Question FBQ1 : ______who championed the Reformation posited from Scripture that justification is by faith alone (sola fide)
Answer: Martin Luther

Question FBQ2 : For Luther as for other Reformers such as John Zwingli, Philip Melanchthon and John Calvin, justification is a judicial declaration of God regarding the status of the_____
Answer: sinner before God

Question FBQ3 : ___________is a gracious act of God toward the sinner who has put faith in Christ rather than by the sinner’s righteous acts.
Answer: Justification

Question FBQ4 : No one could merit ______by meritorious deeds since we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23).
Answer: God’s mercy

Question FBQ5 : ________is not the ground for justification but one of the benefits of being united with Christ by faith.
Answer: Sanctification

Question FBQ6 : After the Reformation, theological controversies leading to _____continued to grow.
Answer: Divisions

Question FBQ7 : ______sharply disagreed with Luther on the nature of Christ’s presence in the elements of the Eucharist and the nature of state and church relationship.
Answer: John Zwingli

Question FBQ8 : Calvin also differed from Luther on the _______while Luther taught the physical presence of Christ in the elements Calvin taught that Christ’s presence was only spiritual.
Answer: nature of Christ’s presence in the bread and wine

Question FBQ9 : In 1805, _____attempted this move to call for an international conference which met in 1810 in Cape Town.
Answer: William Carey

Question FBQ10 : Churches in America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Arab world unite in Ecumenism for a common goal which is to glorify God, strengthen missions and reach out in________
Answer: dialogue to people of other faiths

Question FBQ11 : the actual formation of the World Council of Churches came by the initiative of the Church of Constantinople when it met in 1919 and considered the necessity of forming the____________
Answer: league of churches

Question FBQ12 : The World Council’s ________was drafted in 1938 at Utrecht.
Answer: Constitution

Question FBQ13 : The first meeting of the World Council of Churches took place in_______ in 1948 under the banner: “Man’s Disorder and God’s Design.”
Answer: Amsterdam

Question FBQ14 : The first World Council of Churches had delegates from______ churches from 44 countries around the world.
Answer: 147

Question FBQ15 : The WCC's members include most Protestant and Eastern Orthodox bodies but not the__________
Answer: Roman Catholic church

Question FBQ16 : The first vision of WCC demanded that “churches accept full responsibility for the fulfillment of the__________.”
Answer: ecumenical task

Question FBQ17 : The third vision of WCC is that unity is “based on the action of the Lord Jesus Christ who__________”
Answer: gathers his people together

Question FBQ18 : Ecumenism began as a ________with the then Christian world when all churches were gathered to resolve disputes.
Answer: mustard seed

Question FBQ19 : Ecumenism is now a ______that seeks fellowship of all members and has a single fellowship known as World Council of Churches apart from distinct fellowships.
Answer: global family of God

Question FBQ20 : The three persons that are in one Godhead commune among themselves in such a way that _________are one.
Answer: God’s purpose and action

Question FBQ21 : The oneness of the church is defined by the one_________
Answer: Head

Question FBQ22 : _______is the point of unity for the church because in him all things hold together (Col. 1:17).
Answer: Christ

Question FBQ23 : ________also inaugurated the unity of the church in the sacramental expression of the Lord’s Supper.
Answer: Christ

Question FBQ24 : In his teaching, _________condemns disunity, divisions and acrimony.
Answer: Paul

Question FBQ25 : Paul calls the church the ________ (Eph. 1:23; 4:12, 16; 5:23, 30; Col. 1:18, 24; 1Cor. 12:27).
Answer: body of Christ

Question FBQ26 : The unity of the church is also the goal of the____________
Answer: Gospel

Question FBQ27 : At the Pentecost the Holy Spirit came upon the church to complete the revelation of God in Christ (Acts 1) so that the church is not only liberated from its sin and condemnation, but also leads it in its_________
Answer: Mission to the world

Question FBQ28 : ________created one fellowship of the church in love (Gal. 5:22).
Answer: The Holy Spirit

Question FBQ29 : _____is portrayed as a building that is growing to a particular goal, which is oneness, and this accords with the teaching of Christ that we be one (John 17:21).
Answer: The whole church

Question FBQ30 : Paul reminds us that _______is the rallying point of all humanity.
Answer: Christ

Question FBQ31 : The church holds the bond of Christ where Jews and Greeks are partakers of____
Answer: the kingdom of God

Question FBQ32 : In the church we are not ________to one another irrespective of geographical, cultural, social and racial differences.
Answer: Strangers

Question FBQ33 : ________ says “The quest for the unity of the church must in fact be identical with the quest for Jesus Christ as the concrete Head and Lord of the church.
Answer: Karl Barth

