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NOUN Virtual (Online) Exam Rules and Regulations

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1. No mobile phones 6 meters to the workstation where you are taking virtual exams. This means that you may not use your cell phone data for the purpose of the virtual examinations.

2. There should be no other person around the workstation.

3. You should click on the start button and display the photo side of your student ID card for identification by the machine.

4. Please log in to the platform at least 15 minutes to start time and follow the steps that will take you to the quizzes.

5. The test items will only be activated a few minutes to their scheduled time on the ETT.

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6. The Proctoring tool records all that will be going on around you and your workstation. Any slit attempt to consult external materials will be detected and recorded. Where need be, a staff will send you a warning message. Whether or not you are contacted, once there is evidence that you are cheating during the exams, you will be booked for exam misconduct.

7. Your device must have a video-enabled facility for you to take this examination.

8. The duration of all virtual exams is as specified by the housing department of the course.

9. Ensure to end every quiz you have taken.

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10. You can only be examined once per course per semester, regardless of the mode of examination you choose

11. Take time to run the instructional video before the day of your first exams. The video will take you through the steps to follow during the virtual examinations.

12. Please accept the Vice Chancellor’s best wishes.


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