Question MCQ1 : Ohaja (2009) posits that magazine like newspapers meet the ________ purpose of communication for their readers
Answer: Four –fold

Question MCQ2 : According to Anaeto et al (2009), there are _________ broad classifications of magazines
Answer: Three

Question MCQ3 : __________ magazines are targeted at the general public
Answer: Consumer

Question MCQ4 : Daramola (2003) describes _________ magazines as specialized magazines
Answer: Professional

Question MCQ5 : __________ magazines are called in-house publications
Answer: Company

Question MCQ6 : ___________ magazines deal with different issues that cut across people
Answer: General interest

Question MCQ7 : The magazines that carry news and significant issues and events are ________ magazines
Answer: News

Question MCQ8 : Ohaja (2004) avers that there are ________ requirements that a magazine article should meet to be classified as a good writing
Answer: Two

Question MCQ9 : According to Ebele (2003) the first quality of any good writing is _________
Answer: Economy

Question MCQ10 : The figure of speech that compares one thing to another is called ___________
Answer: Simile

Question MCQ11 : The figure of speech that compares one thing to another without the use of “like” or “äs” is ___________ 
Answer: Metaphor

Question MCQ12 :  The figure of speech that exaggerates an idea to stress a point is ___________ 
Answer: Hyperbole

Question MCQ13 :   __________ portrays ideas, inanimate objects or animals as having human qualities or abilities
Answer: Personification

Question MCQ14 : _________ things make a piece of writing elegant 
Answer: Four

Question MCQ15 :  Words or phrases that are so old and over used are ________
Answer: Cliches

Question MCQ16 :  __________ indicates the end of a declarative sentence
Answer: Full stop

Question MCQ17 :  A _________ sentence is one that is neither a question, a command or an exclamation
Answer: Declarative

Question MCQ18 : ____________ separates elements in dates, addresses and places
Answer: Comma

Question MCQ19 : Which punctuation mark is appropriate between place and publishers in a bibliography
Answer: Colon

Question MCQ20 :  The apostrophe has __________ main uses 
Answer: Three

Question MCQ21 :  The apostrophe has __________ main uses
Answer: Dash

Question MCQ22 : The apostrophe has __________ main usesMCQ21
Answer: Three

Question MCQ23 : Hyphen serves _________ main purposes
Answer: Two

Question MCQ24 : __________ is used to show a sudden shift in thought 
Answer: Dash

Question MCQ25 :  Use ________ to break a word at the end of a line
Answer: Hyphen

Question MCQ26 :  Affect” means “influence” while effect means __________
Answer: Cause

Question MCQ27 :  Complementary means ‘matching’ while ‘complimentary’ is __________
Answer: Free

Question MCQ28 :  The contents of __________ magazines are mainly pictures of events of all kinds
Answer: Picture

Question MCQ29 :  Areoye (2008) avers that there are _________ standard magazine sizes
Answer: Three

Question MCQ30 : The following are magazines sizes except ___________
Answer: Portrait

Question MCQ31 : _________ size magazine are very big and wide
Answer: Life size

Question MCQ32 : ________ types of magazines were outlined in the study material 
Answer: Twelve

Question MCQ33 :  _________ is a report beyond straight news
Answer: In-depth

Question MCQ34 : __________ focuses on analyzing a particular aspect of the total situation 
Answer: News analysis

Question MCQ35 : __________ concentrates on issues, problems or controversy
Answer: Interpretative report

Question MCQ36 : __________ reporting is concerned with uncovering hidden or suppressed facts behind a news event
Answer: Investigative

Question MCQ37 : _______ is the position of the magazine or newspaper on any given issue
Answer: Editorial

Question MCQ38 : The special kind of opinion article that appears regularly reflecting the opinion of the writer is _____________
Answer: Columns

Question MCQ39 :  __________ is basically, a sales message
Answer: Advertisement

Question MCQ40 : __________ concentrates on issues, problems or controversy
Answer: News analysis

Question MCQ41 :  The time and location in which a story takes place is
Answer: Setting

Question MCQ42 :  There are ________ essential parts of plot
Answer: Five

Question MCQ43 :  There are ________ types of conflict
Answer: Two

Question MCQ44 : Professionally, ________ is the process of recording events in pictorial form 
Answer: Photography

Question MCQ45 :  Pictures can be classified into __________ forms
Answer: Three

Question MCQ46 : ________ is when pictures are representative of objects 
Answer: Representation

Question MCQ47 :  Picture can be a form of ________ through which we communicate happenings, events and others 
Answer: Expression

Question MCQ48 : Basically, pictures perform ___________ functions 
Answer: Six

Question MCQ49 :  Osho (2007) outlined ____________ types of photographs
Answer: Eight

