Question QFB1 : Most focusing condensers are held in their mounting by ______.
Answer: Screws

Question QFB2 : Immersion oil may be removed using _______.
Answer: xylene

Question QFB3 : Live animals are generally collected from _____ habitats.
Answer: Aquatic

Question QFB4 : Pteridophytes are commonly known as _______.
Answer: vascular cryptogams

Question QFB5 : The modes of nutrition in Fungi are Saprophytic and _____.
Answer: parasitic

Question QFB6 : The most common gymnosperms are called ______.
Answer: Pines

Question QFB7 : In a squash preparation of the onion root tip, majority of cells will be in ______ phase.
Answer: Inter

Question QFB8 : References to "alcohol" in technique procedures mean ______.
Answer: Ethyl alcohol

Question QFB9 : ______ is used for rinsing blood and debris from tissues before placing them in a fixative.
Answer: Physiological saline

Question QFB10 : Alcohol grades are usually prepared from ______.
Answer: rectified spirit

Question QFB11 : Media whose constituents and the chemical composition are known are referred to as ______.
Answer: Synthetic media

Question QFB12 : _____ experiments are carried out to estimate the extent of a reaction or process.
Answer: Physiological

Question QFB13 : A device for measuring gas pressure is called a _____.
Answer: Manometer

Question QFB14 : The process of cutting open an animal in order to ascertain the structure of its parts is known as _____.
Answer: Dissection

Question QFB15 : Large animals are dissected in _____.
Answer: dissecting trays

Question QFB16 : Common anaesthesia used in the biology laboratory are Chloroform and _____.
Answer: Ether

Question QFB17 : Invertebrates are better opened up from their _____ side.
Answer: Dorsal

Question QFB18 : If the dissection involves cutting through tissues, you must take steps to ensure that the contents of the cut tissues do not ____ with your studies.
Answer: Interfere

Question QFB19 : Earthworms are usually killed with _____.
Answer: Chloroform

Question QFB20 : Tilapia zillii belong to order ____.
Answer: Perciformes

Question QFB21 : The tail of a fish is posterior to the _____.
Answer: anal fin

Question QFB22 : Dissection of vertebrate is usually done from the _____ surface.
Answer: Ventral

Question QFB23 : In toads, oxygenated blood from the ventricle is driven into the ______.
Answer: truncus arteriosus

Question QFB24 : In toads, the pathetic nerve arises from the dorsal side of the brain.
Answer: Dorsal

Question QFB25 : In toads, there are _____ spinal nerves.
Answer: Ten

Question QFB26 : In toads, Sympathetic nerves arise from the______.
Answer: Ganglia

Question QFB27 : Aves resemble reptiles in that they have _____.
Answer: shelled egg

Question QFB28 : In aves, the auditory aperture is located:
Answer: Some distance behind the eye

Question QFB29 : A fold of skin between the upper arm and the fore arm of birds is known as ______.
Answer: Alar membrane

Question QFB30 : The hind limb of Aves has a short_____ closely bound to the trunk.
Answer: Thigh

Question QFB31 : In a bird's foot, the digit directed backwards is known as the _____.
Answer: Hallux

Question QFB32 : An animal's hair provides it with_____.
Answer: Insulation

Question QFB33 : In mammals, efficient gaseous exchange is made possible by the presence of a _______.
Answer: Diaphragm

Question QFB34 : In mammmals, the diaphragm can be displayed by pulling the ______ away.
Answer: liver

Question QFB35 : You should always observe your specimens closely and _____.
Answer: very carefully

Question QMC1 :  You keep the lab clean in order to 

Question QMC2 : If you eat in the lab, you are likely to ................

Question QMC3 : You avoid making noise in the lab because

Question QMC4 : Why is wearing of short in the lab not advisable?

Question QMC5 : Wearing of a lab coat is

Question QMC6 : You open up a rat with 

Question QMC7 : Which of the following statements is incorrect about a microscope?

Question QMC8 : The essence of dissecting an animal or insect is

Question QMC9 : _________constitute the largest number of living vertebrates

Question QMC10 : Tilapia zilli belongs to the Order

Question QMC11 : In T.zilli the anal fin is located -------------

Question QMC12 : The African toad protects itself when handled by the production of which fluid……………

Question QMC13 : An aspirator is a device used for collection of…………….

Question QMC14 : The Pteridophytes are --------------- producing vascular plants 

Question QMC15 : Used culture plates are better sterilized in the laboratory using----------

Question QMC16 : The culture of microorganisms is best done in the laboratory using

Question QMC17 : Which of these items of the laboratory is out of place in the group?

Question QMC18 : Which of the following equipment utilizes steam for sterilization?

Question QMC19 : One of the following is not a laboratory equipment

Question QMC20 : Which of the following items is out of place in reporting your experiments?

Question QMC21 : Which of these statements is correct about biological drawings?

Question QMC22 : In practical biology, you ----------------

Question QMC23 : Which of the following is critical for good drawings?

Question QMC24 : In the study of biology, which of these statements is true?

Question QMC25 : You display instructions in the laboratory using

Question QMC26 : You write instructions for display in the laboratory using

Question QMC27 : When a display is ready, it is pasted in the

Question QMC28 : Why should books, notes and purses be kept in designated places in the lab?

Question QMC29 : The best anaesthesizing agent in the laboratory is

Question QMC30 : Which of the following does not belong to the microscope group? 

Question QMC31 : The under listed are parts of the microscope except ____

Question QMC32 : You look into the microscope through the

Question QMC33 : The light microscope uses

Question QMC34 : The ultra structure of an object is best seen with the aid of

Question QMC35 : A lab coat is