Question MCQ1 : Security planning, in the main, requires _____ and _____
Answer: Specificity and purposefulness

Question MCQ2 : ______assists the security manager to decide for one or more specific course of action
Answer: Road map

Question MCQ3 : ______provides direction and a sense of purpose in security management
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ4 : A good security plan must be able to reveal _____
Answer: Potential threat

Question MCQ5 : Acronym QWQS for visitors means
Answer: Quality Words For Quality Service

Question MCQ6 : Who developed the golden rule?
Answer: Plato

Question MCQ7 : In types of records, ______ are used to keep a permanent information and record for easy reference.
Answer: Cards

Question MCQ8 : One of the following is not an importance of security planning.
Answer: Recruitment and selection

Question MCQ9 : The security function goals must be ______
Answer: A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E

Question MCQ10 : ____ and ____ are the prerequisites to good security planning
Answer: Risk analysis and security survey

Question MCQ11 : The critical assessment of resources for feasibility study is _____
Answer: Evaluation of resources

Question MCQ12 : Comparison of various alternatives with available resources, goals and central concept of the company is done at which stage of the planning process?
Answer: Test for consistency

Question MCQ13 : ____ is the protection and preservation? of lives and property in their totality against assault in any given premise
Answer: Security

Question MCQ14 : _______ is the be-all and end-all of all protection measures
Answer: Security

Question MCQ15 : The types of records in security personnel include all except ____
Answer: Vital statistics

Question MCQ16 : ________ tried to find universal laws of morality to guide men’s conduct
Answer: Immanuel Kant

Question MCQ17 : The utilitarian system as a guide to ethics was developed by______
Answer: Jeremy Bentham

Question MCQ18 : Success of a good security planning depends on ______
Answer: Effective implementation of plan

Question MCQ19 : _____ is a prediction of the future status and patterns of crime
Answer: Forecast development

Question MCQ20 : ______ is responsible for determining the security objectives
Answer: Security manager

Question MCQ21 : _____(no matter how effective) is not a guarantee of success 
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ22 : The legal framework for company Matters in Nigeria are detailed in the companies and allied matter______
Answer: Decree No 1 of 1990

Question MCQ23 : There are ___ key players in the provision of security services
Answer: 4

Question MCQ24 : The roles of industrial security include the following except____
Answer: Destruction of properties

Question MCQ25 : ____ is the process by which individuals assess information from the environment, organize it and make meaning from it
Answer: Perception

Question MCQ26 : Losses fall into __ broad classes
Answer: 2

Question MCQ27 : Losses are caused by the following factors except
Answer: National factors

Question MCQ28 : Inexperience of security operators is a/an ___________ factor
Answer: Institutional

Question MCQ29 : Firms running security businesses are classified under ______ security
Answer: Private

Question MCQ30 : The classes of losses are __________
Answer: Direct and indirect

Question MCQ31 : The Nigerian Police is a public institution established by the Nigerian Police Act
Answer: CAP 154 0f 1943

Question MCQ32 : _____ is invariably a monopoly
Answer: Public security

Question MCQ33 : NPSA means_______
Answer: Nigeria Professional Security Association

Question MCQ34 : ____ is a constitutional body responsible for advising the president on matters relating to public security
Answer: NSCR

Question MCQ35 : ______ is responsible for the dismissal and appointment exercise of persons to office in the Nigeria Police Force
Answer: Police service commission

Question MCQ36 : The aim of setting up of security department depends on two factors
Answer: Co-operation of the workforce and banking of the management

Question MCQ37 : _____ is the act of watching, protecting or safeguarding a facility by moving continually around and through it
Answer: Patrol

Question MCQ38 : There are broadly ___ types of patrol
Answer: 4

Question MCQ39 : ­­­­_______ patrol is undertaken during day time
Answer: Day

Question MCQ40 : In ____ patrol, the patrol man is exposed to several equipment
Answer: Radio

Question MCQ41 : The walkie-talkie electronic patrol radio is used in _____ patrol
Answer: Radio

Question MCQ42 : _____ is most common in the average person’s defensive strategy in his private life
Answer: hardware

Question MCQ43 : Fences, gates, locks, keys, barricades are _____ countermeasures for risk
Answer: Hardware

Question MCQ44 : CCTV means _____
Answer: Closed circuit television

Question MCQ45 : __________ barrier is used to define the physical limits of an organization
Answer: Protective

Question MCQ46 : The latin translation of ethics is ___ and ____
Answer: Mos and Moris

Question MCQ47 : According to _______, Ethics may be a written and unwritten set of codes or principles governing a profession.
Answer: Steiner, 1975

Question MCQ48 : There are ___ attributes of Ethics
Answer: 5

Question MCQ49 : Which of the following is not an attribute of Ethics
Answer: Component

Question MCQ50 : ______ is a field of ethics that can be conceived as a discipline, science, study or evaluation
Answer: Concept

Question FBQ1 : Corporate terrorism is a branch of corporate _______
Answer: Security

Question FBQ2 : Security planning, in the main, requires specificity and ______
Answer: Purposefulness

Question FBQ3 : The goals which the security function will pursue must be specific, measurable, achievable, time-bound and _________.
Answer: Realistic

