Question FBQ1 : African literature has a(n) ----------- beginning
Answer: Oral

Question FBQ2 : One major problem of African fiction is ------------
Answer: Categorization

Question FBQ3 : African novelists who wrote in colonial and immediate postcolonial era remained -------- to majority of the African people
Answer: Inaccessible

Question FBQ4 : Traditional African ----------- chronicled community history
Answer: Griots

Question FBQ5 : Onitsha Market Literature seized to exist in ----------
Answer: 1975

Question FBQ6 : African novels set in both rural and urban environments include Buchi Emecheta’s ----------
Answer: The Joys of Motherhood

Question FBQ7 : Popular African novels that attempt to correct the distorted picture painted of African personality by Europeans include -------- by Chinua Achebe
Answer: Things Fall Apart

Question FBQ8 : Ezeulu in Arrow of God sends his son ------ to the whiteman’s church to acquire their power
Answer: Oduche

Question FBQ9 : In A Man of the people, ------------- represents the breed of old politicians
Answer: Chief Nanga

Question FBQ10 : In Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah, Bassa is the capital of ----------
Answer: Kangan

Question FBQ11 : In Anthills of the Savannah, Chris served as -------------- under the military President Sam
Answer: Commissioner for Information

Question FBQ12 : Ikem was Editor of ------------ the government newspaper in Anthills of the Savannah
Answer: National Gazette

Question FBQ13 : In Festus Iyayi’s Violence ------- is the protagonist
Answer: Idemudia

Question FBQ14 : Class discrimination is seen even in dispensation of ------------ in Iyayi’s Violence
Answer: Healthcare

Question FBQ15 : For Iyayi, capitalism is ---------- and violence must be answered with violence
Answer: Violence

Question FBQ16 : The protagonist in Kill Me Quick by Meja Mwangi is --------------
Answer: Meja

Question FBQ17 : The novel The Beggars Strike is written by --------------
Answer: Aminata Sow Fall

Question FBQ18 : Devil on the Cross is a novel written by ------------------------
Answer: Ngugi wa Thiongo

Question FBQ19 : Novels which attack the imbalance in politics and economy of African societies are ----------
Answer: Marxist inclined

Question FBQ20 : Writers of the new novels in Africa unlike early Chinua Achebe, Soyinka, Camara Laye, while reshaping Africa’s distorted history, culture and civilization, do not ------------ them
Answer: Idealize

Question FBQ21 : ---------- the protagonist in Purple Hibiscus acknowledges Amaka’s potentials for the future.
Answer: Kambili

Question FBQ22 : Military rule in Nigeria and the regime of -------- is also satirized in Purple Hibiscus
Answer: General Sani Abacha

Question FBQ23 : Rebeka Njau in The Sacred Seed through the African-American ------- preaches reparation
Answer: Ellen

Question FBQ24 : The protagonist in The Sacred Seed, an exposition of patriarchal political dominance in Kenya is --------------
Answer: Tesa

Question FBQ25 : Which is not a character in Kaine Agary’s Yellow Yellow: Sisi, Sergio, Zuma, Lolo,
Answer: Zuma

Question FBQ26 : Kaine Agary’s Yellow Yellow is set in ------- of Nigeria
Answer: Delta Region

Question FBQ27 : The Last Duty is a war novel written by ------------
Answer: Isidore Okpewho

Question FBQ28 : The technical style of narration adopted by the writer of The Last Duty is ------------
Answer: collective evidence

Question FBQ29 : Out of Chief Toje, Oshevire, Kambili, Aku, only --------- is not a character in The Last Duty.
Answer: Kambili

Question FBQ30 : The author of the comic tale, Burma Boy is ----------
Answer: Biyi Bandele

Question FBQ31 : Which of Major Ali, Ali Banana and Sergeant Damisa is not a character in Burma Boy?
Answer: Major Ali

Question FBQ32 : The two heroes in Burma Boy are Sergeant Damisa and ------------
Answer: Wingate

Question FBQ33 : The protagonist in Burma Boy is 14-year old ------------
Answer: Ali Banana

