Question FBQ1 : --------- is the process of sending out and receiving messages through the air by a scientific method called electromagnetic waves.
Answer: Broadcasting

Question FBQ2 : If what happens now is delayed and reported a few days after it has happened, it becomes ------------ news
Answer: Stale

Question FBQ3 : The two primary programme ___________ are studio and outside of studio
Answer: Locations

Question FBQ4 : The nature of the ___________ determines the location of programme production
Answer: Programme

Question FBQ5 : Radio is invented by Gugielmo __________
Answer: Marconi

Question FBQ6 : The period between 1953 to 1960 was and has been regarded as the -------- age of Television.
Answer: Golden

Question FBQ7 : A medium that blends pictures with sound to produce a communication experience exhibited on the screen is referred to as an ______ medium
Answer: audio-visual

Question FBQ8 : Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) was established in the year ____________
Answer: 1978

Question FBQ9 : Voice of Nigeria (VON) was set up in the year____________
Answer: 1990

Question FBQ10 : The Nigerian radio network that brands itself as the largest in Africa is __________
Answer: Radio Nigeria

Question FBQ11 : Broadcasting deregulated in Nigeria occurs in the year____________
Answer: 1992

Question FBQ12 : The studio equipment used for voice magnification is the ____________
Answer: Microphone

Question FBQ13 : The media content that provides accurate account of events of public interest is called ------------
Answer: News

Question FBQ14 : A written piece for radio is called ______
Answer: Bulletin

Question FBQ15 : A written piece for television is called ______
Answer: Script

Question FBQ16 : The three basic and broad purposes of broadcasting include: information, education and -----
Answer: Entertainment

Question FBQ17 : The mass medium that is considered the most effective for mobilization of rural dwellers for participation in a general election is ______________
Answer: Radio

Question FBQ18 : The ____________region pioneered television broadcasting in Nigeria?
Answer: Western

Question FBQ19 : The body that issues out licenses to broadcast outfits in Nigeria is ________
Answer: National Broadcasting Commission

Question FBQ20 : Lavaliere is an example of ________
Answer: Microphone

Question FBQ21 : Qualities or criteria that assist in deciding what to publish/broadcast or not is called ____________
Answer: News values

Question FBQ22 : A reporter’s assigned area of responsibility is called ________-
Answer: Beat

Question FBQ23 : ____ is the commonest audio-visual medium.
Answer: Television

Question FBQ24 : Presenters who give accounts of a series of events in a sequential and orderly manner are called -------
Answer: Narrators

Question FBQ25 : The ability to pronounce words distinctly and clearly is called -----
Answer: Diction

Question FBQ26 : All shots taken during programme production from which the director selects suitable ones for use during editing is technically called -----
Answer: Rushes

Question FBQ27 : The media content that is considered the commonest is the ___________
Answer: News

Question FBQ28 : The news value is based on the assumption that “all news sources are equal but some are more equal than others” is _______________
Answer: Prominence

Question FBQ29 : The news value emphasises that “the nearer the event, the more newsworthy it comes” is ____________
Answer: Proximity

Question FBQ30 : The news value that is based on the assumption that “the stronger the contrast between the points of view, the greater the impact and interest” is ___________
Answer: Conflict

Question FBQ31 : The relevance of a story to an audience’s life is called -------
Answer: Impact

Question FBQ32 : The ability of the news item to reach the people on time refers to ------
Answer: Timeliness

Question FBQ33 : The medium of mass communication that is the most ubiquitous is _______
Answer: Radio

Question FBQ34 : The _________ is the boss of a production project
Answer: producer

Question FBQ35 : The _____________ controls the studio once the director goes in the control room to start the production
Answer: floor manager

Question FBQ36 : _______ is the name of the room where the technical director stay
Answer: control room

Question FBQ37 : The ________ writes a TV script?
Answer: Scriptwriter

Question FBQ38 : A television document which gives detail description of the programme idea and comes up with the storyline is called the -------
Answer: master script

Question FBQ39 : In broadcast parlance, the full meaning of OBV is ______________
Answer: Outside Broadcast Van

Question FBQ40 : A journalist should not copy in whole or parts of other people's work without attribution and/or consent explains the ethical concern known as ____________
Answer: Plagiarism

Question FBQ41 : Broadcasting appeals mostly to our sense of ____________________
Answer: Hearing

Question FBQ42 : Broadcast messages that expose a person to hatred, ridicule or contempt constitute ________________
Answer: Defamation

Question FBQ43 : The law forbids broadcasting of any classified matter without government’s authorisation is ______________________
Answer: Official Secrets

Question FBQ44 :

Any broadcast piece that incites or causes discontent or rebellion against a government constitutes ----------
Answer: Sedition

Question FBQ45 : Defamation by writing is known as _______________
Answer: Libel

Question FBQ46 : Defamation by speaking is known as _______________
Answer: Slander

Question FBQ47 : The press is absolutely free in Nigeria. TRUE/FALSE ________________?
Answer: FALSE

Question FBQ48 : The press is absolutely free in America. TRUE/FALSE _______________?
Answer: FALSE

Question FBQ49 : Radio is a good example of an audio-visual medium. TRUE/FALSE _____________?
Answer: FALSE