Question FBQ4 : The legal frameworks for company matter in Nigeria are detailed in Companies and Allied Matter Decree No.1 of ______________
Answer: 1990

Question FBQ5 : In the provision of security services, there are four key players. These are the Government, Security Agencies, Citizenry and ____
Answer: Judiciary

Question FBQ6 : The goals which the security function will pursue must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and _________.
Answer: time-bound

Question FBQ7 : The process by which individuals assess information from the environment ,organize it and make out meaning from it is known as ____
Answer: Perception

Question FBQ8 : Losses fall into two broad classes which are ________and________
Answer: Direct loss and indirect loss

Question FBQ9 : Under______________ security, everybody is free to engage in whatever security activity he pleases
Answer: Private

Question FBQ10 : The dominant motive of the private security company is ____
Answer: Profit

Question FBQ11 : ____ is a constitutional body responsible for advising the president on matters relating to public security
Answer: The National Security Council

Question FBQ12 : The first system of organizing effective patrol is ____ system
Answer: Fixed Route

Question FBQ13 : There are ___________ types of patrol
Answer: Four

Question FBQ14 : The ____ force of any organization provides the enforcement medium in the physical security programme 
Answer: Security

Question FBQ15 : Ethic is derived from the Greek word ________ 
Answer: Ethos

Question FBQ16 : ____ is a mass of moral principles or sets of values about what conduct ought to be
Answer: Ethics

Question FBQ17 : ____ is required to determine whether human action is ethical or not 
Answer: Judgement

Question FBQ18 : The most fundamental perception or conception of what is right or wrong in life is rooted in ____ morality
Answer: biblical

Question FBQ19 : The formulation of security policy is the sole responsibility of ____ at board level
Answer: Management

Question FBQ20 : In ___________ type of access control, the problem of security starts with the people because problems arise out of interaction
Answer: Visitors

Question FBQ21 : The _______ system does not operate in isolation but operates within a larger environment
Answer: Security

Question FBQ22 : ________ is a combination of beliefs, customs, ideas norms and values which society wishes to enforce and preserve
Answer: The law

Question FBQ23 : The major attributes of ethics are concept, content, judgement, standard and __________
Answer: values

Question FBQ24 : The ______ is the most acceptable and widely used security device of the basic safeguards in protecting organizations.
Answer: Lock

Question FBQ25 : The greatest attribute of people, one which can never be replaced, is their ability to exercise________
Answer: Judgement

Question FBQ26 : Policy tells us what we must do, whereas a _______ tells us how we are going to do it.
Answer: Procedure

Question FBQ27 : The most popularly used dog for security is the __________
Answer: German shepherd or Alsatian

Question FBQ28 : ________ is the patrol undertaken during daytime
Answer: Day patrol

Question FBQ29 : ____ is the act of watching, protecting or safeguarding a facility by moving continually around and through it
Answer: Patrol

Question FBQ30 : Before any risk can be eliminated or reduced, it must be __________________
Answer: Identified

Question FBQ31 : The motivation setting the security survey in motion should come from______
Answer: Top management

Question FBQ32 : ____ is the most valuable management tool in the process of risk analysis
Answer: Security survey

Question FBQ33 : The ________ is a body answerable to the president through the Inspector General of Police.
Answer: Nigeria Police

Question FBQ34 : The Nigeria police is a public institution established by the Nigeria Police Act CAP 154 of 1943 True OR False ____
Answer: True

Question FBQ35 : The chief reason for the existence of the armed forces is the security of lives and property. True or False__________________________?
Answer: True

Question FBQ36 : A company’s point of view determines its security policies. True OR False ____
Answer: True

Question FBQ37 : ________ means persons associating for economic gains and profits
Answer: Company

Question FBQ38 : Planning is not a guarantee of success. True OR False ____
Answer: True

Question FBQ39 : _________ exposes the handicap and inefficiency of a company’s intelligence security
Answer: Corporate terrorism

Question FBQ40 : The _____ was a major contributory factor in the rapid development of the factory system.
Answer: Industrial Revolution

Question FBQ41 : The _______ period was characterised by increase in offenses of physical need, above all, theft, pilferage, fraud and falsehood
Answer: Post-war

Question FBQ42 : Companies as corporate citizens are entitled to security of their asset. True or False________?
Answer: True

Question FBQ43 : The chapter 2 of the _______ constitution states clearly that the objective of the government is the security of lives and property of citizens and their welfare.
Answer: 1999

Question FBQ44 : It is the responsibility of the _____ to assist government and security by providing relevant information.
Answer: Citizens

Question FBQ45 : The prevention of loss of company assets crime is the role of _________
Answer: Industrial security

Question FBQ46 : Improper coordination of activities spells doom on any security system. True or False _____________?
Answer: True

Question FBQ47 : __________ are losses that cannot be directly identified with specific security incident
Answer: Indirect losses

Question FBQ48 : General losses are caused by institutional or organizational factors. True or False ____________ ?
Answer: True

Question FBQ49 : In the public security, the profit motive is not stressed or dominant. True or false ________
Answer: True

Question FBQ50 : The latin translation of Ethics is ________
Answer: Mos or Moris