Question FBQ34 : Negritude was criticized for adulation of ------------
Answer: Blackness

Question FBQ35 : Houseboy is the story about ------------- a boy who flees his father’s brutality to become a houseboy of a priest
Answer: Toundi Joseph

Question FBQ36 : Characters in Houseboy do not include Father Gilbert, Mendim, El Hadji and M. Moreau
Answer: El Hadji

Question FBQ37 : The writer of Houseboy is ----------
Answer: Ferdinand Oyono

Question FBQ38 : Houseboy is structured like a ------------
Answer: Diary

Question FBQ39 : Xala is set in ---------- the capital of Senegal
Answer: Dakar

Question FBQ40 : Xala is about the wide gap created by western education among Africans. El Hadji represents the ----------
Answer: Educated

Question FBQ41 : Maghrebian literature is the literature of three countries namely, Algeria, Tunisia, and -------
Answer: Morocco

Question FBQ42 : ‘Maghreb’ is Arabic word for -------
Answer: Morocco

Question FBQ43 : -------------- wrote Le Passe simple or The Simple Past which was published in 1954
Answer: Driss Charaibi

Question FBQ44 : The protagonist in The Simple Past is ------------
Answer: Driss Ferdi

Question FBQ45 : A strange phenomenon called ---------- addresses the protagonist in The Simple Past.
Answer: Thin Line

Question FBQ46 : The author of In the Country of Men is ---------------------
Answer: Hisham Matar

Question FBQ47 : --------------- is the narrator of In the Country of Men
Answer: Suleiman

Question FBQ48 : -------------- is the author of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits
Answer: Laila Lalami

Question FBQ49 : Faten, Murad, Aziz and Halima are characters in Hope and Other --------
Answer: Dangerous Pursuits

Question FBQ50 : In the Country of Men is set in ---------------
Answer: Libya

Question MCQ1 : The major problems of classification that confront the African novel are those of ____and______
Answer: Identification and definition

Question MCQ2 : The African novel is reputed to have ____ideological dispositions that trail its identity.
Answer: various

Question MCQ3 : African novelists often made oral tradition and legends their _______
Answer: Springboard

Question MCQ4 : Traditionally, Africans do not radically separate art from______
Answer: Singing

Question MCQ5 : The African novel unlike its English counterpart was popular for advancing_______
Answer: Subjects relevant to traditional and modern African values

Question MCQ6 : In Festus Iyayi’s Violence the capitalist Nigerian employer is represented by____
Answer: Queen Obofun

Question MCQ7 : Meja Mwangi’s Kill Me Quick is set in _______
Answer: Kenya

Question MCQ8 : Marxist attacks on the political anomalies of post-independence African states are spearheaded by writers like Ngugi wa Thiongo in _________
Answer: Devil on the Cross

Question MCQ9 : Debo Kotun’s novel _______ reconstructs the Yoruba myth to depict how the military rulers have ravaged and devalued Nigeria.
Answer: Abiku

Question MCQ10 : Debo Kotun experiments with fusing history into fiction as he weaves the story making subtle references to Africa’s ______ rulers
Answer: military

Question MCQ11 : Mariama Ba is calling on women to take responsibility for their lives but ______ believes a woman is worth anything if she becomes a mother
Answer: Buchi Emecheta

Question MCQ12 : Okpewho’s _________ presents the experiences of actors in Nigeria’s Civil War
Answer: The Last Duty

Question MCQ13 : Lusophone African fiction comprises fiction from ____ former colonies
Answer: Portugal’s

Question MCQ14 : Lusophone literature does not include those from _____
Answer: Senegal

Question MCQ15 : The cultural placements of women in Senegal are revealed in ___ by Sembene Ousmane
Answer: God’s Bits of Woods

Question MCQ16 : In ‘So Long a Letter’ ____presents the ill-treatment of women in the Senegalese society
Answer: Mariama Ba

Question MCQ17 : In Festus Iyayi’s Violence, the hero ________and his friends lay bare the plight of the Nigerian worker
Answer: Idemudia

