Question FBQ1 : _________stated that capitalisation deals with the capital structure of a business in relation to the amount of equity, its composition and changes in it.
Answer: Ejiofor (1989)

Question FBQ2 : Capitalisation of income, method of valuation is the procedure for determining the ____
Answer: Firm value

Question FBQ3 :

A _____is a credit granted to any business organisation with a view to defer payment for the goods received for a specific period of time.
Answer: Trading credit

Question FBQ4 : _________consists of members’ deposits, loan from cooperative banks, loan from government and trading credits.
Answer: Loan capital

Question FBQ5 : _________is made up of the share contribution of members plus the reserves of all types, undistributed profits and the members’ entrance fees
Answer: Owned capital

Question FBQ6 : ______ is the document that regulates the activities of the partnership business.
Answer: Article of Partnership

Question FBQ7 : ______is an individual who is known to the public as a partner but who does not take active part in the management of the firm.
Answer: A silent partner

Question FBQ8 : A _______is that who is active in the affairs of the business but not known to the public as a partner
Answer: Secret partner

Question FBQ9 : ________partner is not involved in managing of the business and doesn’t receive salary
Answer: Dormant

Question FBQ10 : _____is the type of partner(s) who take active part in the formation, financing and management of the business.
Answer: Active Partner

Question FBQ11 : _______is an association of two to twenty persons carrying on a business in common with the view of making profit
Answer: Partnership

Question FBQ12 : The ________concept holds that consumers, if left alone will ordinarily not buy enough of the organization’s products
Answer: Selling

Question FBQ13 : The _________concept holds that the key achieving organizational goals consists in determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors
Answer: Marketing

Question FBQ14 : Toyota and Honda companies use the ________concept for their brands of cars for Nigeria markets.
Answer: Product

Question FBQ15 : The ______concept holds that consumers would favour products that are available and highly affordable.
Answer: Production

Question FBQ16 : There are ______functions in marketing
Answer: Three

Question FBQ17 : _______is a process of creating, maintaining and enhancing strong value added relationships with customers and other stockholders.
Answer: Relationship marketing

Question FBQ18 : _________is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.
Answer: Marketing management

Question FBQ19 : ________ provides value for the people involved in the organisation
Answer: Corporate strategy

Question FBQ20 : The three core areas of corporate strategy are strategic analysis, strategic development and ______
Answer: Strategy implementation

Question FBQ21 : ____defines strategic planning as a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future.
Answer: Aghedo (2010)

Question FBQ22 : _________theory is made up of motivator factors and hygiene factors
Answer: Herzberg two-factor

Question FBQ23 : ______theory is made up of physiological, safety or security, social affiliation, esteem and self- actualization needs),
Answer: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Question FBQ24 : Hornby (2006) defined __________as the process or stimulating the interest of people to do something
Answer: Motivation

Question FBQ25 : There are ______ steps in decision-making model.
Answer: Five

Question FBQ26 : _________is an organisation where some specialist functions have developed.
Answer: Functional Organisation Staff

Question FBQ27 : _______is the type of structure much pronounced in the military organisation where scalar principle is practiced.
Answer: Line organisation

Question FBQ28 : Koce (2009) defined__________ as the obligation (of managers) to pursue the policies, to make decisions, or to follow lines of action which are desirable in terms of objectives and values of our society.
Answer: Social responsibility

Question FBQ29 : ______states that disinterest in the formal economy reflects the status of Nigeria's policies and tax regime, which have long been deemed detrimental to the growth of viable enterprises.
Answer: Osalor (2008)

Question FBQ30 : _________is any act or performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything. Its production may or may not be tied to a physical product.
Answer: Service

Question FBQ31 : A high level of Literacy rate is a major condition in _____________marketing
Answer: Entrepreneurial

Question FBQ32 : Financial institutions are most often described as being ________ in nature.
Answer: Oligopolistic

Question FBQ33 : In _____ the marketer offers one product or uses one blend of marketing mix to serve the whole market.
Answer: Mass marketing

Question FBQ34 : ________aims at dividing a large heterogeneous market into homogenous groups or segments, and developing a marketing mix that will appeal directly and efficiently to buyers in each.
Answer: Target marketing

