Question QFB1 : The group of enzymes that cleave without the addition of water is known as ______
Answer: Lyases

Question QFB2 : Low molecular weight organic substances which enzymes could require for their catalytic activities are known as ____
Answer: Coenzymes

Question QFB3 : The enzyme substrate theory in which the enzymes undergoes a conformation change to which the substrate binds is known as ____________
Answer: induced fit theory

Question QFB4 : The pH of a solution with hydrogen ion concentration of 0.0001 M is ______________.
Answer: 4

Question QFB5 : The basic distinguishing feature between peptide and protein is in respect to their ___________.
Answer: Molecular weight

Question QFB6 : A _______ centre is a carbon atom to which four different functional groups are covalently linked.
Answer: Chiral

Question QFB7 : When an amino acid rotates the plane polarised light to the right is said to be __________
Answer: Dextrorotatory

Question QFB8 :  Complete the given equation.
Answer: ES

Question QFB9 : An enzyme with code [EC ] belongs to the class of enzymes called _______
Answer: Oxidoreductases

Question QFB10 : A complete catalytically active enzyme together with its bound co-enzyme and/or metal ion is called _______
Answer: holoenzyme

Question QFB11 : ________ are biopolymers of amino acids in which amino acids are joined by peptide bonds.
Answer: Peptides

Question QFB12 : The presence of a red colour with Millon’s Reagent indicates the presence of the amino acid _______
Answer: tryptophan

Question QFB13 : The enzyme with code. [EC] belongs to the class _________
Answer: hydrolases

Question QFB14 : The part of an amino acid that gives it its unique property is the ___________
Answer: side chain

Question QFB15 : The pH of a solution with 0.82 M hydrogen ion concentration is ______________.
Answer: 13.9

Question QFB16 : Calculate the pH of a solution with hydrogen ion concentration of 0.00456 M to the nearest whole number __________
Answer: 2

Question QFB17 :  Give the name of the amino acid with the given structure_________
Answer: Alanine

Question QFB18 : Calculate the pH of a buffer solution which is 0.05 M in sodium acetate and 0.1 M in acetic acid. The