Question FBQ1 : __is broadly categorized into theological, moral, philosophical, psychological and sociological
Answer: Definitions of Religion

Question FBQ2 : __, Keza and Olokun are according to konkomba world view the part of man given by God
Answer: Kwot

Question FBQ3 : __defines religion as properly a relation to God
Answer: Thomas Aquinas

Question FBQ4 : __ usually perform three functions in human community
Answer: Secret societies

Question FBQ5 : The definition of religion as “life of God in the soul of man’s” was held by__
Answer: Newton W. Clerke

Question FBQ6 : __is an abstract or impersonal concept
Answer: Religion

Question FBQ7 : __defines religion as the idea of the holy which attracts people owing to its mystery and its power
Answer: Rudolf Otto

Question FBQ8 : __listed seventeen definitions of religions
Answer: John Ferguson

Question FBQ9 : __is the prevalent belief that the essence of human personality becomes a split entity which acts as a person’s spiritual counterpart
Answer: Belief in guardian spirit

Question FBQ10 : __defines religion as the idea of the holy which attracts people owing to its mystery and its power
Answer: Rudolf Otto

Question FBQ11 : The Igbo divinity that fosters social unity among the people is called__
Answer: Ala

Question FBQ12 : Igbo names for the divinity of Amadioha
Answer: Igwe, Ofufe and Kamalu

Question FBQ13 : __ in Yoruba Cosmogonic myth was given the responsibility by Olodumare to mould the physical aspects of human beings
Answer: Obatala divinity

Question FBQ14 : The spirit force that functions as intermediaries between God and humanity is __
Answer: Divinities

Question FBQ15 : __ in Akan worldview is made up of four parts
Answer: Humankind

Question FBQ16 : __ passage rites of life that does not concerned participation of human beings by themselves is __
Answer: Funeral Rites

Question FBQ17 : In Yorubaland the naming ceremony of a new baby take place in__
Answer: Nine days

Question FBQ18 : __ ethnic group in Nigeria do not have an elaborate puberty rites
Answer: Yoruba

Question FBQ19 : __in Africa is a meeting point for the departed, the living and the ones yet unborn
Answer: Marriage Rites

Question FBQ20 : __tribe in Africa placed a pregnant woman under the care of an elderly woman who acts as midwife
Answer: Mende

Question FBQ21 : The person that named a new born child in Mende tribe is __
Answer: An elderly woman

Question FBQ22 : The believe that the name of God is the description of God’s character held by__
Answer: Africans

Question FBQ23 : The cult new born children are initiated into in Mende society is __
Answer: Poro society

Question FBQ24 : __is the divinity is found among the Tiv of Middle Belt of Nigeria
Answer: Aôndo

Question FBQ25 : The “born-to-die -children” in Yoruba land is __
Answer: Abiku

Question FBQ26 : African Traditional priesthood is divided into__
Answer: Two parts

Question FBQ27 : The name for God among the Akan of Ghana is __
Answer: Odomankoma

Question FBQ28 : __tribe in African society has no organized public worship of God
Answer: Yoruba

Question FBQ29 : John Ferguson listed seventeen definitions of ___
Answer: Religions

Question FBQ30 : Another Yoruba name for Ife, the great oracle divinity is __
Answer: Orunmila

Question FBQ31 : The three compositions of human being in Akan society are__
Answer: Okra, Sunsun and Ntoro

Question FBQ32 : The strongest secret society in the region of port Novo, Benin Republic is __
Answer: Zangbeto

Question FBQ33 : __theory of religion defines religion as the art of leading a good life
Answer: Moral theory

Question FBQ34 : __deals with the provision of rules, norms and directives to help human beings live in acceptable manner in the society
Answer: Morality

Question FBQ35 : __defines religion as “the life of God in the Soul of man”
Answer: Newton Clarke

Question MCQ1 : The divinities are created by__
Answer: God

Question MCQ2 : Anthropologists were not among the first scholars trained by co0lonial administrators to assist in collecting data about African__
Answer: Culture

Question MCQ3 : The belief that communication takes place between the living and the dead is known as ___
Answer: Ancestor ship

Question MCQ4 : The divinities are created by___
Answer: Supreme Being

Question MCQ5 : Ezeala is believed by virtue of its office to hold power of life and death over the__
Answer: Esu

Question MCQ6 : The Tenda people of Guinea call God__
Answer: Hounounga

Question MCQ7 : __myth of creation, God is conceived as an arch-divinity
Answer: Edo

Question MCQ8 : The form of arrangement for public worship lay down by a Church or religion is known as__
Answer: Worship

Question MCQ9 : The belief in God or gods is called _____
Answer: Theism

Question MCQ10 : The African myth that conceive God as an arch-divinity is _____
Answer: Creation Myth

Question MCQ11 : __in God or gods is Theism
Answer: Belief

Question MCQ12 : Sunsum is not a component or part of composition of human person in Yoruba concept of human__
Answer: Beings

Question MCQ13 : Which of the followings is not a divinity in Yoruba land
Answer: Oludumare

Question MCQ14 : Ghost-Spirits were brought into being to run a theocratic system of the government of__
Answer: Divinities

Question MCQ15 : God is known among the Zulus as __
Answer: Uziveble

Question MCQ16 : Who is Orisha?
Answer: Forces of nature and in the human mind   

Question MCQ17 : What divinity stands for ethics in Yoruba mythology?
Answer: Obatala

Question MCQ18 : Theism is a school of thought which advocate natural religion as based on human reason rather than__
Answer: Revelation

Question MCQ19 : The divinity that stands for fire and thunder in Yoruba land is called__
Answer: Shango

Question MCQ20 : Which of the followings is not arch-divinity in Yoruba land?
Answer: Obatala

Question MCQ21 : Tony is of the view that certain people believe in inherent powers to do negative things in the__
Answer: World

Question MCQ22 : The principal secret society among the Nupe of Nigeria is known as__
Answer: Poro society

Question MCQ23 : Yoruba people attached great importance to birth of a new child as a reincarnation of an ancestor who is seeking a return to__
Answer: Life

Question MCQ24 : __is regarded in Yoruba as the divinity of purity
Answer: Obatala

Question MCQ25 : Liturgy is the arrangement of public worship lay down by a Church or__
Answer: Religion

Question MCQ26 : The earth goddess and arch-divinity of Igboland is called__
Answer: Ala

Question MCQ27 : __name for thunder divinity is Aya Ola and Ola
Answer: Nupe

Question MCQ28 : __is the divinity among the Edo people of Nigeria
Answer: Olokun

Question MCQ29 : The Ancient philosophy can be traced from the 5th century B.C to the 4th century A.D of the world of__
Answer: Graeco-Roman world

Question MCQ30 : Which of these religious functionaries carries both the knowledge and power opf spiritual and chemical substances? 
Answer: Medicine man

Question MCQ31 : Socrates was sentenced to death by being made to drink poison (hemlock) in the year__
Answer: Socrates

Question MCQ32 : Which of these is not the primary duty of a priest in African community?
Answer: Politicking

Question MCQ33 : The belief that witches are people with an inherent power they can do anything especially negative things in the world is called__ 
Answer: Witchcraft

Question MCQ34 : The application of bad magic on people or objects is called__
Answer: Sorcery

Question MCQ35 : Which of the followings operates only at night and meet in the guilds spiritually?
Answer: Witches/wizards