Question FBQ35 : In _______ segmentation consumers are grouped according to variables such as age, sex, marital status, income, education, occupation, race, religion.
Answer: Demographic

Question MCQ1 : Which alternative is not one the elements of the marketing mix (4Ps)?
Answer: People

Question MCQ2 : Advertising is mostly widely used form of _________in the marketing services
Answer: Promotion

Question MCQ3 : Pricing policies are the basic __________ on which sellers or provider of financial services base on their price
Answer: Philosophies

Question MCQ4 : Personal selling becomes very important when trying to develop a close relationship between the _______and ________
Answer: Buyers and sellers

Question MCQ5 : Production is not said to be complete until goods get to the final ___________
Answer: Consumers

Question MCQ6 : A firm that uses _____ policy sets a price only slightly higher than the cost of the product.
Answer: Penetration

Question MCQ7 : High interest s rate on deposits or reduction rates on loans and advances are good examples of pricing ___________
Answer: strategies

Question MCQ8 : The marketing concept rests on ______________pillars
Answer: Four

Question MCQ9 : In most organizations, __________ is an annual process, typically covering just the year ahead.
Answer: strategic planning

Question MCQ10 : _____________ must always come first before other activities
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ11 : Place strategies are concerned with ensuring the prompt delivery of the services to the ________
Answer: Target market

Question MCQ12 : An important element of distribution strategy for banks is ____________
Answer: site location

Question MCQ13 : ___________ are attracted through promises and are retained through satisfaction of expectations,
Answer: Customers

Question MCQ14 : ___________ described the emergence of services sector and banks experience in service marketing.
Answer: Gupta O 1997)

Question MCQ15 : _____________ Intelligence wings so as to remain innovative to ensure customer satisfaction and to keep abreast of market development.
Answer: Research and market

Question MCQ16 : _____________ described that marketer has to know that each and every country is having various marketing environment.
Answer: Iyanlla (2009)

Question MCQ17 : This is a big challenge before the Indian banks to enhance rural marketing to increase their__________
Answer: Customers

Question MCQ18 : Marketing strategy must be dynamic and _________ to meet the changing scenario
Answer: Flexible

Question MCQ19 : According ___________ the purpose of business is to create and keep customers as well as ensure cost effectiveness
Answer: Aigbirenmolen (2004)

Question MCQ20 : Ways of building relationship Marketing are _______________
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ21 : _______________is anything that has value and satisfies human wants.
Answer: Product

Question MCQ22 : Consumers can be induced to buy more through various sales _____________ device
Answer: Stimulating

Question MCQ23 : The business of selling and buying commodities (product and services) is called ________
Answer: Market

Question MCQ24 : New products are launched with the aims of attracting customers in a market and moreover to increase the level of _________in the market
Answer: sales

Question MCQ25 : Stages of new product development are these except ___________
Answer: Expertise

Question MCQ26 : __________ was of the opinion that "if you get the development process right, the national launch should be, you may feel, a mere formality"
Answer: White (1976)

Question MCQ27 : Opportunities for increasing new products success exist on _____________
Answer: Multiple levels

Question MCQ28 : The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is that of starting new businesses (referred to as __________
Answer: Start-up company

Question MCQ29 : ______________blamed cause of new product failures on "Corporate Egocentricity
Answer: Davidson (1979)

Question MCQ30 : The word entrepreneur originated from the French word, ________________
Answer: Entreprende

Question MCQ31 : An Entrepreneur has following characteristics they are ____________
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ32 : _____________defined an entrepreneur as a person who makes money by starting or running businesses, especially when this involves taking financial risks.
Answer: Hornby (2006)

Question MCQ33 : The concept of entrepreneurship has a wide range of meanings. It was first used in the early __________ by an Irish man by name Rechard Cantillon who was then living in France.
Answer: 18th century

Question MCQ34 : ___________ gave a complete picture in an indept study of a large sample of products which failed after commercial introduction.
Answer: Cooper( 1976)

Question MCQ35 : Marketing is the ________ , development and delivery of product and services that satisfy the needs and want of the customer
Answer: creation