Question FBQ1 : The word security emanated from the Greek word Se-Cura, meaning?
Answer: to be in a state of no fear

Question FBQ2 : Putting in place actions and structures that can ensure the shielding of a people away from any harm is ______
Answer: security

Question FBQ3 : A layman definition of security is not more ____
Answer: protection of life and property of a person

Question FBQ9 : The experience of the world population has not only shown that democracy cannot guarantee ____
Answer: peace and security

Question FBQ10 :  Which school of thought emerged as a response to the failure of the idealist approach________
Answer: Realism

Question FBQ11 : Another traditional approach to security is ____?
Answer: Realism

Question FBQ12 :  Through which means can international security be maintained______?
Answer: coercion and deterrence

Question FBQ13 : Peace can only be engendered through____?
Answer: judicious application of force or violence

Question FBQ14 : Countries have begun to invest in the purchase of weapons to resist ____?
Answer: external and internal threats

Question FBQ15 : In ___ there are both internal and external threats
Answer: Security

Question FBQ16 : most governments in developing countries use ____ against their citizens
Answer: Arms

Question FBQ17 : In countries like Nigeria government use violence for____
Answer: tenure elongation

Question FBQ18 : Managing security requires ____
Answer: Stakeholders

Question FBQ19 : Rwanda and Burundi have experience ____
Answer: Violence

Question FBQ20 :  Pluralist approach emerged in ____
Answer: 1960s

Question FBQ21 : The engage government forces in armed struggle________
Answer: Insurgents

Question FBQ22 : _________ emerged in the 1990s 
Answer: Social constructivism

Question FBQ23 :  Another _____ emerged in the 1990s,
Answer: security approach

Question FBQ24 :  Social Constructivism emerged after _________
Answer: the collapse of the Berlin Wall

Question FBQ25 : Which of the approach advocated for more cultural understanding of security studies ____
Answer: social constructivism

Question FBQ26 : _____have now realized the need to pursue regional interest
Answer: State actors

Question FBQ27 : Basic Security and Security Threats is a _________in the field of criminology
Answer: Course

Question FBQ28 : Basic Security and Security Threats is concerned with ____
Answer: basic security measures and policies

Question FBQ29 : This course is aimed at introducing the student to?______
Answer: the basic meaning of security and its ideas

Question FBQ30 : This course draws its references on various securities and threats from? ____
Answer: Nigeria and Africa

Question FBQ31 : This course will assist student in the field of ______
Answer: criminology and security studies

Question FBQ32 :

How many security management approaches were discussed in this course?
Answer: Six approaches

Question FBQ33 : The international police that are formed to combat crime is known as?
Answer: Interpol

Question FBQ34 : Computer security is a branch of technology known as? ____
Answer: information security

Question FBQ35 : The concept of attaining a secure computing environment refers to protection of personal or confidential data ____
Answer: True

Question FBQ36 : _____can be described as an aspect of information security. 
Answer: Computer security

Question FBQ37 : Computer is a very good information security. True or False?
Answer: True

Question FBQ38 : Computer prevent important document from? ____
Answer: Missing

Question FBQ39 : computers have replaced the normal traditional ____
Answer: paper system

Question FBQ40 : carefree attitude to valuable files may result to ____
Answer: document insecurity

Question FBQ41 : Anti-Virus Software is ____ to computer
Answer: a security

Question FBQ42 : Anti-virus software is used to detect____ in computer
Answer: Malware

Question FBQ43 : Information security can be defined as a means of protecting information systems from ____
Answer: any illegitimate access

Question FBQ44 : The aim of information security was to provide adequate ____________
Answer: confidentiality

Question FBQ45 : _______ enhance the availability and correct operation of a computer system.
Answer: computer security

Question FBQ46 : confidentiality is an________ to information security
Answer: Approach

Question FBQ47 :  Restricting access to modification of data without authorization is known as _____
Answer: Integrity

Question FBQ48 :  Mounting of ______ is part of physical security
Answer: obstacles or barriers

Question FBQ49 : Infrastructure security is designed purposely to provide protection for?____
Answer: specific infrastructure

Question FBQ50 : Health security involves safety against ____
Answer: pandemic diseases

Question FBQ4 : in contemporary times, the definition of security goes beyond ____
Answer: protecting the state

Question FBQ5 : scholars in the field of criminology and security studies have come up with ____
Answer: different definitions of the concept of security

Question FBQ6 :  ________is a theoretical approach
Answer: Idealism

Question FBQ7 : The idealism opined that_____ can be managed through non-violent process
Answer: Security

Question FBQ8 : Idealism school hold that security can best be managed If it involves ______
Answer: government at all levels

