Question QMC1 : Ordinarily, the motherboard houses the expansion ___

Question QMC2 : The Arithmetic Logic Unit comprises of the control unit and the __

Question QMC3 : The input device that records voice data to the computer is the ___

Question QMC4 : The computer system will reboot itself once the following combination of __ keys are pressed.

Question QMC5 : The __ Key is used to end the current line of the text and start a new one when typing.

Question QMC6 : On pressing the Caps Lock key, an indicator light appears at the top __ corner of the keyboard

Question QMC7 : Most electronic keyboards closely follow that of the __ keyboard

Question QMC8 : The monitor uses the same Cathode Ray __ similar to the television set

Question QMC9 : The input device specifically used for computer games is the ___

Question QMC10 : The mouse was originally designed for computer ___ that run on the windows operating system

Question QMC11 : Ordinarily, television channel signals can be received on the computer by means of an appropriate __ device.

Question QMC12 : The Inkjet and Laser Jet Printers are classified as __ printers.

Question QMC13 : The mouse is commonly classified as a __________

Question QMC14 : The __ is the standard output unit

Question QMC15 : All the following are operations of the Central Processing Unit except the ___

Question QMC16 : The first generation computers used _________

Question QMC17 : The very large scale integrated circuit was employed by the ______ generation computers

Question QMC18 : The first commercial electronic computer was the ______

Question QMC19 : The first computer to perform arithmetic and logical operations using a stored-program was the ____

Question QMC20 : Communication and information activities entail the creation, storage, communication of data and ___.

Question QMC21 : Originally, Babbage machines were___ in designs

Question QMC22 : The __ system is important in computing because computers are designed to process, store and transmit data in the form of binary numbers and signals

Question QMC23 : The first computer program was developed for Babbage's ___ Engine

Question QMC24 : The ____ generation computers used transistors.

Question QMC25 : The __ generation computers are those expected to mimic human intelligence.

Question QMC26 : The third generation computers employed ____

Question QMC27 : It is more expensive to produce __ Crystal Display used by laptops than the conventional monitor used by desktops.

Question QMC28 : The __ makes it possible to interconnect directly or indirectly to all the other computer devices.

Question QMC29 : The __ disk drive is the most common type of removable drive

Question QMC30 : Jumping of instructions is a specific function of the ________

Question QMC31 : Generally, information is extracted from a body of ____ for communication.

Question QMC32 : Symbols that have been used to communicate ideas or knowledge to others are classified as __.

Question QMC33 : Among the specialised scientific methods or languages for expressing information with data are the __ number and counting systems

Question QMC34 : Any medium that has been used to convey data symbols is referred to as data __.

Question QMC35 : A motor car engine is a typical example of a __,

Question QFB1 : Basically, a _________________ is an instruction issued to the computer system for the purpose of executing a task
Answer: Command

Question QFB2 : In the course of typing, the _________________ key is used to terminate an existing line of the text and start a new line.
Answer: Enter

Question QFB3 : A database is a common form of a/an _______________ software.
Answer: Application

Question QFB4 : Essentially, the _________________ software is required in order to run the computer hardware.
Answer: System

Question QFB5 : Software _________________ is the empirical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test.
Answer: Testing

Question QFB6 : Visual offers tools to assist a programmer in writing _________________
Answer: Codes

Question QFB7 : Completeness is a key principle of _________________ engineering.
Answer: Software

Question QFB8 : Initially, early computers had their software _________________
Answer: Wired

Question QFB9 : Reliability is one of the goals of software _________________
Answer: Engineering

Question QFB10 : Generally, the FORTRAN language handles _________________ problems.
Answer: Scientific

Question QFB11 : Logically related computational units are gathered together in _________________
Answer: Modules

Question QFB12 : _________________ programming language deals with business problems.
Answer: COBOL

Question QFB13 : The operating system was introduced by _________________
Answer: UNIX

Question QFB14 : Editing can actually be described as Text _________________
Answer: Manipulation

Question QFB15 : A modelling _________________ simply uses the power and speed of a computer machine to perform some mathematical calculations or simulate some real life situations.
Answer: Software

Question QFB16 : Word _________________ is the manipulation of characters by a machine to serve communication purposes.
Answer: Processing

Question QFB17 : Electronic _______________ application is majorly used in business by accounting professionals to perform financial calculations
Answer: Spreadsheet

Question QFB18 : _________________ management packages computerise the routine tasks of recording and filing of information.
Answer: Database

Question QFB19 : Microsoft _________________ is a very good example of Desktop Publishing package.
Answer: Publisher

Question QFB20 : Microsoft _________________ is an application used for presentations
Answer: PowerPoint

Question QFB21 : Microsoft Word is an application used for _________________ preparation
Answer: Text

Question QFB22 : Microsoft _________________ is a suitable application for easier calculation
Answer: Excel

Question QFB23 : Oracle provides application for _________________ application
Answer: Database

Question QFB24 : Formatting entails changing the _________________ of a document.
Answer: Appearance

Question QFB25 : Ordinarily, _________________ are arranged as columns in a Database table
Answer: Fields

Question QFB26 : Essentially, the instructions meant to run an application are stored in _________________ files
Answer: Program

Question QFB27 : _________________ Files are used for storing information created by means of an application.
Answer: Data

Question QFB28 : Typically, every drive has what is called a root directory also referred to as a _________________
Answer: Folder

Question QFB29 : In the disk _________________ system, a file name cannot exceed eight characters
Answer: Operating

Question QFB30 : The file name _________________ cannot exceed three characters in the Disk Operating System (DOS).
Answer: Extension

Question QFB31 : The process of removing program errors in the course of software development is referred to as _________________
Answer: Debugging

Question QFB32 : At the _________________ stage of software development, a programmer plans the logic of the solution.
Answer: Design

Question QFB33 : The third phase of software development involves writing or _________________ the program
Answer: Coding

Question QFB34 : The _________________ level language is the only language the computer can actually interpret
Answer: Low

Question QFB35 : The Assembly language was developed to use symbolic names or _________________
Answer: Mnemonics