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Report from students who took the Noun virtual exam (day 3 and 4)

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Report from Postgraduates who took the Noun virtual exam (day 3 and 4)

Hi guys, I’m pleased to announce to you guys that things are getting better with time, as you all know that day1 was pathetic, followed by day2. Day 3 and 4 got better as we kept getting positive responses from postgraduates who are taking part in the ongoing virtual exam.

Also, we are sorry to inform you that this will be our last update on the ongoing postgraduate virtual exam, this is because we are getting positive responses already, and also most postgraduates are done with their exams.

So far, we have updated you guys on day1 and day2 of the ongoing virtual exam, for those who missed the day 1 and day 2 update kindly CLICK HERE to read day one update and also CLICK HERE to read day two update before you proceed further.

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As you all know that virtual exam registration for some undergraduate faculties ends today, so I hope this post would help you make the right choice while selecting between physical exams and virtual exams.

Straight to the point, we have pilled up some postgraduate student reactions, comments, complaints, and requests for day 3 and 4 of the ongoing virtual exam.

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Some students are okay with the virtual exam and also wish the management could carry on with the new system forever, some even wished the management could enforce the virtual exam on all students, while some are pissed with the management for not making provisions for drawings and calculations even after setting questions relating to calculation and drawing, some also got the exam misconduct notice after they being caught on camera using an earpiece, funny enough the affected student pleaded for mercy as he mistook microphone for an earpiece. So I kindly advise all undergraduates planning to take the virtual exam not to make use of their earpiece, phones, gadgets, or any other material that might implicate them during the virtual exam. We also had a case where a student threatened to sue the management to court after her exam was canceled due to external noises from people in the same car she was sitting while taking the exam.

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Kindly view below screenshots of chats from the postgraduate virtual exam WhatsApp group:

Lastly, one of the postgraduates who took part in the virtual exam has an advice for you all planning to take the virtual exam, view below


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