Question MCQ1 : Simulation is a concept and practice in security.
Answer: True

Question MCQ2 : The followings are types of simulations except?
Answer: Economic

Question MCQ3 : The following are natural threats except
Answer: Heavy rainfall

Question MCQ4 : During robbery the following may be used to compel the victim to concede his/her property except.
Answer: Torch light

Question MCQ5 : The under listed are not prevention against robbery except
Answer: Padlocks

Question MCQ6 : Identify from the under listed one means of safety during robbery
Answer: Avoid looking at the robbers

Question MCQ7 : Carjacking can be prevented through one of the following
Answer: install anti-hijack system

Question MCQ8 : Which are the measures to be taken after carjacking? 
Answer: All of the Options

Question MCQ9 : Illegal acquisition of another person’s property is known as
Answer: Theft

Question MCQ10 :  Marxism approach became popular in security studies in
Answer: 1970’s

Question MCQ11 : Which of these is not a classification models in private organizations?
Answer: Unclassified

Question MCQ12 : Which of these is considered to be a threat to infrastructure?
Answer: Terrorism

Question MCQ13 : Which of the following is not part of Airport security?
Answer: Military

Question MCQ14 : Identify the sentence that shows there is food security?
Answer: Exportation of agricultural produce

Question MCQ15 : Environmental pollution is an indication of?
Answer: Environmental insecurity

Question MCQ16 : Security threat can simply be divided into four true or False?
Answer: False

Question MCQ17 : How many types of floods were discussed in this course?
Answer: 4

Question MCQ18 : Which of the followings is not an effect of flood?
Answer: Availability of fish

Question MCQ19 : Which of these does not reflect effect of droughts 
Answer: More exportation

Question MCQ20 : There are five types of security threats discussed in this course. true or false?
Answer: False

Question MCQ21 : Which of these is the most dangerous form of threat?
Answer: Terrorism

Question MCQ22 : Identify man made threat out of the followings
Answer: Insurgency

Question MCQ23 : Robbery is not a common security threat in Nigeria, true or false?
Answer: False

Question MCQ24 : Robbery is also common among animals, true or false
Answer: True

Question MCQ25 : Which of these is the common robbery in Nigeria
Answer: armed robbery

Question MCQ26 : Which is the correct description of arson among the following statement?
Answer: Intentional setting of a place on ablaze

Question MCQ27 : Kidnapping as an illegal source of_______ in Nigeria
Answer: making quick money

Question MCQ28 : Which of these terrorisms is common in Nigeria?
Answer: All of the above

Question MCQ29 : How many forms of war fare was covered in this course?
Answer: 3

Question MCQ30 : Arms proliferation may be defined as­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________
Answer: the spread of small arms or weapons designed for use by individuals

Question MCQ31 : Proliferation of arms is not a challenge in Nigeria.
Answer: Disagree

Question MCQ32 : Under counter intelligence there is the need to look at intelligence from a dual perspective, true or false?
Answer: True

Question MCQ33 : While assessing counterintelligence it is necessary to look at the your strengths and __________
Answer: vulnerabilities or weaknesses

Question MCQ34 : Intelligence and information gathering is all about protection against______
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ35 : Counterintelligence refers to efforts made by intelligence organizations to__
Answer: prevent enemy intelligence from access

Question MCQ36 : Which of these is counter intelligence system?
Answer: Offensive Counter intelligence

Question MCQ37 : Protective discipline and counter intelligence involved one of the followings
Answer: Information gathering

Question MCQ38 : How many aspects of counter intelligence mentioned in this course?
Answer: 4

Question MCQ39 : Data mining and Automated data analysis has no complementary relationship.
Answer: False

Question MCQ40 : What are the uses of data mining and automated data analysis?
Answer: Intelligence reporting and security investigation

Question MCQ41 : Data mining can be described as __________
Answer: the process of extracting patterns from data.

Question MCQ42 : Data mining and automated data analysis can be use for _______
Answer: Decision making

Question MCQ43 : Data-mining and automated data analyses are very important tools for?
Answer: administration

Question MCQ44 : Collecting relevant data and useful information is a very simple task in security management true or false
Answer: false

Question MCQ45 : In computer security, when a spam email is wrongly classified as non-spam email is known as?__________
Answer: false negative error

Question MCQ46 : CSS241 is a ________course in the field of criminology
Answer: compulsory

Question MCQ47 : One of the major objectives of CSS241 is to______
Answer: discuss various types of major natural security threats

Question MCQ48 : The word security emanated from the Greek word _________
Answer: Se-Cura

Question MCQ49 :  Security is about protection of ?__________
Answer: Lives and properties

Question MCQ50 : The absence of proper management of information can provoke____
Answer: All of the above