Question FBQ1 : __________are used to process data because of their speed, reliability and other functionalities they offer.
Answer: Computers

Question FBQ2 : ________can be distinguished by their sizes, types and generation
Answer: Computers

Question FBQ3 : __________ is meaningless until it undergoes some forms of processing
Answer: Data

Question FBQ4 : __________Data processing (DP) is any computer automated process that converts raw facts
Answer: Electronic

Question FBQ5 : A _____________is so much like a PC except that it is more powerful and has more capabilities for handling mathematical and graphics-processing than a PC
Answer: Workstation

Question FBQ6 : The term _________describes any system based on discontinues data or events.
Answer: Digital

Question FBQ7 : __________are sometimes referred to as personal computers (PCs).
Answer: Microcomputers

Question FBQ8 : An __________device is used to communicate data and instructions or programs to the computer.
Answer: Input

Question FBQ9 : The ________is the brain of the computer and it is the place where data is manipulated within the computer system.
Answer: CPU

Question FBQ10 : The processor consists of two functional units: the control unit and the _______-logic unit.
Answer: Arithmetic

Question FBQ11 : Most of the information stored in a computer system are stored as _______
Answer: Files

Question FBQ12 : A __________system refers to a collection of compatible hardware and software required to exchange information from one location to another.
Answer: Telecommunication

Question FBQ13 : ­­­­­­­­­­­___________ is used for short-term storage of data or program instructions
Answer: RAM

Question FBQ14 : A __________is a collection of data stored in a standardized format, designed to be shared by multiple users
Answer: Database

Question FBQ15 : ___________ programming is a method of creating programs by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually
Answer: Visual

Question FBQ16 : An _____is a series of variables with the same name
Answer: Array

Question FBQ17 : In _________database, files are organizes in tables called a relation which is a two-dimensional table of data consisting of columns and rows
Answer: Relational

Question FBQ18 : A relation is also called an entity or _______
Answer: Record

Question FBQ19 : A ________ is made up of related fields that are uniquely identified by field name also referred to as data element or attributes
Answer: Record

Question FBQ20 : A _________is the smallest possible unit of data.
Answer: Bit

Question FBQ21 : ____________software includes programs that are developed using systems software in order to achieve some tasks.
Answer: Application

Question FBQ22 : A database management system has three components; A data definition language, Data manipulation language and a ________
Answer: Dictionary

Question FBQ23 : The CDs and DVDs are classified as ________ storage devices.
Answer: Optical

Question FBQ24 : _________refers to non-digital (non-computer-based), continuous variable forms of data transmission, including voice and video.
Answer: Analog

Question FBQ25 : ________ is a type of memory which is volatile
Answer: RAM

Question FBQ26 : ________ is non- volatile 
Answer: ROM

Question FBQ27 : An _______system is the most important software for a computer
Answer: Operating

Question FBQ28 : __________ translator is software which translates a computer program written in a high-level programming language, or assembly language to a machine understandable form.
Answer: Language

Question FBQ29 : ________is used for entering text and numeric values into the computer
Answer: Keyboard

Question FBQ30 : A _______is an input device that is popularly used with microcomputers.
Answer: Mouse

Question FBQ31 : A ________is a pointing device that consists of a vertical handle like a gearshift lever mounted on a base with one or two buttons
Answer: Joystick

Question FBQ32 : ______use laser beams and reflected light to capture and translate hardcopy images of text, drawings, photos, and the like into computer understandable form for processing.
Answer: Scanners

Question FBQ33 : A fax machine also referred to as _________transmission machine has facilities that scan an image on paper into electrical signal, transmit same over telephone lines and re-creates the image to a receiving fax machine on paper
Answer: Facsimile

Question FBQ34 : A monitor that looks like the television screen and uses a large vacuum tube, called a _____ray tube.
Answer: Cathode

Question FBQ35 : ________ file is a collection of records that are relatively permanent records that are updated periodically
Answer: Master

Question MCQ1 : Which of the following is/are the main functions of the RAM chip?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ2 : ASCII stands for ?
Answer: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Question MCQ3 : Which of the following is not a type of file stored in a computer system?
Answer: MICR file

Question MCQ4 : Which of the following is not an input device?
Answer: MICR

Question MCQ5 : The following are operating systems, except
Answer: Linus

Question MCQ6 : Which of the following is not a task performed by the operating system?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ7 : The three variations of ROM chips are used in special situation include the following, except

Question MCQ8 : The following are the demerits of Distributed Data Processing, except
Answer: Direct Users interaction

Question MCQ9 : Which of the following is the basic data processing operations performed on business data?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ10 : Which of the following is not a basic SQL statement?
Answer: LOGIC

Question MCQ11 : The following are Control Construct, except
Answer: Update

Question MCQ12 : Which of the following is an advantage of DBMS
Answer: Sharing of data

Question MCQ13 : Which of the following is a type of data file?
Answer: Transaction file

Question MCQ14 : Which of the following operations cannot be performed in a master file
Answer: Selection of record

Question MCQ15 : Which of the following is/are components of a telecommunication?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ16 : Arranging the customers names in ascending order is an example of _______
Answer: information processing

Question MCQ17 : Organization, distribution and manipulation of information is classified as________
Answer: Information processing

Question MCQ18 : UNIVAC is
Answer: Universal Automatic computer

Question MCQ19 : Computers are the example of ______ devices
Answer: electronic

Question MCQ20 : The first computer to use Neumann's stored program concept was ______
Answer: EDVAC

Question MCQ21 : Hard discs, fixed head discs, floppy discs and optical discs are types of ______
Answer: Direct access storage

Question MCQ22 : Various operations that are carried out on data while processing includes _______
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ23 : Which of the following explains the sequential file access method?
Answer: Read bytes one at a time in order

Question MCQ24 : File type can be represented by
Answer: File extension

Question MCQ25 : Set of operations carried on to process gathered data is called
Answer: Data processing cycle

Question MCQ26 : In order to create a file
Answer: allocate the space in file system & make an entry for new file in directory

Question MCQ27 : An organized logical sequence of records is called ________
Answer: File

Question MCQ28 : Files are logically partitioned into storage units of fixed length known as ________
Answer: Blocks

Question MCQ29 : What are the disadvantages of array?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ30 : Which of these best describes an array?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ31 : Which of the following focuses on the correctness and completeness of the data in a database?
Answer: Data Integrity

Question MCQ32 : A collection of data designed to be used by different people is called a/an _______
Answer: Database

Question MCQ33 : Which of the following is an attribute that can uniquely identify a row in a table?
Answer: Candidate key

Question MCQ34 : What are the advantages of arrays?
Answer: All of the options

Question MCQ35 : Wrong statement about update keyword is ________
Answer: Only one record can be updated at a time using where clause