Question FBQ1 : When caliph Umar was about to die he kept the compiled copy of the Qur'an in the custody of his daughter named ____
Answer: Hafsah

Question FBQ2 : Al-Hudah as another name of Al-Qur'an means ____
Answer: Guidance

Question FBQ3 : The Christian monk that predicted the prophethood of Muhammad was ____
Answer: Waraqah bn Nawfal

Question FBQ4 : The Qur'an contains ____ hizbs
Answer: 60

Question FBQ5 : The night during which the revelation of the Qur'an started is called ____
Answer: Laylatul qadri

Question FBQ6 : Prophet Muhammad was said to have been sent as a mercy to ____
Answer: The world

Question FBQ7 : The Arabic term for the commentary on the Qur'an is ____
Answer: Tafsir

Question FBQ8 : The term for the type of commentary on the Qur'an which is based on personal view is ____
Answer: Tafsir bir-ra'y

Question FBQ9 : The act of reciting the Qur'an from time to time for the purpose ibaadah is known as ____
Answer: Tilawah

Question FBQ10 : The Qur’anic name for the revelations given to Prophet Musa is ____
Answer: At-Taorah

Question FBQ11 : Umar bn al-Khattab got converted to Islam having listening to the recitation of Suratul - ____
Answer: Taha

Question FBQ12 : One major feature of Madinan Surahs is that they are more often ____ than Makkan Surahs
Answer: Longer

Question FBQ13 : The only chapter of the Qur'an which does not open with Bismillahi Rahmanir-Raheem is Chapter ____
Answer: 9

Question FBQ14 : The first revelation to Prophet Muhammad was contained in verses 1-5 of Suratul- ____
Answer: Alaq

Question FBQ15 : 113 out of the 114 chapters in the Qur'an open with Bismillah Rahmanir Raheem, therefore, the Qur'an contains ____ Bismillah Rahmanir Raheem
Answer: 114

Question FBQ16 : Surat ‘Abasa was revealed as a result of ____ who came to the prophet seeking guidance
Answer: A blind man

Question FBQ17 : The subject matter of the Qur’an 17:23 is about doing good to ____
Answer: Parent

Question FBQ18 : When we talk about Sababu’n - Nuzul of a verse we mean ____
Answer: Cause of revelation

Question FBQ19 : Suratul Kawthar was revealed on the occasion of the death of the ____ of the Prophet
Answer: Son

Question FBQ20 : The lead scribe who assisted the Prophet in writing the Qur'an during its revelation was ____
Answer: Zaid bn Thabit

Question FBQ21 : The first battle where many memorizers of the Quran lost their lives was against the apostates whose leader was ____ the lier
Answer: Musailimah

Question FBQ22 : The main theme of the first revelation received by Muhammad stressed the importance of ____
Answer: Education

Question FBQ23 : The chapters of the Qur'an revealed to Muhammad while he was still in Makkah are called ____ surahs
Answer: Makkan

Question FBQ24 : The term Ulumu’l-Qur’an means ____
Answer: The sciences of the Qur'an

Question FBQ25 : Chapter 104 is called Suratu `l-Fil because it narrates the story of the ____
Answer: People of the elephant

Question FBQ26 : The standard edition of the Qur’an produced by the committee set up by caliph Uthman has since then been known as the ____ edition
Answer: Uthmanic

Question FBQ27 : When Abubakr saw that death was imminent he kept the compiled Qur’an in the custody of ____
Answer: Umar bn al-Khattab

Question FBQ28 : One basic quality of Mufassir is the working knowledge of ____ language
Answer: Arabic

Question FBQ29 : The Arabic term for narratives or stories as used in the Quran is ____
Answer: Qasas

Question FBQ30 : The name al-Quran simply means ____
Answer: A book to be read

Question FBQ31 : The event of the elephant which coincided with the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is narrated in Suratul- ____ of the Qur’an
Answer: Fil

Question FBQ32 : In view of his deep knowledge of the Qur’an, ____ is known as Tarjumanu’l-Qur’an
Answer: Abdullah bn Abbas

Question FBQ33 : The gathering in which Muslims listen to explanations of the Qur'an during the month of Ramadhan is called ____
Answer: Tafsir

