Question QMC1 : ______ however small should be considered an essential part of family finance.

Question QMC2 : ____ signifies a socio-cultural system that allows two or more husbands and wives.

Question QMC3 : _______ and trust are imperatives for effective management of family finance.

Question QMC4 : Hosea shares through marriage, the pain and despair which Yahweh experiences because of the ____________

Question QMC5 : Prophet Hosea has shown that children are primary victims of marriage ______ of either of their parents.

Question QMC6 : __________ has a natural character of permanence.

Question QMC7 : Characteristically, marriage will bring out ____________

Question QMC8 : The prophets forewarned that divorce is an outrage against the ______________

Question QMC9 : ________ is an indication that the two of you have not become one (Matt. 19:4-6).

Question QMC10 : Exogamy refers to marriage______________.

Question QMC11 : Some conflicts are _______________.

Question QMC12 : According to ________ (1966), it is the transgression in the garden that automatically distorts the gift of marriage.

Question QMC13 : Indeed a level of conflict is a sign of __________ in relationship.

Question QMC14 : Marriage confers on the female partner the status of__________.

Question QMC15 : Polygamy describes the marriage of____________.

Question QMC16 : Something is likely wrong with a marital relationship that has not experienced any form of ____________.

Question QMC17 : Some marital conflicts are ____, they arise as a result of differences and disagreement not properly handled.

Question QMC18 : For ______, children are not simply Yahweh’s gift to parents; they are also Yahweh’s inheritance.

Question QMC19 : A true _______is found on covenant love.

Question QMC20 : _________ can become little disagreement which can grow to become quarrels, conflicts and crises that can lead to separation and divorce.

Question QMC21 : If you have a spouse who is never angry, your life may be at ______.

Question QMC22 : Marriage in ___________ is desacralized and secularised.

Question QMC23 : Even the person who is angry must learn to ________ (Eph. 4:26-27).

Question QMC24 : The story of Hosea tells us that no matter how bad and ugly marriage might appear, there is always the possibility and reality of the restoration of_____

Question QMC25 : The causes of marital conflicts include the following except one ____

Question QMC26 : ________________is a major cause of marital conflicts.

Question QMC27 : If you are quarrelling with your spouse frequently, then you are a___

Question QMC28 : Levirate marriage is a custom by which a man might marry the wife of his deceased brother for the purpose of________________

Question QMC29 : Seek the earliest, most practical opportunity to renew your

Question QMC30 : You must agree if you must ____________(Amos 3:3).

Question QMC31 : Some of the principles of successful Christian marriage are: Love, Submission, Giving, Forgiveness, and __________.

Question QMC32 : Marriage is sweet and lovely but it requires_______________.

Question QMC33 : Eros love means ___________

Question QMC34 : Agape love is otherwise known as______________________

Question QMC35 : Marriage begins with a tie of the chord of love at the___________

Question QFB1 : A true marriage’s love is based on ________ love
Answer: Covenant

Question QFB2 : Marriage confers on the _______ partner the status of wife
Answer: female

Question QFB3 : Bigamy denotes the marriage of _____spouses
Answer: two

Question QFB4 : Marriage can be described as a contract between _____________.
Answer: a man and a woman

Question QFB5 : The gift of marriage is not simply a good gift of creation, but also a ______ gift of salvation from God
Answer: personal

Question QFB6 : Marriage is effected by the mutual consent of __________ to give and accept each other.
Answer: a man and a woman

Question QFB7 : It is _______ that takes married life totally out from the religious domain and sets it squarely in human and secular province.
Answer: Israel

Question QFB8 : For the prophets, ________ is an outrage against the covenant of God.
Answer: divorce

Question QFB9 : The ______ symbolizes value, purity, continuity of marital commitment in Christian marriage.
Answer: Ring

Question QFB10 : Economic _____ is one of the need-functions of family.
Answer: Production

Question QFB11 : One of the obligations of marriage is that the couple should support each other in undivided conjugal affection by a lasting________.
Answer: Union

Question QFB12 : The story of ___________ tells us that no matter how bad and ugly marriage might appear, there is always the possibility of restoring the ‘first’ love.
Answer: Hosea

Question QFB13 : Marriage has the character of ___________
Answer: Permanence

Question QFB14 : ________ refers to marriage outside a circle
Answer: Exogamy

Question QFB15 : Sexuality, fertility, and marriage are seen in the ancient Near East cultures in the context of myths and ________
Answer: rituals

Question QFB16 : Marriage itself refers to something transcending marriage: the __________
Answer: salvation of creation

Question QFB17 : In the ______ account, the glorification of animals rather than human is also strongly opposed and attacked.
Answer: Genesis

Question QFB18 : _______ marriage signifies a socio-cultural system that allows two or more husbands and wives
Answer: Group

Question QFB19 : Marriage is a “social institution that unites ___________ in special forms of mutual dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family”.
Answer: a man and a woman

Question QFB20 : The story of the fall tells how woman, from being man’s wife and partner (Gen 2:18), is turned to be his ______ (Gen 3:16b).
Answer: tyrant

Question QFB21 : The symbolic vibrancy of the matrimonial relationship between God and Israel is evidenced in Hosea’s prophetic symbolic married life understood as ______.
Answer: message-by-action

Question QFB22 : The _________of any offspring resulting from marriage is essentially one of the obligations of marriage.
Answer: Education

Question QFB23 : ________marriage is a custom by which a man might marry the wife of his deceased brother for the purpose of raising a family for the deceased.
Answer: Levirate

Question QFB24 : Marriage is one of the oldest ________institutions.
Answer: Human

Question QFB25 : ________ connotes the marriage of two or more husbands
Answer: Polyandry

Question QFB26 : Offspring from marriage confers the _______ partner the status of motherhood.
Answer: Female

Question QFB27 : Care of the sick and _______ is one of the need-functions of family.
Answer: Aged

Question QFB28 : One of the implications of the prophets' use of the image of marriage as a means of expressing the ________ in human terms is an affirmation of the goodness of creation including marriage.
Answer: covenant of God

Question QFB29 : The _________ of marriage is understood from teachings of the prophets, and which can only be experienced from the vantage-point of faith in God's covenant of grace with Israel.
Answer: Indissolubility

Question QFB30 : __________ is primarily conceived within the Genesis creation account as man’s helpmate.
Answer: Woman

Question QFB31 : Marriage obligates the couple to share their life in _______.
Answer: Common

Question QFB32 : ________marriage is a system where a man marries one or more of his wife’s sisters, if the first wife has died or cannot have children.
Answer: Sororate

Question QFB33 : The community of marriage is a gift of creation from the __________
Answer: God of the covenant

Question QFB34 : One of the lessons from _______is that children are primary victims of marriage infidelity of either of their parents.
Answer: Hosea

Question QFB35 : __________signifies marriage within a circle.
Answer: Endogamy