Question QFB1 : The persons in a formal _____________ must be able to communicate with one another through the appropriate channels which have been created.
Answer: Organisation

Question QFB2 : The employees in a formal _____________ must share a purpose.
Answer: Organisation

Question QFB3 : The workers in a formal _____________ on the receipt of necessary directive from their manager must be willing to act.
Answer: Organisation

Question QFB4 : The informal organization is a network of personal and social relations not established or required by the _____________ organization but arising spontaneously as people associate or come together.
Answer: Formal

Question QFB5 : The form of punishment that the informal group members can give to an erring ____________ is to ostracize him.
Answer: Member

Question QFB6 : Production is to add _____________ to goods or services.
Answer: Utility

Question QFB7 : Selling necessitates finding customers/clients who will agree to accept the product or service at a _____________.
Answer: Price

Question QFB8 : Financing involves raising funds, safeguarding the funds against waste and expending the __________ in a manner that will maximize the objectives of the organization.
Answer: Funds

Question QFB9 : Each _____________ tend to operate along its own area of specialization.
Answer: Department

Question QFB10 : An organization is supposed to operate as a ________, to the extent that what affects a part will automatically have effect on other parts.
Answer: Unit

Question QFB11 : Profit making is placed at a lower level that is, the respective _____________ in the field are charged with the responsibility of making profit for the organization.
Answer: Managers

Question QFB12 : Product departmentation is the identification of necessary activities for the production and sales of ____________.
Answer: Product

Question QFB13 : Responsibility for profit making is again placed at a lower level, just as the case in respect of ___________ form of departmentation.
Answer: Geographic

Question QFB14 : But responsibility cannot be given without the commensurate ___________.
Answer: Authority

Question QFB15 : Consequently, anything that will permit reasonable growth and diversity of products and/or services should be undertaken by the _____________
Answer: Manager

Question QFB16 : Educational institutions offer regular and extension courses to serve different __________ of customers.
Answer: Groups

Question QFB17 : Banks also have departments that address the special needs of _____________ such as savings, current, agriculture, housing, among others.
Answer: Customers

Question QFB18 : _____________ departmentation develops some level of expertise on the organization members of staff.
Answer: Customer

Question QFB19 : Sometimes, it may be difficult to clearly define _____________ groups so as to know the special services that they need.
Answer: Customer

Question QFB20 : Line relationship implies the _____________ to take action and make decisions.
Answer: Authority

Question QFB21 : The line indicating the relationship in an _____________ chart is usually a straight one that is not broken.
Answer: Organisation

Question QFB22 : One major advantage of line relationship is the clarity it gives to the _____________
Answer: Manager

Question QFB23 : Another advantage of Line relationship is that it makes the _________ to know who the subordinates are that will report directly to him.
Answer: Manager

Question QFB24 : Line authority also enables the ­____________ to appreciate and recognize their boss.
Answer: Subordinates

Question QFB25 : Staff manger may recommend necessary desirable changes in line with the changes in the ____________ environment of the organization, etc.
Answer: External

Question QFB26 : The assignment of _____________ with the corresponding authority is usually made to the manager and the subordinates that report to him.
Answer: Responsibility

Question QFB27 : Imperative of functional authority makes the ___________ to exercise his authority by employing his expertise on matters relating to his training.
Answer: Manager

Question QFB28 : Imperative of functional authority also makes everyone on the _____________ to know who is to do what at every point in time.
Answer: Organization

Question QFB29 : The role of the staff __________ is simply to advice.
Answer: Manager

Question QFB30 : When a plan fails, the line manager will like to blame the _________ manager for providing a poor plan.
Answer: Staff

Question QFB31 : The staff manager can on his own side would return the blame on the line _____________ for not acting correctly accordingly to guidelines provided in the advice.
Answer: Manager

Question QFB32 : _____________ is simply the manner of doing something to get a desired output.
Answer: Technology

Question QFB33 : As a result of changes in _____________, the work of the line managers may become simplified.
Answer: Technology

