Question QFB1 : ____________ is important to the continued socio-economic survival of any people
Answer: Security

Question QFB2 : The Greek word ‘se-cura’ means _______?
Answer: Security

Question QFB3 : ___________ is provided to guarantee a set of vital rights and freedom to all people
Answer: Human Security

Question QFB4 : The concept ‘security’ developed mostly after the ________________
Answer: World War II

Question QFB5 : Theft, vandalism, sabotage, unauthorized entry, fire constitute threat to ____________________ security
Answer: Physical

Question QFB6 : ________ security is a means of protecting information systems from any illegitimate access and use
Answer: Information

Question QFB7 : The security of hardware and its components is also essential for overall _______________
Answer: Data protection

Question QFB8 : ___________ comprises actors that provide security for people andproperty under contract and for profit
Answer: Private security industry

Question QFB9 : ___________ views physical security as a board grouping
Answer: Howe (1998)

Question QFB10 : Fire, windstorm, flood, earthquake etc. are examples of _____________ hazards
Answer: Natural

Question QFB11 : ___________ is anyone who, not being national of the state against whose actions are directed
Answer: Mercenary

Question QFB12 : ___________ system is the combination of propriety management and contractual line services.
Answer: Hybrid

Question QFB13 : _____________ is now the second largest money-spinner in Nigeria
Answer: Security

Question QFB14 : NISCO means _________________
Answer: Nigeria Investigation and Security Company

Question QFB15 : The first private security outfit providing uniformed guards in Nigeria emerged in ____________?
Answer: 1965

Question QFB16 : Halogen security is an example of ____________?
Answer: Private Security

Question QFB17 : ______________ is organised along the capitalist mode of production
Answer: Private Sector

Question QFB18 : _____________ security industries have often been accused of supplying weapons to African countries
Answer: Private

Question QFB19 : A lot of private properties were acquired by individuals and privateOrganizations in the _______________?
Answer: 1970s

Question QFB20 : The numbers of Police and population ratio in Nigeria is __________?
Answer: 1:400

Question QFB21 : ___________ refers to the security departments that exist within businesses or corporations
Answer: Corporate Security

Question QFB22 : Private Guards Companies Act Cap 367 came into existence in ___________
Answer: 1986

Question QFB23 : Private Guards Companies Act Cap 367 is the Act that regulates the licensing of Private Security Companies (PSC) in Nigeria. True or false __________________
Answer: True

Question QFB24 : Section 1 subsection (1) and (2) of the Private Guard Companies Act contains the stipulated requirement for the licensing of Private Guard Companies in Nigeria. True or false _______________
Answer: True

Question QFB25 : The last quarter of this century is characterised by a widespread outsourcing of _______________
Answer: Policing Activities

Question QFB26 : The traditional legal powers that apply to ‘policing’ are becoming _________________
Answer: Out-dated

Question QFB27 : ______________ option is the most common option for private guards
Answer: Do nothing

Question QFB28 : __________ controls and administers the activities of Private Guards Companies in Nigeria
Answer: Ministry of Interior

Question QFB29 : The full meaning of NSCDC is _______________
Answer: National Security and Civil Defence Corps

Question QFB30 : Private security service is typically provided to clients for a ______________?
Answer: Fee

Question QFB31 : ______________ is the process of structuring human and physical resources in order to accomplish organizational objective
Answer: Organizing

Question QFB32 : __________ unauthorized recording of a musical broadcast on radio, television or a live concert
Answer: Bootlegging

Question QFB33 : ___________ describes the command structure and responsibilities of officers of a limited-service security firm.
Answer: Organisational Structure

Question QFB34 : _____________ structure of the private guard is determined by the company they work for
Answer: Wage

Question QFB35 : ___________ is the bedrock of the Administrative department
Answer: Coordination

Question QFB36 : ___________ plays a vital role in a security firm’s efficient operation
Answer: Human resources department

Question QFB37 : Recording financial transactions, preparing and interpreting financial statements are among the traditional roles of ____________?
Answer: Accounting Department

Question QFB38 : ____________ department carries the core responsibility of a security firm
Answer: Operations

Question QFB39 : ______________ are the primary functions of subordinate staff
Answer: Clerical and cleaning jobs

Question QFB40 : Nigerian business organisations picked up on the ‘quality circle concept’ in the _______________?
Answer: Mid-1990s

Question QFB41 : _____________ consists of a series of relationships from the highest position in the organization to the lowest.
Answer: Chain of command

Question QFB42 : _____________ has become a more frequent style of operation in security management
Answer: Decentralization

