Question FBQ1 : The problem of definition of international system is in part due to the origin of the ___________ of the discipline
Answer: Study

Question FBQ2 : ______________ describes international behaviour as relations between individuals belonging to different states
Answer: Nicholas J. Spykman

Question FBQ3 : The catastrophic effect of the ________ stimulated interest in the study of international relations
Answer: World War 1

Question FBQ4 : Idealists belief that war is not inevitable and can be eliminated by doing away with those _______________ that encourage them
Answer: Institutions

Question FBQ5 : Three different idealists ideas dominated both academic discussion and ______________ rhetoric after the First World War
Answer: Policy

Question FBQ6 : The founding of ______________ was conceived as an instrument that would eliminate war once and for all
Answer: League of Nations

Question FBQ7 : ___________ of weapons of war is a means of achieving world peace
Answer: Elimination

Question FBQ8 : The outbreak of the Second World War led to wide debate, criticism and rejection of _______________ Paradigms
Answer: Idealist

Question FBQ9 : A new political movement called Political ____________ came up to challenge the Idealists
Answer: Realism

Question FBQ10 : The realists posited that states which neglected to strive for power, actually ______________ war
Answer: Invited

Question FBQ11 : The theoretical and ____________ problems associated with the realists gave rise to behaviouralism study of political science
Answer: Methodological

Question FBQ12 : As a field of study international relations does not have a single approach for ___ the word
Answer: Interpreting

Question FBQ13 : Political economy emphasizes the interaction between economic and _____________ forces
Answer: Political

Question FBQ14 : International relation analysts in their analogy states that global system can be linked to______________ system
Answer: Biological

Question FBQ15 : The contemporary international system has units, and states which are in ___
Answer: Constant interactions

Question FBQ16 : The international system unlike the ____ system is voluntary
Answer: Biological

Question FBQ17 : __ of a biological system are more closely knit and coherent than their counter parts in the international system
Answer: Sub-system

Question FBQ18 : Contemporary stats system dates back to the treaty of Westphalia and the independence of units in the _______
Answer: Holy Roman Empire

Question FBQ19 : A basic feature of the current international system which remained unaltered since 1648 is that it is highly ________________
Answer: Decentralized

Question FBQ20 : The Medieval ____________ system was characterized by series of internecine ethnic, religious, political and ideological wars
Answer: European

Question FBQ21 : By the 15th century the__ system had developed under clearly circular rulers
Answer: Italian City-States

Question FBQ22 : The outbreak of Second World War led to the establishment of ___________ in 1945
Answer: United Nations Organisation

Question FBQ23 : The America president that contributed to the formation of League of Nation is Woodrow Wilson. True or False _____________
Answer: True

Question FBQ24 : _________________ are the most important actors in the international system
Answer: States

Question FBQ25 : The role of multinational Corporations as ___________ in the international Politics is complex
Answer: Actors

Question FBQ26 : States establish various organisational structures and functional _______________ to create and carry out foreign policies
Answer: Relationship

Question FBQ27 : Foreign policy process refers to the process of ________________
Answer: Decision making

Question FBQ28 : Decision making is a steering process in which adjustments are made as a result of ______________ from outside world
Answer: Feed back

Question FBQ29 : One factor shaping foreign policy outcome is domestic _______________
Answer: Politics

Question FBQ30 : National interest means different things to ___ people
Answer: Different

Question FBQ31 : Foreign policy of every country is at all times presumably designed to promote her ___________________
Answer: National interest

Question FBQ32 : Core or vital interests according to Harman are essentially _____________
Answer: Conservative

Question FBQ33 : There is a direct correlation between the ___________ of a state and its interest 
Answer: Power

Question FBQ34 : States have to order their interest ____ because resources available to states are finite
Answer: Hierarchically

Question FBQ35 : Power is the sum total of a country’s ___
Answer: Capabilities

Question MCQ1 : The multifaceted __ of power make hard to be precisely described or measured
Answer: Characteristics

Question MCQ2 : Power does not exist in ___
Answer: Vacuum

Question MCQ3 : By themselves __ power assets are not enough to create a powerful global presure
Answer: Substantial

Question MCQ4 : The theory of balance power argues that __occurs regularly and maintains the stability of the international system
Answer: Counter balancing

Question MCQ5 : __ plays a key role in balance power
Answer: Alliance

Question MCQ6 : National power is the sum of country’s __ to successfully implement its foreign policy
Answer: Capabilities

Question MCQ7 : As a result of its vastness and complexity, the international system is problematic, chaotic and __
Answer: Anarchical

Question MCQ8 : A convention is an agreement creating binding__ between subjects of international law
Answer: Obligations

Question MCQ9 : __ has been the main instrument of conducting international relations
Answer: Treaties

Question MCQ10 : Collective security approach is a method for trying to achieve __ security in the international system
Answer: Regional

Question MCQ11 : Although the __ is currently the sole super power, power patterns in the international system are constantly changing and shifting
Answer: United States

Question MCQ12 : ___ is the force shaping power distribution in world politics today
Answer: Globalization

Question MCQ13 : In parts developing world, globalization is viewed as yet another brand of Western __ imperialism
Answer: Cultural

Question MCQ14 : To some extent, globalization is
Answer: Ancient

Question MCQ15 : Political Globalization is characterized by __ by United States and its political institutions
Answer: Domination

Question MCQ16 : A web of international __ of various sizes and types now connects people in all countries
Answer: Organizations

Question MCQ17 : There are nearly __ intergovernmental organizations performing wide variety of functions
Answer: 300

Question MCQ18 : The intellectual roots of international organization extends back into the early global concept of __ humanity
Answer: Common

Question MCQ19 : United Nations Structure centres on the __
Answer: General Assembly

Question MCQ20 : A major strength of the UN structure is the __ of its membership
Answer: Universality

Question MCQ21 : The UN Security Council is made up of five great powers and __ rotating members
Answer: Ten

Question MCQ22 : The UN secretariat is led by the __ general of the organisation
Answer: Secretary

Question MCQ23 : All member states of the UN have __ vote in the General Assembly
Answer: Voice and a vote

Question MCQ24 : In international system a region is an area embracing the __ of three or more states
Answer: Boundaries

Question MCQ25 : A regional arrangement may be primarily a ___ alliance
Answer: Military

Question MCQ26 : __ is the usual means of bringing an arrangement into being
Answer: Pact

Question MCQ27 : Proponents of regional arrangements naturally insists that they are necessary steps in collective___
Answer: Self-defence

Question MCQ28 : __ is the most highly developed bloc in the world
Answer: European Union

Question MCQ29 : The expansion of the European Union started in __
Answer: 2004

Question MCQ30 : As a __ the European Union cannot easily perform broker or moderate roles
Answer: Bloc Actor

Question MCQ31 : The balance of European Union diplomatic efforts tends to be shifted to __ negotiation
Answer: Intra-block

Question MCQ32 : The EU’s presence has not led to counter-block but is being___
Answer: Imitated

Question MCQ33 : ___ has been a recurrent phenomenon in the international system throughout human history
Answer: War

Question MCQ34 : Much of international relations is concerned with conflict, its __ and its resolution
Answer: Management

Question MCQ35 : There are ___ main sources of international law
Answer: Three