Question QFB34 : When the line _____________ is doing so many activities, it was difficult to monitor, check and control his activities.
Answer: Manager

Question QFB35 : Many staff managers, once employed, are associated with bringing changes and _____________
Answer: Innovations

Question MCQ1 : A realistic assessment needs to be made concerning the ____________strengths and weaknesses.
Answer: Organization

Question MCQ2 : For the Nigerian environment which is erratic and turbulent, short term objective is usually less than ____________ year.
Answer: One

Question MCQ3 : In respect of the Nigerian environment, the middle term objective is usually lesser than ____________ years.
Answer: Five

Question MCQ4 : The middle term and long term objectives are usually formulated through corporate objectives and _________ statements.
Answer: Mission

Question MCQ5 : A business organization must have a/an ___________ showing its nature, that is its mission statement.
Answer: Objective

Question MCQ6 : Management should not only think of the immediate needs of the ________ but also their future needs as well.
Answer: Customers

Question MCQ7 : Every ________ wishes to survive, to be able to survive demands the provision of goods and/or services which the customers need.
Answer: Organization

Question MCQ8 : A business organization grows or dies especially in a competitive _____________.
Answer: Environment

Question MCQ9 : ______________is a quantity shift from one point positively to another point.
Answer: Growth

Question MCQ10 : The very survival of an ___________ dictates that a certain minimum profit has to be made.
Answer: Organization

Question MCQ11 : Profit is important also because it measures the performance of __________ in a business organization.
Answer: Management

Question MCQ12 : For a manager to perform well and be seen to be performing creditably, he needs some _________ which must be brought to bear in his functions.
Answer: Skills

Question MCQ13 : Increasing productivity lowers unit cost of the ______________.
Answer: Product

Question MCQ14 : Technical skills form the knowledge of and proficiency in activities involving methods, procedures and ________.
Answer: Processes

Question MCQ15 : Human skills are the ability to __________ with people.
Answer: Work

Question MCQ16 : ___________ skill is the ability to see the big picture of the end in view (objective) of where you are going.
Answer: Conceptual

Question MCQ17 : ________is a management function that reduces areas of uncertainty that surround management decision.
Answer: Forecasting

Question MCQ18 : ____________ is aimed at calculating or predicting what is likely going to happen in the future.
Answer: Forecasting

Question MCQ19 : ___________ attempts to bring necessary actions and fit them together to something we want to make sense of before it happens.
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ20 : ___________ and decision making cannot take place unless there is data.
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ21 : Company records are also part of the _________ which have to be processed.
Answer: Data

Question MCQ22 : Outcome of __________ can also be part of the data if such outcome is relevant to the issue.
Answer: Researches

Question MCQ23 : The __________ should determine the required resources needed in selecting an option.
Answer: Management

Question MCQ24 : Job ___________ should be developed spelling out the necessary activities to be done, who is to do them, how they are going to be done and at what time.
Answer: Plan

Question MCQ25 : While _________, there must be control and feedback.
Answer: Implementing

Question MCQ26 : The effectiveness of ____________ depends on the quality of data gathered and the assumptions made from them.
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ27 : _________ is expensive as it involves considerable amount of time and money
Answer: Planning

Question MCQ28 : In business or government or even in football there are ____________
Answer: People

Question MCQ29 : Every position has roles and the _______ occupying the position must play his role otherwise he has no business being there.
Answer: Person

Question MCQ30 : The marketing manager through organizing, for example, knows he is to perform __________ activities such, etc.
Answer: Marketing

Question MCQ31 : Organizing again makes it possible to identify who is responsible for what ______________.
Answer: Result

Question MCQ32 : In an organization, nothing would be done without ____________.
Answer: Communication

Question MCQ33 : Decision making involves communication; forecasting and planning cannot be done in the absence of _____________.
Answer: Communication

Question MCQ34 : In management there are two types of organizations, which are formal organization and ____________ organization.
Answer: Informal

Question MCQ35 : A ___________ organization which is a social system has its roles deliberately created so that the objectives of the organization can be achieved.
Answer: Formal