Question QFB43 : NCC means ____________
Answer: Nigeria Copyright Commission

Question QFB44 : _____________ is the most important strength of a functional organization
Answer: Efficiency

Question QFB45 : ____________ is the retention of decision-making authority by ahigh-level manager
Answer: Centralization

Question QFB46 : The _____________ has monopoly and the legitimate use of force
Answer: State

Question QFB47 : NDDC means _____________________
Answer: Niger Delta Development Commission

Question QFB48 : Private Guards Act of 1986 prohibits private security companies from carrying ________________________
Answer: Firearms

Question QFB49 : _______________ Security is often regarded as internal security
Answer: Homeland

Question QFB50 : EFCC means ____________?
Answer: Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

Question QMC1 : Private security training has been of central concern to ___________

Question QMC2 : APSPN means ____________________

Question QMC3 : Handgun, handcuffs, flashlight, handcuff keys, pepper spray etc. are the basic equipment usually carried by __________?

Question QMC4 : __________ is one of the security equipment that are highly restricted by law

Question QMC5 : Analogue and Digital Recorders, Phone Recorders, Dictation Pens, Watch Recorders, Audio Device Accessories are examples of ____________

Question QMC6 : ____________ have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest

Question QMC7 : _________ tends to diminish theft, employee misconduct andsafety rule violation, property damage, sabotage etc.

Question QMC8 : ____________ is usually an important part of a security officer’s duties

Question QMC9 : ____________ is the responsibility involving the protection of properties of a company

Question QMC10 : __________ are principally concerned with the protection and conservation of corporate assets and resources

Question QMC11 : ______ is an exhaustive physical examination of the premises and a thorough inspection of all operational systems and procedure

Question QMC12 : ___________ is a rational and orderly approach, as well as comprehensive solution to problem identification and probability determination.

Question QMC13 : ___________ is done to make the task of risk analysis more manageable by establishing a base from which to proceed

Question QMC14 : ____________ are used to facilitate the gathering of pertinent information

Question QMC15 : ______ is the primary vehicle used in security assessment

Question QMC16 : CCTV means ______

Question QMC17 : ______ authorizes the NSCDC to regulate activities of privateecurity companies

Question QMC18 : Prevention and detection of the unauthorized use of computer is the essence of ________?

Question QMC19 : ______ represents the major technical areas of computer security are usually

Question QMC20 : ______ means trimming off small amount of money from many sources and diverting these slices into one’s own or an accomplice’s account.

Question QMC21 : ______ are all forms of malicious codes written with the aim of harming a computer system and destroy information.

Question QMC22 : ______ is an unauthorized access or intrusion into a computer system

Question QMC23 : ______ is one of the most serious frauds involving the stealing of money and obtaining other benefits by using false identity.

Question QMC24 : Most security systems are based on _____________?

Question QMC25 : _____ can be broken into by individual possessing basic computer skills

Question QMC26 : ________is the best way to protect any type of data

Question QMC27 : _______ is not a recent security phenomenon

Question QMC28 : _______ have the right to monitor their own systems

Question QMC29 : The origin of the Civil Defence Corps dates back to the era of __________

Question QMC30 : The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) was established in __________

Question QMC31 : _______ transformed NSCDC from a voluntary organization to a full-fledged paramilitary organisation

Question QMC32 : Halogen Security Company Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company in_______________

Question QMC33 : ______has been identified as one of the ways to address business challenges

Question QMC34 : _________ are facts of life that every business enterprise is exposed to

Question QMC35 : _________ is endemic to all social life

Question QMC36 : _________ is internal to the individual

Question QMC37 : _________ emphasizes the interaction of human factors in an organization

Question QMC38 : _________ is predicated upon an incongruity between individual needs and organizational requirement

Question QMC39 : _____ are often called defence mechanisms

Question QMC40 : _______________ are extraordinarily complex

Question QMC41 : ___________ does not focus on relatively automatic, unthinking responses

Question QMC42 : _________ is a natural consequence of organizational activities

Question QMC43 : _________ suggest that traditional conflict management strategies can only deal with the behavioural component in conflict and bring about a patchwork solution

Question QMC44 : _________ approaches to interdepartmental conflict accept conflict situations as inevitable

Question QMC45 : ____ are social entities segmented into hierarchies of departments and individuals

Question QMC46 : _________ is an omnipresent feature of any organization.

Question QMC47 : ___________ are increasingly used to protect oil operations in Nigeria

Question QMC48 : _________ consists of services offered by local, state, and federal agencies

Question QMC49 : The reliance on __________ for armed private security services has raised a number of operational and ethical challenges

Question QMC50 : _________ is an unauthorized duplication of sounds or images from a legitimate recording