Question FBQ1 : ­­­­­­­­­­_______________ ṭayyibun lā yaqbalu illā tayyiban
Answer: Innal-Lāha

Question FBQ2 : The meaning of tayyib in the Ḥadīth is ____________________________
Answer: Good

Question FBQ3 : Dakhala al-Islām al-Yābān (Japan) Mi’atu ___________?
Answer: āmmin taqrīban

Question FBQ4 : The population of Muslims in ____________ today is one hundred thousand.
Answer: Japan

Question FBQ5 : ___________who aided in increasing the number of Muslims in Japan were from Asian countries
Answer: The Muslim students

Question FBQ6 : The Muslim population in Japan increases during the later years because the Japanese engaged in ______________ as a result of September 11 events.
Answer: Reading about Islam

Question FBQ7 : ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________ among human race is necessary because of differences in their thoughts and varied Ethnicities and civilisations.
Answer: Dialogue

Question FBQ8 : Innī ḥarramtu aẓ-ẓulma ‘alā nafsī wa-jaʿaltuhū baynakum ___________, falā taẓālamū.
Answer: Muḥarraman

Question FBQ9 : The most used word in the Ḥadīth where Allah made some things unlawful among His servants is yā _______________
Answer: ʿIbādī

Question FBQ10 : ‘’Fa-man wajada __________ fal-yaḥmadil-laah’’
Answer: Khayran

Question FBQ11 : Fa-man wajada gaira dhālika falā yalūmanna _________ nafsahuu
Answer: Illaa

Question FBQ12 : Prophets Nuuh and Luut’s __________ are dwellers of Hellfire.
Answer: Wives

Question FBQ13 : What was the offence of those women against Prophets Nuuhu and Luut?
Answer: They betrayed their husbands

Question FBQ14 : Firʿawn’s wife asked Allah for a building in the __________.
Answer: Paradise

Question FBQ15 : Maryam, the daughter of ‘Imrān guarded her ____________.
Answer: Private part

Question FBQ16 : Camel was used by the Arabs as means of transportation in the ________ era.
Answer: Jahiliyyah

Question FBQ17 : Wa-idhī qāla ____________ li-qawmihī innal-Lāha ya’murukum an tadhbahū Baqaratan.
Answer: Mūsā

Question FBQ18 : Mūsā people asked him to consult his Lord in order to know the exact ____________ to be slaughtered?
Answer: Cow

Question FBQ19 : _____________ kal-marad.
Answer: Innal-kufra

Question FBQ20 : An example of a man engaged in an act of Kufr is mentioned in Sūratul- ___
Answer: Kahf

Question FBQ21 : What lesson can you learn from the case of that man who engaged in an act of kufr as contained in chapter 18 of the Holy Qur’an?
Answer: One should be grateful to Allah

Question FBQ22 : Innal-ʿamala___________lil-ʿaamil.
Answer: Sharafun

Question FBQ23 : Wahuwa sabīlu kasbir________.
Answer: Rizq

Question FBQ24 : Aṣḥābul-ʿamal means _____________ in English language.
Answer: Business men

Question FBQ25 : The school exhibition means ___________
Answer: Maʿraḍul-Madrasah

Question FBQ26 : Arabic language is also known as _________
Answer: lughatuḍ-ḍāḍ

Question FBQ27 : _______________ is the act of transcripting or writing a language by means of using the alphabet of another language. _________________________
Answer: Transliteration

Question FBQ28 : ______________may be adopted due to lack of written Alphabet of a given language.
Answer: Transliteration

Question FBQ29 : Dād is the peculiar _____________to Arabic.
Answer: Sound

Question FBQ30 : In Arabic, every ______________is articulated with the aid of vowel.
Answer: Consonant

Question FBQ31 : Throat letter in Arabic means ______________
Answer: Ḥurūful-ḥalq

Question FBQ32 : There are twenty eight _____________ in Arabic.
Answer: Consonants

Question FBQ33 : Arabic meaning of Baqaratun is _______________.
Answer: Cow

Question FBQ34 : __________, __________, and __________, are vowels in Arabic.
Answer: Fathah, kasrah dammah

Question FBQ35 : The relationship between consonant and vowel in Arabic is that ________
Answer: Vowel is put on top of the consonant

