Question QMC1 : Which Priest succeeded Aaron? ______________

Question QMC2 : The reason for the Brazen Serpent constructed by Moses was for _______

Question QMC3 : The two persons that worked together against the procession of Israel to the Promised Land were ______

Question QMC4 : Deuteronomy means _________

Question QMC5 : The Bible is written from the background of the ________

Question QMC6 : Abraham is the progenitor of the _______

Question QMC7 : The major message of the Bible is that God is the ________

Question QMC8 : The Bible is characterized by both _________

Question QMC9 : What type of literature is the book of Joshua _________________

Question QMC10 : The Hebrew Canon has __________sections

Question QMC11 : Bible geography stands squarely at the interface between _________

Question QMC12 : Who led the Israelites to cross River Jordan? _____________

Question QMC13 : The 12 tribes that took up a stone each out of the dried-up riverbed, set up a memorial at _________.

Question QMC14 : The conquest of Jericho was led by _______

Question QMC15 : The Hebrew word translated Judges is ___________________

Question QMC16 : After the Jordan had been crossed, the people attacked and sacked _____________

Question QMC17 : The victory over Jericho was short-lived because Israelites were defeated by ________

Question QMC18 : The people were defeated after Jericho because _________ compromised their security

Question QMC19 : The boundaries of Judah extended from the Dead Sea westward to the ___________

Question QMC20 : Joshua led Israel in a ceremonial covenant renewal at ________

Question QMC21 : The ten commandments cover every aspect of _______

Question QMC22 : Jacob(Israel) was the father of ________ male children

Question QMC23 : Blessings were said at Mount Gerizim, while curses were said at _________

Question QMC24 : The people of ________ made a treaty with Israel under deception

Question QMC25 : The word ‘breath’ in the Bible invariable refers to________

Question QMC26 : The five kings fleeing from Joshua hid in a cave at __________

Question QMC27 : One of the following was not a Judge in Israel ______

Question QMC28 : The mountain to the north of Galilee is called ______

Question QMC29 : The High Priest that worked with Joshua was ______

Question QMC30 : How many cities of refuge were manned by the Levitical priests

Question QMC31 : Joshua made his final address to the people at ________

Question QMC32 : The army Captain that worked with Judge Deborah was _______

Question QMC33 : The Kenite woman that killed Siserah was ______

Question QMC34 : Abimelek means ______

Question QMC35 : Israelites requested a king before _______

Question QFB1 : _____ has the highest concentration of salt compared to any other body of water
Answer: Dead Sea

Question QFB2 : A lot of _______ especially barley were cultivated on the valley of the foothills
Answer: Grains

Question QFB3 : The hills in Judah are not as high as those in ____
Answer: Sinai

Question QFB4 : The Dead Sea is also called the Sea of _____
Answer: Arabah

Question QFB5 : The main river that transverse ancient Israel from North to South is called _____ river
Answer: Jordan

Question QFB6 : The Old Testament of the holy scripture of Jewish people was divided into _________sections
Answer: 3

Question QFB7 : Bible geography stands squarely at the interface between_________
Answer: Land and people

Question QFB8 : _____ personal memoirs form a considerable portion of the book that bears his name
Answer: Nehemiah

Question QFB9 : There are _________ judges in all Israel that reigned simultaneously and not consecutively.
Answer: 11

Question QFB10 : What is the meaning of the land between and around the two rivers? _____
Answer: Mesopotamia

Question QFB11 : River Jordan is located in ______
Answer: Israel

Question QFB12 : Moses set before the Israelites the alternatives of ______
Answer: Blessings

Question QFB13 : _____ challenged Aaron’s high priesthood
Answer: Korah

Question QFB14 : Haggai was among the Jewish exiles that returned to ______
Answer: Jerusalem

Question QFB15 : The completion of the temple has boosted not just the morale of the returnees but also increased their faith in ______
Answer: God

Question QFB16 : The other people who were considered the enemies of the Jews gathered together to oppose the rebuilding of the ______
Answer: Temple

Question QFB17 : The people doubted God’s love and justice and did not take his commands ______
Answer: Seriously

Question QFB18 : Malachi had to deal with the same sins mentioned in ______________
Answer: Nehemiah

Question QFB19 : All the information about the ministry of Malachi is contained in the book of ___________
Answer: Malachi

Question QFB20 : The name Haggai means _________
Answer: Festive

Question QFB21 : _____ was the high priest after his father Aaron
Answer: Eleazar

Question QFB22 : Hebrew name for priest is ______
Answer: Kohen

Question QFB23 : _____ took permission to go and aid the returnees in Jerusalem
Answer: Nehemiah

Question QFB24 : ____ is south east of the Dead Sea
Answer: Edom

Question QFB25 : The Pentateuch is naturally divided into ______ Books
Answer: five

Question QFB26 : God also purposed to destroy those who destroyed the______
Answer: Earth

Question QFB27 : The ten commandments cover every aspect of _______
Answer: Life

Question QFB28 : Jacob(Israel) was the father of ________ male children
Answer: 12

Question QFB29 : El Elyon means ____
Answer: God Most-high

Question QFB30 : El Roi means____
Answer: God sees

Question QFB31 : The Bible is written from the background of the________
Answer: Jewish

Question QFB32 : Abraham is the progenitor of the_______
Answer: Jews

Question QFB33 : The major message of the Bible is that God is the________
Answer: Creator

Question QFB34 : The Bible is characterised by both _________
Answer: Variety and unity

Question QFB35 : Another name for the Pentateuch is _____________
Answer: Torah