Question FBQ1 : In the Passover the Israelites were specifically delivered from the __
Answer: Plague

Question FBQ2 : Moses was called and commissioned at __
Answer: Garisons

Question FBQ3 : The process by which God established a special relation with individuals and nations is called __
Answer: Covenant

Question FBQ4 : Functions of priests as captured in the Pentateuch include: Cultic, Oracular, Therapeutic, Administrative and __ functions
Answer: Instructional

Question FBQ5 : __ is regarded as the commonest of all sacrifices
Answer: Burnt offerings

Question FBQ6 : __ is another name for Guilt offering.
Answer: Trespass offering

Question FBQ7 : __was designated by the Israelites as the place where God came to meet man
Answer: Tabernacle

Question FBQ8 : God made covenant with Israel at Mount __
Answer: Sinai

Question FBQ9 : __ is the most central figure in the deliverance of Israelites from bondage?
Answer: Moses

Question FBQ10 : __ book of the Old Testament is regarded as the book of Redemption
Answer: Exodus

Question FBQ11 : __ type of criticism examines why and how a book of the Bible was considered authoritative
Answer: Canonical criticism

Question FBQ12 : The Guild of __ began the criticism of Pentateuch

Question FBQ13 : __ first noted that Ezra might have made some contributions to the Pentateuch
Answer: Israel

Question FBQ14 : __ denied the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch?
Answer: Benedict Spinoza

Question FBQ15 : __ held sway during the Age of Enlightenment
Answer: Rationalism

Question FBQ16 : __ is regarded as father of Old Testament Criticism
Answer: John Eichorn

Question FBQ17 : The historic Moses lived in __ Century B. C.
Answer: 15th

Question FBQ18 : The New Testament attest that __ is the author of the Pentateuch
Answer: Moses

Question FBQ19 : Another name for the Scribes are __
Answer: Massoretes

Question FBQ20 : Words of __ country found in the Pentateuch point to the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch?
Answer: Egypt

Question FBQ21 : The theory that the Pentateuch is a collection of different documents written many years after Moses is called __
Answer: Documentary Hypothesis

Question FBQ22 : Astruc discovered that God was addressed as Elohim in Chapter __ of Genesis
Answer: 1

Question FBQ23 : Astruc discovered that God was addressed as Jehovah in Chapter __ of Genesis
Answer: 2

Question FBQ24 : The two sources of creation account are called __ and __
Answer: J, E

Question FBQ25 : De Wette believed that the Book of Deuteronomy was the book of Law found by Prophetess __
Answer: Huldah

Question FBQ26 : __ is regarded as the supreme virtue
Answer: Love of God and Neighbour

Question FBQ27 : According to De Wette no book of the Pentateuch preceded the era of __
Answer: God

Question FBQ28 : The documentary hypothesis is often criticised for its lack of __ evidences
Answer: Historical

Question FBQ29 : The documentary hypothesis is __ in its judgement
Answer: Subjective

Question FBQ30 : The English translation of Genesis is __
Answer: Beginnings

Question FBQ31 : The literary genres of the Genesis include Myth, Farewell speech, Legend, Report, and __
Answer: Comedy

Question FBQ32 : The Babylonian Genesis was written to honour a Bybylonian God named __
Answer: Marduk

Question FBQ33 : The Genesis account of history is __ in nature
Answer: Linear

Question FBQ34 : The non-validation of Genesis 1-11 by __ influenced some scholars to argue that they are not historical documents
Answer: Archeology

Question FBQ35 : God's rest on the seventh day only implies cessation of __ activities
Answer: Creation

Question MCQ1 : __ was the name given to the bronze serpent Moses made in the wilderness
Answer: Aaronium

Question MCQ2 : Scholars who criticize the census figures of the Number feel that it was adopted at the time of __
Answer: David

Question MCQ3 : The second census was conducted in the __ year after the exodus
Answer: 40th

Question MCQ4 : __ is the name of the prophet that removed the bronze serpent from the temple
Answer: Hezekiah

Question MCQ5 : Muslims regard __ as the first person to practice Islam
Answer: Abraham

Question MCQ6 : The first census returned the figure of __
Answer: 603 550

Question MCQ7 : The second census returned the figure of __
Answer: 601 730

Question MCQ8 : The first census enumerated people from the age of __ and above
Answer: 20

Question MCQ9 : The first census was conducted in the __ year after the exodus
Answer: 2nd

Question MCQ10 : The purpose of census in the Numbers are to apportion task, determine manpower, and __
Answer: Taxable populace

Question MCQ11 : The word 'Clean' and its derivatives occured in the Leveticus __ times
Answer: 186

Question MCQ12 : The jubilee year is often marked by the __
Answer: Forgiveness of debts

Question MCQ13 : __ is the feast at which Isrealites offered their first fruits
Answer: feast of weeks

Question MCQ14 : What name did the Isrealites give the seventh day?
Answer: Sabbath day

Question MCQ15 : On every __ year the land in Isreal lay fallow
Answer: 7th

Question MCQ16 : Whose responsibility is it to confess the sins of the whole community on the feast of atonement?
Answer: The High Priest

Question MCQ17 : The theology of Numbers revolve around the expression of __ of God on the disobedient
Answer: Wrath

Question MCQ18 : Which of their feasts reminded the Isrealites of their tent dwelling days in the wilderness?
Answer: Ingathering

Question MCQ19 : The Sabbath is connected with completion of God's work of __
Answer: Creation

Question MCQ20 : The observation of the Sabbath is today regarded as one of the outstanding rules of __ religion
Answer: Judaism

Question MCQ21 : The book of __ set out to inspire faith and obedience on Isrealites' descendants
Answer: Numbers

Question MCQ22 : Slaves were free during the __ year
Answer: Jubilee

Question MCQ23 : Isreal's rebelion against God was based on their disbelief on God's __ to save them
Answer: Power

Question MCQ24 : The price of rebellion was the __ of the rebelling generation in the wilderness
Answer: Destruction

Question MCQ25 : __, in the book of Numbers thought he could manipulate Yahweh with magical arts
Answer: Balaam

Question MCQ26 : The book of Deutoronmy is remarked for __ renewal
Answer: Covenant

Question MCQ27 : The message of the Deutoronomy is summed in the following: One God, one people, one __
Answer: Cult

Question MCQ28 : The Deutoronomy is an exposition of the __
Answer: Decalogue

Question MCQ29 : __ conception of God gave the Isrealites their unique identity in the Near East
Answer: Monotheistic

Question MCQ30 : The Cananites were mainly __
Answer: Polytheistic

Question MCQ31 : Moses promoted __ of worship to prevent distortion and syncretism among the Isrealites
Answer: Centralization

Question MCQ32 : __ is the last book of the Pentateuch
Answer: Deutorononomy

Question MCQ33 : __paid Balaam to curse Isreal
Answer: Balak

Question MCQ34 : Instead of curse, Balam blessed the Isrealites and rained curses on __
Answer: Moabites

Question MCQ35 : The message of Numbers to Africans is that the wrath of God is exercised on __
Answer: Idolatry