Question FBQ34 : At the farewell sermon of the Prophet he exhorted the Muslims to hold tight to ____
Answer: Qur'an and Sunnah

Question FBQ35 : The expression al-maghdub alayhim which is mentioned in Suratul Fatiha refers to the ____
Answer: Jews

Question MCQ1 : Choose the phrase that best completes the part of Q2:38 which says: “We said: get ye down all from here and surely there will come to you…….”
Answer: Guidance from Me

Question MCQ2 : Wahy in Q.42:51 connotes
Answer: Revelation

Question MCQ3 : One of the meanings of Veil in the context of the passage is…
Answer: Vision

Question MCQ4 : The Messenger sent by Allah to His Prophets was
Answer: Angel Jibril

Question MCQ5 : The well-known Sahabi sent to Yemen to preach Islam and teach the Qur’ân was
Answer: Mu ‘âdh ibn Jabal

Question MCQ6 : From the Islamic point of view revelation is
Answer: Granted as a divine gift

Question MCQ7 : The revelations received by the Messengers contained...
Answer: Giving good tidings and warning

Question MCQ8 : When revelations were coming to him the Prophet used to hear sound like..
Answer: Ringing of bell

Question MCQ9 : The revelation of the Quran began on
Answer: Laylatu `l-Qadr

Question MCQ10 : The name of the lady who covered the Prophet with cloth when he got home frightened after his encounter with Angel Jibril is
Answer: Khadijah

Question MCQ11 : The personal secretary to Prophet Muhammad during his life time was ------
Answer: Zaid b. Thabit

Question MCQ12 : The standardized copy of the Quran which we are using to date is called
Answer: Uthmanic edition

Question MCQ13 : The Quran, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) contains divine guidance for the ---------
Answer: Whole of mankind

Question MCQ14 : ______contains the salient messages of all other revealed books
Answer: Quran 

Question MCQ15 : In the Islamic terminology, all the following words relate to explanation of the Quran except__________
Answer: Tajwid

Question MCQ16 : The following are various types of Tafsir except ________________
Answer: Tafsir bi-Bayan

Question MCQ17 : Qur'an 3:173 enjoins ______ in Allah
Answer: Tawakkul

Question MCQ18 : Dhimmi is a _____ residing in an Islamic state
Answer: Non – Muslim

Question MCQ19 : In the Qur’an Child is permitted to disobey his parents if they urged him to engage in _____
Answer: Shirk

Question MCQ20 : Qur'an 4:59 says Obey Allah, and obey the messenger, and those charged with ______ among you
Answer: Authority

Question MCQ21 : Harmonization of the Quranic verses was done during the reign of __________
Answer: Caliph Uthman

Question MCQ22 : ________________ led to the compilation of the Holy Quran
Answer: The death of the memorizers

Question MCQ23 : Surah technically means
Answer: Chapter

Question MCQ24 : There are __________ hizbs in the Quran
Answer: 60

Question MCQ25 : All the following are divisions of the Quran except -------
Answer: Jam’u

Question MCQ26 : One of the following is not among the old manuscripts of the Quran –
Answer: The Jeddah manuscript

Question MCQ27 : All the following companions played various roles in the emergence of Quran except ---------
Answer: Waraqah b. Nawfal

Question MCQ28 : The cleric who explains the message of the Qur’an is called………
Answer: Mufassir

Question MCQ29 : ____________ provided the needed cover for the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) after his first encounter with the Angel at the cave of Hira
Answer: Khadijah

Question MCQ30 : The first original copy of the Quran written on the various objects were collected and kept in the custody of ---------
Answer: Hafsah

Question MCQ31 : Who was Waraqah b. Nawfal?
Answer: Christian Monk

Question MCQ32 : Writing materials used in recording the Qur’an in its early stages included all the following except _____________
Answer: Papers

Question MCQ33 : ____ of other books revealed before the Qur’an is an evidence of the authenticity of the Qur’an
Answer: The continuation

Question MCQ34 : The only means by which Allah spoke to man was through…
Answer: Revelation

Question MCQ35 : The Command that the Prophet Muhammad should go out to preach is contained in
Answer: Suratu `l-Mudatththir (Chapter 74)