Question MCQ50 : A period lacking in news stories is referred to as ____________
Answer: Dry

Question QFB1 : Pictures that tell stories are _______ Pictures
Answer: Action

Question QFB2 : ___________ pictures are not arranged
Answer: Informal

Question QFB3 : ___________ are arranged pictures
Answer: Formal pictures

Question QFB4 : Pictures that are quarrelsome in nature are ___________________
Answer: Spontaneous Action pictures

Question QFB5 : ____________ pictures are meant to entertain readers in a newspaper or magazine
Answer: Dramatic

Question QFB6 : _____________ refers to a story told primarily through a series of photographs with captions of current events
Answer: Photorama

Question QFB7 : ________ is the account of an event through picture
Answer: Photo Journalism

Question QFB8 : Always ________ your caption to avoid confusion as to whether it is a recent or past picture
Answer: Date

Question QFB9 : The first step in picture editing is _____________
Answer: Cropping

Question QFB10 : The process of enlarging or reducing a photograph so that it will fit a desired space on the newspaper or magazine page is ______________
Answer: Scaling and Sizing

Question QFB11 : _________ means blowing, printing or running the picture off the edge of the page of the magazine
Answer: Bleeding

Question QFB12 : _______________ is a repository of knowledge
Answer: Library

Question QFB13 : __________ means cutting pictures for negative effect of the subject to excite attention
Answer: Slicing

Question QFB14 : The process of improving artwork especially photographs is ______________
Answer: Retouching

Question QFB15 : __________ is the changing of a direction of a picture
Answer: Flopping

Question QFB16 : According to Okoye (2006), interviews can be conducted in _________ ways
Answer: Three

Question QFB17 : A good feature writer will develop his own distinctive writing _________
Answer: Style

Question QFB18 : ___________ news is not always hot or fresh news
Answer: Feature

Question QFB19 : __________ simply means closeness in space and time
Answer: Proximity

Question QFB20 : News stories are generally written with a tight __________
Answer: Deadline

Question QFB21 : There are __________ major kinds of feature as outlined in the study material
Answer: Six

Question QFB22 : __________ has the advantage of focusing on the areas not usually covered or under covered by straight news
Answer: Feature

Question QFB23 : A good feature writer must unavoidably love the art of _______
Answer: Writing

Question QFB24 : The account of a trip to a place of interest is ____________
Answer: Travelogue

Question QFB25 : A _____________ is a periodical publication containing contributions by various writers
Answer: Magazine

Question QFB26 : The English word magazine originally denoted a ______________
Answer: Storehouse

Question QFB27 :

Drum magazine was established in the year ________________
Answer: 1960

Question QFB28 : Spear magazine was established in the year ______________
Answer: 1962

Question QFB29 : In the mid 1980s, _____________ magazine pioneered investigative Journalism
Answer: Newswatch

Question QFB30 : ____________ report usually focuses on why?
Answer: Interpretative

Question QFB31 : ____________ is the position of the magazine on any given issue
Answer: Editorial

Question QFB32 : The type of cartoons that comments on an issue, personality or current news event is ____________
Answer: Editorial cartoon

Question QFB33 : Figurative language according to Obiaku (1999) communicates by _____________
Answer: Analogy

Question QFB34 : The figure of speech that is reflected here: “the student is as proud as a peacock” is ______________________
Answer: Simile

Question QFB35 : The figure of speech that compares one thing to another without ‘like or as’ is _______________
Answer: Metaphor

Question QFB36 : The figure of speech used in this sentence; “that city is not just far but next to heaven”
Answer: Hyperbole

Question QFB37 : Four things make a piece of writing elegant. True or false ______________
Answer: True

Question QFB38 : A ____________ is used to mark an accepted abbreviation
Answer: Full stop

Question QFB39 : The __________ is the most common mark of punctuation

Question QFB40 : Use the _________ to introduce clarifying details
Answer: Colon

Question QFB41 : The apostrophe has ________ main uses
Answer: Three

Question QFB42 : A struggle with a force outside one’s self is _______________ struggle
Answer: External

Question QFB43 : __________ struggle is a struggle within one’s self
Answer: Internal

Question QFB44 : The angle from which the story is told is ________________ of view
Answer: Point

Question QFB45 : There are _______________ kinds of conflict in a work of fiction
Answer: Four

Question QFB46 : Apart from book review, ___________ other items can be reviewed
Answer: Three

Question QFB47 : ____________ are the beauty of a magazine
Answer: Pictures

Question QFB48 : Photo journalists are expected to take ___________ pictures that communicate even without caption
Answer: Action

Question QFB49 : Pictures taken as a situation warrants are ___________ pictures
Answer: Informal

Question QFB50 : Magazine generate revenue for the owner(s) mainly from ___________
Answer: Advertisement