Question FBQ34 : The patristic period understood the church as _______
Answer: communion of the saints

Question FBQ35 : The Reformers particularly _____sought the unity of the church in the “subjective communion of believers.”
Answer: Calvin

Question MCQ1 : The goals and objectives of _____are defined in terms of charting a course of unity and harmony in the universal church through dialogue and fellowship
Answer: Ecumenism

Question MCQ2 : Ecumenism calls for breaking through barriers and reaching out to_________
Answer: one another

Question MCQ3 : The environment is threatened with destruction because of disrespect for______
Answer: creation

Question MCQ4 : People in many regions are increasingly embracing the view that another _____ is possible.
Answer: World

Question MCQ5 : _________of civil society is transforming communities and nations.
Answer: The growth

Question MCQ6 : _____________has also engaged in dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.
Answer: The Lutheran World Federation

Question MCQ7 : The church needs unity in areas of theology and _______
Answer: fellowship

Question MCQ8 : The apostolic teaching that has been described as the Apostolic Creed is the basis of the______
Answer: unity of the church

Question MCQ9 : The Eucharist also demonstrates ______of the church as people of all cultures and different socio-economic backgrounds all partake of the Eucharist. _________
Answer: the oneness

Question MCQ10 : One of the important areas of concern for Ecumenism is ____
Answer: justice and reconciliation

Question MCQ11 : The New Testament church shows that people who were by Jewish culture socially degraded received new status in the_________
Answer: Christian society

Question MCQ12 : In Europe, some people faced persecutions where______ was not granted.
Answer: religious liberty

Question MCQ13 : With justice, reconciliation and _____the gospel can advance more speedily.
Answer: peace

Question MCQ14 : Crow says, “The true paradigm for the church is unity with justice,” and true justice demands _____and reconciliation where injustice has been perpetrated.
Answer: repentance

Question MCQ15 : In many parts of the world there are the disadvantaged people which are given below except___________
Answer: sick

Question MCQ16 : The diaconal ministry of the global church brings in the marginalized and excluded, and builds an inclusive community where love is the principle of_______
Answer: inter-relationship

Question MCQ17 : What is necessary if the church is to reach out to people of other faiths and share the gospel of salvation in Christ with them?
Answer: Interfaith dialogue

Question MCQ18 : _________have come face to face with the reality of other religions that need to hear the gospel of Christ.
Answer: Christian missions

Question MCQ19 : A number of strategic approaches are continually being adopted for dialogue especially with the___________
Answer: Muslims

Question MCQ20 : What is the recent effective method which is to “draw out the person of Peace” for using the Quran as a bridge to the Gospel?
Answer: the Camel

Question MCQ21 : The goals and objectives of Ecumenism are very important, not just for evangelism but also for_________
Answer: peaceful co-existence

Question MCQ22 : The sociology of Ecumenism focuses on the mutual interaction between the____
Answer: church and society

Question MCQ23 : The goal of the kingdom message is_____ so that the blessings of God would be experienced by all.
Answer: renewal

Question MCQ24 : The life and teachings of Christ have given birth to developing a___________
Answer: responsible society

Question MCQ25 : God has acted in human history and has given a________ to humanity to keep and maintain world history to his glory.
Answer: cultural mandate

Question MCQ26 : God’s purpose for humanity and the entire creation is to have__________
Answer: abundant life

Question MCQ27 : The church is also concerned with economic life so that economic policies, wealth distribution, monopoly and irresponsible business practices are condemnable in accordance with___________
Answer: Christian principles

Question MCQ28 : The church is called to declare and pray that_______, so that his rule for both spiritual and social order is to be established.
Answer: the kingdom of God come

Question MCQ29 : The vision of ______was reshaped by focusing on the relationship between church and society.
Answer: Ecumenism

Question MCQ30 : Christians who believe that their _____is to love God and love their neighbor are the very ones equipped to infuse into our culture both values and actions that will have redemptive outcomes.
Answer: highest calling

Question MCQ31 : The whole world is a broken world as it manifests forms of _____among humanity.
Answer: disparity

Question MCQ32 : The dynamic structures of human society continually affect the church’s unity and the church has to strive to remain the unique _____to the unity of mankind.
Answer: voice of God

Question MCQ33 : Divisions among the human race that breed evil practices against one another have to be challenged by the____________
Answer: church

Question MCQ34 : ______is “an essential part of the gospel and a responsibility of all Christians.
Answer: Christian unity

Question MCQ35 : The unity of the church is the defining mission goal of___________
Answer: evangelism