their opposing interest, a process by which a joint decision is made by two or more parties” was given by who?

Question QMC12 : Which of the following is not one of the various stages through which negotiation can be facilitated according to Albert?

Question QMC13 : According to International Law Commission, what is a “procedure for the settlement of dispute between states by a binding award on the basis of law as a result of an undertaking voluntarily accepted?

Question QMC14 : What is believed to have evolved in its ‘mature judicial process’ basically out of ‘relatively informal administrative and political procedure’?

Question QMC15 : Which of the ADR mechanism’s composition should fulfil the odd number requirement?

Question QMC16 : The highest court at the global level is known as

Question QMC17 : International Court of Justice judges serve a term of how many years?

Question QMC18 : International Court of Justice usually consists of how many judges?

Question QMC19 : The process of encoding messages for sending is called

Question QMC20 : Which of the following factors depicts who we are?

Question QMC21 : Communication is not complete, until there is a

Question QMC22 : Conflict has what consequences?

Question QMC23 : What is not a factor affecting communication?

Question QMC24 : Who defined ethnic group to be “categories of people characterized by culture criteria of symbols including language, value systems and normative behaviour, and whose members are anchored in a particular part of the new state territory”?

Question QMC25 : The acronym ‘’IMF’’ means what?

Question QMC26 : The Nigeria coup d’etats led by Muhammadu Buhari against Alhaji Shehu Shagari’s government was in which year?

Question QMC27 : The acclaimed Nigeria fairest and free election was held in what year?

Question QMC28 : Which Political Party was nicknamed “Northern Republican Convention”?

Question QMC29 : Which Political Party was called “Southern Democratic Party”?

Question QMC30 : The Nigeria south was divided into western and eastern regions in which year?

Question QMC31 : Parliamentary politics was introduced into the southern protectorate in which year?

Question QMC32 : The United Nations was established in the year

Question QMC33 : There exist in the north of Nigeria, not only Islam, but also Christianity and which worship?

Question QMC34 : ‘’Before the spread of Islam into the north, there existed a variety of traditional worship’’. Justify this assertion

Question QMC35 : In Chad, especially among the Toubou society, the assembly in which conflicts are resolved was called

Question QMC36 : In the Beti society located in the capital region of Cameroon, the concept traditional peace settlement is known as

Question QMC37 : The institutions set up to prevent violent conflicts among the Oromo people of East Africa, is known as what system?

Question QMC38 : In most communities of the South of Africa, there existed the concept socialisation known as the

Question QMC39 : According to Ball (2003) in the past 50years, nearly how many million people are killed each year as a result of armed conflict?

Question QMC40 : The Resolution 1325, which deals with women, peace and security was adopted by the UN Security Council on 31st October of which year?

Question QMC41 : What system denies women positions of decision-making and power?

Question QMC42 : What is the global struggle to address the oppression of women and create gender equality called?

Question QMC43 : ‘For a right to be called human, it must be possessed by all human beings, as well as only by human beings’ is a statement credited to

Question QMC44 : The issuance of the Magna Carta in England was in which year?

Question QMC45 : Rights to Development were proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December of which year?

Question QMC46 : President F. Roosevelt of the United States in the face of the Second World War argued for Human rights protection to promote peace in the world and identified how many major freedoms?

Question QMC47 : Central African Customs and Economic Union of 1981 and the Economic Community of the Great Lake States was merged to established the Economic Country of Central Africa States (ECCAS) in which year?

Question QMC48 : In 1994, there was genocide in Rwanda claiming about how many million people?

Question QMC49 : The institution established for peace and sustainable development known as ‘’the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)’’ was formed in which year?

Question QMC50 : The International Authority on Draught and Desertification (IGADD) made up of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda was established in which year?