Question MCQ1 : Lack of written alphabet of a given language is one of the __________ of transliteration.
Answer: Purposes

Question MCQ2 : Lack of equivalent sound in other language is one of the _________ of transliteration.
Answer: Limitations

Question MCQ3 : Lack of equivalent sound in other language is one of the _________ of transliteration.
Answer: Limitations

Question MCQ4 : lughatuḍ-ḍāḍ is related to __________
Answer: Arabic language

Question MCQ5 : Throat letters means __________________
Answer: Ḥurūful-ḥalq

Question MCQ6 : Ḥurūful-ḥalq are pronounced from the_________________
Answer: Throat

Question MCQ7 : Every consonant in Arabic can be __________if it carries vowel on top.
Answer: Pronounced

Question MCQ8 : Dammah is an example of _________ in Arabic.
Answer: Vowel

Question MCQ9 : Double consonants is also ____________
Answer: Shaddah

Question MCQ10 : Qiraa’ah was the first important thing given to __________ to confirm his prophethood
Answer: Muhammad (SAW)

Question MCQ11 : Every man begins his __________ life with Qiraa’ah.
Answer: Study

Question MCQ12 : Reading opens the door of_________ for you
Answer: Knowledge

Question MCQ13 : Ad-diraasah is the root word of _______________
Answer: Madrasah

Question MCQ14 : Al-‘amiid is the __________ of the school management.
Answer: Head

Question MCQ15 : Maadhaa yaf’alu at-talaamiidh _________ madrasah?
Answer: Fiil

Question MCQ16 : Kaana taṣḥīḥ al-mudhakkarah ad-diraasiyyah min waajibaat_________ fil madrasa.
Answer: al-‘Amiid

Question MCQ17 : Yal’abu at-talaamidhu fii ________________
Answer: Al-maydaan li-kurratil qadam

Question MCQ18 : Al-faṣl uwa _________allatii yadrusu fihaa at-talaamiidh.
Answer: Al-ghurfah

Question MCQ19 : Takuunu ma’rifatul-ḥaalat ____________ wa-qiyas ‘umqil-maṭar ‘inda nuzuulihi fii Al-ḥadiiqatil-jughraafiyyat
Answer: Al-jawwiyyah

Question MCQ20 : Tuujadu madrasah ________________ fii Muushin, Laghuus
Answer: Anṣaarud-diin

Question MCQ21 : Takuunu ___________ fiis-saa’at al-ḥaadiyah ‘asharah wa niṣf fii madrasah Anṣaarud-diin
Answer: Al-istraaḥat

Question MCQ22 : Taraa ___________ yas’awna illaa al-qaa’aat idhaa daqqal-jars fii Saa’ati thaaminah.
Answer: At-talaamiidh

Question MCQ23 : The students learn eight subjects in the primary school _________.
Answer: Every day

Question MCQ24 : Yudaqqul-jaras ____________ fiil madrasah fiis-saa’at ath-thaaniyah
Answer: Al-akhiir

Question MCQ25 : Istaghraqat _____________ al-madrasah shahran kāmilan
Answer: Ijāzat

Question MCQ26 : The School vacation means_________________________
Answer: Ijaazatul-madrasah

Question MCQ27 : Mataa Kaanat ijaazah al-madrasah?
Answer: July

Question MCQ28 : ______________ uwa Ibn ‘Ami al-kaatib.
Answer: Khalid

Question MCQ29 : The writer supposed to spend ___________ in the village.
Answer: Two weeks

Question MCQ30 : Hawaalii alif wa-khamsimi’at uwa ‘adadu _________ allatii saafara ilayhaa al-kaatib
Answer: Sukaanil-qaryah

Question MCQ31 : Kaana izdiḥaamu as-sayyaarah ____________ baynal-qaryah wa-laaghuus
Answer: Farqan

Question MCQ32 : Usisatir-Rābiṭah __________________ .
Answer: 1962

Question MCQ33 : ______________ is referred to as Rābiṭah
Answer: Muslim World League

Question MCQ34 : Kaanat Makkat _____________ ar-Rābiṭah?
Answer: Maqarra

Question MCQ35 : tanaḥaṣaru risaalatul-Rābiṭah fii _____________________
Answer: Ad-daʿwatil-islaamiyyah