Question MCQ18 : Depriving the natives of their land led to resistance against the whites in Kenya as depicted in ____ by Ngugi
Answer: A Grain of Wheat

Question MCQ19 : _______ was associated with struggle for freedom in Kenya
Answer: Mau Mau

Question MCQ20 : The protagonist in Ngugi’s Weep Not Child is _________
Answer: The young boy Njoroge

Question MCQ21 : In A Man of the People, Odili represents the young politicians while_____ represents the old generation of politicians
Answer: Chief Nanga

Question MCQ22 : Anthills of the Savannah is set in _________
Answer: Kangan

Question MCQ23 : The President of the country where Anthills of the Savannah is set is ______
Answer: Sam

Question MCQ24 : The plight of the new independent government in Anthills… is that the rulers soon _____
Answer: Distanced themselves from the people

Question MCQ25 : Petals of Blood is about anti-colonial disillusionment of ______ after Uhuru .
Answer: Kenyans

Question MCQ26 : The story in Petals of Blood is set in ______, a small remote village
Answer: Ilmorog

Question MCQ27 : The major characters in Petals of Blood include the following except _________
Answer: Ihuoma

Question MCQ28 : The arch-rival of Ezeulu in Arrow of God is _____ the Chief Priest of Idemili
Answer: Nwaka

Question MCQ29 : Ezeulu is the Chief Priest of ____ the god of Umuaro
Answer: Ulu

Question MCQ30 : South African novels until recently presented a society caught in the throes of the evil called apartheid as exemplified in Peter Abraham’s __________
Answer: Tell Freedom

Question MCQ31 : Post-Independence African novelists embraced _______ to attack indigenous politicians and their misplacement of values in governance
Answer: Satire

Question MCQ32 : After Independence, African novelists were concerned about how the politicians dwelt in bribery and corruption as Ayi Kwei Armah depicted in ______
Answer: The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born

Question MCQ33 : An African rural novel is _____ written by Elechi Amadi who died this year at 97yrs
Answer: The Concubine

Question MCQ34 : The negative impact of colonialism on rural life in Africa is best depicted in Chinua Achebe’s ________
Answer: Things Fall Apart

Question MCQ35 : Colonial masters in Africa started developing urban settlements propping up negative vices such as prostitution, a major subject in the novel _____________
Answer: Jagua Nana

Question MCQ36 : The urbanization that came as colonialists were settling in Africa led to the writing of novels that depicted city life. ________was popular for writing ‘city novels’
Answer: Cyprian Ekwensi

Question MCQ37 : In African literature pamphleteering was associated with _________
Answer: Market literature

Question MCQ38 : Early African novelists include all but one of the following
Answer: Chimamanda Adichie

Question MCQ39 : Early African novelists started the writing of African ______ as literature
Answer: orature

Question MCQ40 : Epic narratives are among the earliest forms of legendary fictions in Africa. Which of the following is not an example of them?
Answer: Origin of Ulu in Arrow of God

Question MCQ41 : Amos Tutuola’s ________ is an embodiment of African orature in the written form
Answer: The Palmwine Drinkard

Question MCQ42 : _______ are animal stories which theme and structure have been largely adopted by writers of African novels
Answer: Fables

Question MCQ43 : Stories about those who founded a community are called _________
Answer: legends

Question MCQ44 : Myths are stories of ______________
Answer: Origin/creation

Question MCQ45 : African oral narrative forms has three genres namely:
Answer: What is sung, what is spoken, what is acted

Question MCQ46 : Oral tradition of story-telling is one of the ways of ________
Answer: transmitting African value systems into the coming generations

Question MCQ47 : Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is an example of ________
Answer: None of these

Question MCQ48 : Mister Johnson by Joyce Cary is an example of _________
Answer: African fiction by Non Africans

Question MCQ49 : In defining what constitutes African fiction which of the following is totally unacceptable into the categorization?
Answer: None of these

Question MCQ50 : The major disadvantage of writing African fiction in native dialects is that _______
Answer: the works are limited in accessibility