Question FBQ50 : A television script must be written for the ear and not the eye. TRUE/FALSE ________________?
Answer: FALSE

Question MCQ1 : --------- is the process of sending out and receiving messages through the air using electromagnetic waves
Answer: Broadcasting

Question MCQ2 : One of these persons is not among the production team.
Answer: The general manager

Question MCQ3 : Another name production team is -----
Answer: technical crew

Question MCQ4 : One of these is a characteristic of broadcasting.
Answer: Life Span

Question MCQ5 : Broadcast messages are transformed into electronic signals in the -------
Answer: Studio

Question MCQ6 : One of the following is not a generic function of the broadcast media
Answer: News

Question MCQ7 : Initiating a programme could come from each of the following except:
Answer: Guesses

Question MCQ8 : Which of these is a major determinant of programme objectives?
Answer: Expectations of the station’s audience

Question MCQ9 : Every production in the broadcast medium is designed to satisfy three major interests. They include the following except:
Answer: Accommodate public opinion

Question MCQ10 : Inability to separate objects from their shadows cast in the background is as a result of -----------.
Answer: Poor lightening

Question MCQ11 : To allow performers free movement without obstruction, the space for performance should be ------------
Answer: Adequate

Question MCQ12 : Radio involves the process by which messages are sent through -----
Answer: electrical waves.

Question MCQ13 : Who invented the electric telegraph?
Answer: Samuel Morse

Question MCQ14 : The Greek word “tele” from which ‘television’ was derived stands for -------
Answer: Distance

Question MCQ15 : The last period in the development of television which spanned between 1948 and 1952 is commonly referred to as ……
Answer: The formative years

Question MCQ16 : Ability to combine sights and sound is an exclusive advantage of
Answer: Television

Question MCQ17 : In what year was the Radio Distribution System introduced in Nigeria?
Answer: 1933

Question MCQ18 : ------ is the transmission of open access signals from a radio or television source to receiving sets at home.
Answer: Broadcasting

Question MCQ19 : It transcends the boundaries of space and time, and also leaps across illiteracy barriers. Which of these media of mass communication is best described above?
Answer: Radio

Question MCQ20 : Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of radio?
Answer: Radio appeals to the eyes and other human faculties, particularly the imagination

Question MCQ21 : A bulletin is for radio, as ------ is for television.
Answer: Script

Question MCQ22 : What time is prime time in television scheduling in Nigeria?
Answer: 8pm-10pm

Question MCQ23 : Which of these is not television studio equipment?
Answer: mixing console

Question MCQ24 : When did radio actually make its debut in Nigeria?
Answer: December 1, 1935

Question MCQ25 : A television control room equipment include the following, except:
Answer: microphones

Question MCQ26 : Which medium of mass communication would you consider as the most glamorous?
Answer: Television

Question MCQ27 : If you are approached to prescribe one singular medium that is most effective for rural mobilization, what would your answer be?
Answer: Radio

Question MCQ28 : When was the Western Nigeria Broadcasting Service (WNBS) established?
Answer: October, 1959

Question MCQ29 : In what year was the Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting Service (ENBS) established?
Answer: 1960

Question MCQ30 : In what year was the Broadcasting Company of Northern Nigeria?
Answer: 1962

Question MCQ31 : One of these is not a Types of Outside Broadcast.
Answer: Distance broadcast

Question MCQ32 : In what year was the Nigerian Broadcasting Service (NBS) established?
Answer: 1950

Question MCQ33 : Which of these is not a type of script?
Answer: Mechanical script

Question MCQ34 : Where does the technical director stay?
Answer: Control room

Question MCQ35 : In what year was broadcasting deregulated in Nigeria?
Answer: 1992

Question MCQ36 : Writing for television is called ----
Answer: Scripting

Question MCQ37 : Which of these was not among the first set of radio and television stations to be issued with licence of operation in Nigeria?
Answer: Minaj System Television, Obosi

Question MCQ38 : Broadcasting is the process of sending out and receiving messages through the air by a scientific method called --------
Answer: electromagnetic waves

Question MCQ39 : The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) was established in what year?
Answer: 1978

Question MCQ 40 : Broadcasting in Nigeria began as an experiment by the --------------
Answer: BBC

Question MCQ 41 : Another name for monochrome cameras is ------
Answer: black-and-white cameras

Question MCQ 42 : Monochrome camera has how many pick-up tube to which lights from the lens are directed?
Answer: One

Question MCQ43 : One of these is not a basic type of studio lighting?
Answer: View lighting

Question MCQ44 : Which of these is not a type of microphone?
Answer: Impersonal microphone

Question MCQ45 : What studio equipment is used to regulate and modulate signals?
Answer: Console

Question MCQ46 : The two most important sections in radio productions are
Answer: Studio and control room

Question MCQ47 : Qualities or criteria that assist in deciding what to publish/broadcast or not is called --------------
Answer: News values

Question MCQ48 : Persons whose major work is to entertain the station’s audience by playing music of various classes and forms at the station is called _____
Answer: Disc Jockey

Question MCQ49 : Another name for an anchor man in broadcast announcing is ------------
Answer: Moderator

Question MCQ50 : Presenters who give accounts of a series of events in a sequential and orderly manner are called -------.
Answer: Narrators